Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 55: Biz Tip Thursday: Content is Queen

podcasts Mar 11, 2021

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Yeah. Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dollinger and I have many titles High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales Business is the right way so you can earn the money You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Mhm. Hey, girl. Hey, Welcome back to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I'm Lindsay Dollinger, your hostess of this show, and I am doing things a little different today for your business trip Thursday. I'm actually driving to work instead of from work. Uh, so I was gonna I'm just feeling really inspired. Motivated? This morning, I listened to a couple of podcasts as I was getting ready and in the shower. Um, and I've really been focusing while, and there's a reason why, but I've been really focusing on creating quality content and sharing with my team about content creation. I think it is one of the areas of a lot of social selling, um, trainings and whatever that is really overlooked. And, you know, with myself included. So I kind of always preach like making connections and invites and follow ups and engaging with people. And it kind of gets slid over that we need to be creating good quality content. So, like I said, I shared with my team and alive yesterday about how to create some good content. I learned a new content creating strategy at a mastermind I was at a couple weeks ago. Um, and I will be sharing that over in my free Facebook community, which is the social selling sisterhood squad. You need other words. Squad. On the end, um, you should find it, but I always listed as well in the show notes. So if you click down in the link tree in the show notes or my website, you can find it there. So you want to head over there to hear my actual content creating strategy. Today, I'm going to be talking more about the why and giving a few little tips about content. Um, and you also want to connect with me over, make sure you're signed up for my email list and make sure that you are in our free Facebook community because we are going to be doing a five day challenge coming up to really move your business forward. So I hope I see when there were still doing the 75 day ignite, which you can pick up on it any time. And I'm posting daily in that group a list of Basically, it's like GMOs daily methods of operation. But things that you can slash should be doing in your business to move it forward every day if you can. So it includes things like working a short power, our moving your body doing gratitude, all sorts of things like that. So you can catch those that list over, you know, in that Facebook group, the social selling sisterhood squad. Okay, so I'm gonna hop right in about content. So I heard on the podcast this morning, and I've heard it before, and, you know, they say you have to hear things multiple times before I actually click. So before you actually take action on it and in the master mind that I am currently in the Six Figure Club with Beth Honan Graves, we've also been focusing on content. She's been giving us a lot of really good strategies about creating content. And they said in the podcast this morning that if you are you, if you were someone who you know, you really hate sending those connection messages. You hate reaching out to new people, or maybe you don't hate it, But maybe it's not exactly successful for you. You're not seeing a huge return on investment of your time in doing those messages. And here's a small disclaimer that I want to say along those lines is that I still believe you have to message people you know you need to get to know people, and they need to get to know you and the best way to do that. 100% I believe, is through one on one communication, whether that's through messages, a phone call meeting in person, you know, whatever that is. However, if you want to try something if you want to scale back a little bit, creating more content is how you are going to be able to do that. And so what I mean by creating more content is just honestly getting more visible. So I had an episode why I interviewed visibility expert Christie Connor you might want to go back and find that I don't know the number off the top of my head because I'm driving. Um, but being visible, it's so important. So right now we're specifically talking about social media. But, you know, once things open up and you get back out into your community a little bit more in person, you can be visible in your community as well. You know, you can show up at events you can do. Um, vendor booths. You could talk on a stage. You could go to networking events. You could take different group fitness classes. You know, that is also visibility and networking in person. So what we're doing right now, what I'm specifically talking about, though, is doing all of that online. So what that is going to look like is you creating content that speaks to people that people want and that allows people to know, like and trust you. Okay. And one of the best ways to do this is through a Facebook live so that Facebook live ideally is going to be on your personal. Um, you know, your personal Facebook page. In my opinion, I know some people say the Facebook business page. It really depends on where your audience is. If you use a tool that you pay for, like stream yard, I use stream yard. I love it, Um, and since I have the paid version, I have the lowest paid version. I think I just saw. There's a higher paid version. Two. I could be wrong about that. But since I used that lower paid version, um, I am able to stream the same video into three locations, so I'm able to stream it onto my personal Facebook page, my business page. And also it doesn't connect to Instagram, but I put it in a free group that I have and or YouTube. I don't always stream, so if it's strictly a business thing, I don't always stream it on my personal wall. But usually I go back and I share it on my personal wall so you can kind of play around with where you stream them anyway. Facebook live videos and, um, once you figure out your brand and your brand pillars or your brand buckets, whatever you know, whatever you refer to them as it's the same. It's the same thing. Ideally you would be talking something to do with your brand. Your brand buckets. Um, this doesn't need to be a product post. In fact, I would discourage you from talking about your product in every live video you do. So maybe you are used to. I'm with a nail strips company. I think going live once a week to show doing your nails and chatting while you're doing it showing people tips and tricks is a great idea. But my other days I'm not going to go live specifically about my nail product. I'm going to go live and talk about like I was getting green chef boxes. I pause my subscription just because I'm I'm traveling, Um, kind of a lot right now, but with my green chef subscriptions, I would go live. I would talk about the ease of it. I would talk about why I really liked my subscription box, how everything was organic, how everything came pre prepped and that kind of ties into my brand bucket of productivity and time management. Because for me that is saving me time from meal planning. It's saving me time from prepping my meals, so I tied that in nicely with that. Even though that is something very much that is my personal life and has nothing to do directly with my nail business. I hope that makes sense. So, yeah, go life. Let people see you more. If you are not wanting to get into the DMZ all the time, especially reaching out to new people, then you need to be going live and sharing your life. This is in live videos. This is in stories. This can be in the form of long, long typed out content with a picture attached. I would play around with it and see what you really like, What your audience really resignations with. This is not something that you are going to be perfect at, so don't go into it expecting that you're going to get 100 likes on your post. Even if you pour your heart out, you might get seven likes you might get to like you might get Heck, you might get no lakes. That's okay. People are still seeing it. People are still connecting with it. Um, So I had a girl reach out to me last night and I actually had to look at her profile because I haven't talked. Well, okay, let me let me back up. I went to the chiropractor two weeks ago. I did a live video two weeks ago about going to the No. I guess it was a week ago now, a week ago, Um, a week ago, about going to the chiropractor and my experience, I was literally It was super informal. I was letting my dog out. So you heard, like the wind in the background. It was really poor quality. Um, I actually thought about taking it down because I'm, like, this literally has nothing to do with my brand buckets or anything. This is just kind of like my personal life, but I left it up because it did get some people commenting. Anyway, I had a girl reached out to me and private message last night that when I scrolled up to look, we hadn't talked since 2017. When I was in my last business, she apparently hosted parties and did all kinds of stuff. Guys, I have the worst memory ever. I don't even remember. And she's changed her name so it doesn't have her last name. It's like her middle name like her first inter middle name, which is really difficult people, if you are someone who has a really bad memory like I do, because it's really hard for me to put put things together anyway. So she reached out about the chiropractor and was like, I have really? I've been toying back and forth about going Thank you so much for sharing your video about your experience, and we chatted a little bit. It wasn't a long conversation, but she reached out to me about that video and guys. She was not on my radar at all. She's on none of my list to contact. Like I said, I haven't talked to this guy out since 2017, and when I scrolled back, we talked kind of frequently in 2017 with my other business. I was in selling clothes, so you never know when people are going to see your content. And she didn't comment. She didn't like that video. I had no idea that she saw it, Um, and then they're gonna message you about it. That's the kind of content that you want to be making, and you might not even know, like maybe you have to do several videos. Maybe your specialty is, um, I don't know books for young kids or making your home nontoxic. People might watch several of your videos. People might read several of your posts before they reach out like you have no idea. So if you want to scale back on, the message is if the message is you feel like aren't working now if they are working, if you're getting good results for messaging people directly offering, you know, offering some sort of value, chatting them up and getting them a sample of your product and getting them on your product, then don't stop. That's not what I'm saying at all. But I'm just saying that if the messages are not getting you the results and or you want your business to grow even quicker and or you just want to create more of a presence online, you need to be creating the content, and the content doesn't always have to be related to your business. The content just has to be so that people know you're a human so that people like you so people recognize your voice and your face, and then when you do post your product pictures or whatever you know in your in your stories in your live or you reach out to them and do ask them eventually if they want to try your product. It's not gonna be weird because it's like your friends. It's like you're in real life friends, right? Okay. I hope this was helpful. I would love to hear if you implement any of this if you actually do up your content and I would love to see you and connect with you over in the social selling sisterhood squad, you definitely don't want to miss our free challenge coming up to make sure that you request to join. And I hope you have a fabulous day by friend.

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