Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 54: Journaling, Planning, and Having Grace in your Social Selling Business with Guest Lee Cordell

podcasts Mar 08, 2021

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dollinger and I have many titles High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way so you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Okay? Also, we're going. All right, everyone, welcome back to another episode of the podcast, the social selling sisterhood. I am Lindsay Dollinger, and I am super pumped today to be talking to Lee Cordell Um actually think I found Lee for the first time. I don't remember if it was at the What did they used to call it? The queen, The Queen Con two years ago. Was it called Queen Con two years ago? I don't know. E don't remember E Yes, because I saw your planner and I was total planner junkie, And I love all the productivity, everything. And I think I found you online before that, and I was like, Oh, this is super exciting. Um so great. Tell us a little bit about you. Obviously. You live here in Central Ohio as well. Um, but, you know, how did you get into your current business? Tell us all the things. Oh, yeah. Okay, So, like, that's a super long story. So like spoiler alert. I am a trauma informed, pleasure focused business coach and really like coach for women who want to. He'll their relationships with themselves with their bodies and their brains and their bank accounts, So really, like covering everything. And, um, I am a it sounds weird to say at 34 I think. Do you have a moment? We're like, Wait, is that the right age in my 34 your weight? Is that right? Yeah, 34. But I'm actually like a quote unquote retired. Dr. Lee prepared nurse now because I spent the first, um 12. Yeah, 12 years of my adult life. Like thinking I wanted to be a nurse practitioner for the rest of my life and got into it with practice for about eight years and realized, you know, goodness, I'm loving the advising and the teaching and the coaching and the mentoring and the precept ing and I love teaching and coaching my patients and helping them realize that they can have a better life on. Um, I just had a really hard time kind of functioning in the health care system in the medical system. And so I had been in. I decided to do network marketing on the side because I wasn't busy enough with three kids. And, um, yeah, I just wrote it. Why not? I don't sit still well, so worked out. And so I worked for about five years with two different market and network marketing companies and loved it, but again was noticing the theme of I Loved So Much More. Like learning about my team's goals and their dreams and their wives and what they wanted to do and like coaching them and getting them turned on to personal development, doing all of those things. And so I had a friend who coached network marketing, um, professionals. And she's like We you're a coach like you are a coach through and through. You need to be coaching. I was like, No, I don't think so. I'm finishing. I'm in the last year of my doctor. It like, Why would I start another business? And but after we had that conversation, I could not get it out of my head. And I went home in. My husband's like, I mean, it pretty much does tick every single box of what you have to do. Plus, you hate working for other people. You just do um And so I started with more life coaching and then noticed that I was getting 99% of my clients were entrepreneurs. And and I was I felt like I was doing them a disservice by not talking about the business side and simply focusing on the life side. So I made that flip about a little over 14 months ago on down. It's been incredible since then. I love it. I love just how it was like a natural progression. Like I did this which led to this. And a friend said this, I couldn't get it on my mind. And you and you've super niche down. Now, um, I think Anyway, um, yeah, even from following you, I don't know if it's been quite two years, but I've watched your niche, you know, just get a little bit till it's like, perfect, and you are attracting the people to you that really fit that you're not. And you're not worried about turning other people away, which I love that as well. Yeah, you can't see it. I'm wearing our trademark shirt that says I'm not for everyone and really recognizing, Like, you know, I'm not out to make people behaving like I really I would look for everybody toe like me, and I recognize that the work that I'm doing on this planet is not meant for everyone. And, um, however, the more that I could do with the people who really enjoy the way that I show up and enjoy the way that I coach, they can then go out and do things. And so it does get to affect away broader, um, group of people, which I think a lot of people don't think about their like. Well, if I mixed if I reached down completely, then I'm only helping the subset of the population, and I really wanted to help the world. Let me. But you are helping the world because you're making the more people that you can impact who are really drawn to you and turned on by the message you got then they're going to go out and do the same thing and you model that and you give them permission for that. Which is so important? Yes, 100%. I never really thought of it that way either, but that's a great point. Um, now, do you work with Is it on Lee one on one? Or do you have other offerings currently? Yeah. So I run a Facebook group, but I do A I love. I mean, I love to talk podcaster. Perfect. I'm actually starting my own podcast That comes out next month, and yeah, no way. Our Netflix, we're taking the Netflix style. So we dropped 12% of the time every two months, so yeah, I know. So it's been a labor of love for, like, the last six months, but yeah. Yeah. So I have a Facebook group where I do a lot of free coaching. There's, like almost 2000 women in there, and then I run Ah group called 21 ease every quarter. That's about releasing the hustle in the overwhelmed in your business and then your life and really running it from a place of pleasure. I am a certified clinical trauma professional. So really helping people recognize that the hard, um, past painful learning that we've had happened into our in our previous life. We bring forward with us into our businesses and into our relationships and so helping people really dropped back into their bodies, feel comfortable and calm and grounded. That's something that's everything we do every, like I said, a recorder. And then I run masterminds. So I have 30 women at a time, and each of my masterminds and those go for six months, and then I have one on one coaching. So lots of different offerings for people. Also, I'm partnering up with some other fun women that you also know this year we're doing some cool things that we haven't announced yet. But yeah, so lots of stuff. I love that. I love having different levels to work with you because I think that's a really great way for people to kind of get their feet wet and decide, you know? Well, hey, maybe I do need to go a little bit further and explore different ways as well. Yeah, yeah. I start looking for a little while because I had always been taught like you have to have the the what? The tall, the grand and the venti offer. And I could never come up with a tall offer. Like I couldn't come up with an offer that was in the couple $100 mark. That felt good for me. And so I just got rid of the tall and started doing, um, I forget there's, like, a super sized one above Ventana with but a mind is like free venti Trenta like and that's OK, that za loud. So yeah, definitely not for everyone. And also, like, you can follow me for five years and get atomic battery. Yeah. Okay, so speaking of value, um, most of the women who listened not all but most of women are in drug sales network marketing. Um, how would you? Which I guess kind of. I kind of just gave it away, but with leading with value. So, like, what are some tips? Because you said you were in a couple of companies for quite a quite a long time. Five years is a long time. Um, what would you say to those women? Especially those women who feel like they need to hustle to do all the things. Um, you know, some things that you can really help ground them into their business and into their purpose. Yeah, I think really remembering that the sales company that you're working for is not the brand. You are the brand, right? And I know this gets talked about a lot of places, but I think really remembering that when you do things that feel good, like when your business feels good for you, you're more likely to work it. And so how do you How would it feel really good for me to show up? And that might mean that you're doing really scary, nerve wracking things like going live like making rials like doing Tik Toks all of those things. And, like, doesn't kind of get you excited, right? Because if you excited, it will get your people excited, eh? So I think that's really I see so many people, um, you know, sharing stock photos because they're afraid to get in front of camera or, you know, using coal messaging, because they, they're afraid to actually, like, go up and just have conversations with people. And so really learning, like, how can I run this business in a way that feels really, really great for me. But that makes me the brands that people are like. Oh, go buy from Leslie. I can't remember what cos she's from. But like, her products are amazing. And she's amazing, right? Like that. That's where you wanna be at. You don't want them to remember your company's name. You want them to remember your me 100%. Okay, so say, I just started my company today. What is one thing you would tell me? Like Okay, Lindsay, you've got to make sure you do this. I've learned the hard way with this. You got to do this, I think, Um, remembering that it's gonna take a little bit of time. Right. So when I went into my second network marketing company, I crushed it off the bat like we were hitting four figure months off the bat. And that was when people saw that, and they were like, Oh, my gosh, I could never do that like, this isn't a thing. And I was like, God, I've been working in another direct sales company for four years. Like for three years. You have to like I'm bringing that experience in so remembering like it's going to take you some time. And also you get to bring the experience and education and knowledge that you have from whatever you've been doing before this in with you. And let's use that one in the last piece is really like This is what I tell all my clients. So this is the one thing that you did. It would work, is decide. It's working like decide that you're going to show up the way that feels best for you and that it's gonna work. And even when it doesn't feel like it's working, that's evidence. It's working right. Like even when they say no, you're like Great. Okay, I got another No. Which means I'm closer to it. Yes. And what can I learn from that? No, right e think so many people like they start to work and then they're like, Oh, it's not working. And they changed, tack it tactic and then there. And then they do another one for a month. Oh, it's not working and they change tactic, and I'm like, just decide how you want to go about this. Decide? Decide is working on work it for a while. And then if you're like months in and it's legit, not working, then let's look at tweaking. Oh, I like that. My I feel like I could definitely be one of those people who gets like squirrel Brian or not even so much. It's not working. Maybe it's not working, but I'm like, Oh, but this would be fun to do or this is shiny and new and e my one of my favorite mentors Keep cutting him. He talks about, like thinking about it like the cafeteria. Like where you got all of the different things he's like. You can't jump out of the taco line to go to the hamburger line to then go over here, Go over here. He's like, You're never going to get to the front of the line. So, like pick a line. And even if the other lines look like they're moving faster, like just stay in your line on and, you know, see if there's a way to not cut, because we don't wanna, you know, way. Don't wanna keep that in the cafeteria. We don't wanna, like, hurt other hurt other people from other people in the, um, on the way. And like, is there an app that I can order the phone and just go to the front of the line? Grab it right. Like that mobile order Like, is there a way to do this? Smarter, Not harder. Right? My, your bedfellow. Alright, back. Uh oh, gosh, There's something I was gonna Oh, so we're talking. You were weaving in there. A little bit of mindset work? Yeah. What? What's your approach on mindset like, Do you encourage people to read audio affirmation? Like, What's your kind of overall approach? Well, you know, the right planner, which is the planner journal that I created is the Planner Journal. So I'm really big on journaling. I think journaling is really, really powerful. I have a specific way that I journal, So it's like a four or five part process. Where, and I love to teach us because it's so powerful. Like, if you do this again, there's so many things like you just take this and do this for 30 days. You'll see a big difference. Like this is how I hit my 1st $50,000 launch was I was like a journal on this for a good two months, the same thing every day. And so you write your desire at the top. So if you're like, I want to hit this rank right or I wanted to hit this income gold, and then that's the first part. The second part is you go into your fears. You're like, Okay, these are all of the ways that I'm afraid of either hitting this goal or not hitting this goal right? Like fear of failure, fear of success. So I'm afraid that I'll have to work 60 hours. I'm afraid that I'll hit it and then I'll lose it, which is a big thing in direct sales, right? I'm afraid. I'm afraid that I'll alienate my friends. I'm afraid that all whatever, and after that, you then go into flipping it. We reframe it and we say Okay, so, like that, I understand that that's what my brain thinks is the truth. And like, what else could be true here, Right. So I bring in affirmations right here, and I do affirmations a little bit differently because most people, when they do affirmations, they actually do them in a way that could be re traumatizing if they've got some limiting beliefs. So this is my big. I have a little bit of a bone to pick with the law of attraction secret community on this because you can't go from limiting belief from from trauma to abundance, you have to hit the first. So we have to move from. This doesn't feel possible for me, this feels scary. This feels like a threat. If I get this goal because it would, you know, potentially I could lose it. I could get embarrassed, hurt people to safety. So what I say is, instead of saying like, you know, I I will make $30,000 or I will be this person or I am this person. I say it is safe for me to be this first or I am allowed to be this person because if we introduced to the brain safety and allowance, the brain can go. Okay, Well, I don't know that we're necessarily gonna get it, but I could believe it. It's a thing that some people get or it could be safe. E s o like I can. I can believe that it's safe. I can like start to open the door in my brain that this is allowed. So that's that's the third part. And then the fourth part is like evidence. Right? So, like, what are some bribes or some celebrations you have around this? Did you did you reach out to 20 new people yesterday? Did you sign a client? Did you, you know, sell something? Use that as evidence, And then the last part of the action plan is like, if I was showing up with someone who was allowed to have this for who? It was safe to have this. Who could really hit this goal? What are the things I'd be doing? What are the things I'd be thinking? What are the things I'd be saying? And so coming up with, like, 3 to 5 action steps? And then here's the kicker. You gotta go actually do those things. Yeah, if you won, you gotta do, like, pick one to start. If it feels overwhelming and do that thing. So I love, um, meditation. I love listening to podcasts. Like what you feed in is what will come out, right? Garbage in, garbage out. So, like, your podcast binging that or finding something else that feels really good for you. I'm a fan of all of those things, but I think the journal work is huge. And then also working with who is who is an expert in mindset could be really helpful because even even I get in my own way sometimes and don't realize I'm doing it. And I have a coach and she's Yeah, I have been doing this for years. I've been in the my bachelors in neuro bio psychology, So I've been in this mindset space for over almost two decades. Yeah, you're like, in the science part of it. Yeah. Yeah. So and even I'm like, she's like, Do you see you're doing this So I'm like, Well, now I do always different when someone points it out. Yeah, you're like, doing it s like finding that mentor to that can really Or that coach or someone who's really able to, like, look at your situation and come from a place of non judgment and understanding and be like, OK, cool. Like and do you see that you're doing this? That can be so helpful. I cannot stress the importance of having a coach or a mentor, just someone that is not directly tied to your results. So not someone on your team, um, someone who could take the emotion out of it like a friend like that could be really hard. And I said a lot of leaders, even on my own team who are really struggling with taking that investment for themselves. But I'm like guys, it is so worth it. Toe. Have someone, you know. Maybe only meet with him once a month, like it doesn't have to be hundreds of thousands of dollars or whatever, but just invest in yourself. You won't regret it. No, that's That's probably the one place I will never I will never not be without with a coach, right? Like that's just something that was horrible grammar. Sorry, but like I will always have a coach. In fact, right now I have to. Sometimes I have three, depending on what's going on, and people are like, Well, why would you and I'm like guys? This is how I'm able to coach hundreds of people at a time is because I've got other people that are supporting me. So if you want to grow a really big business, that's the other thing I tell my clients is like, The more your business grows, the more your support has to grow the like. The more you double down on strategy and really going, um, I don't like to say going hard to like going deep into your business, the more you have to double down on mindset, you have to double down on pleasure and you have to double down on support. Yeah, Yeah. And your coaches like I have two or three at any given time. Usually also like, right now, technically, I have three. Um, but they're all different. They're all different experts, you know, they're all supporting me in a different way. And I know some people say that can get confusing. And yeah, at times they have conflicting things, but not really, because they're all coming at a different angle on helping me with a different part of my business and my life, you know? So, yeah, I think that's important, too. Yeah, and I think a lot of people think that coaches air there to I mean, the true the true definition of the coaches someone, they're not gonna give you advice. They're going to help you figure out what it is that you wanna do. And so business coaching can be a little more. That's why I say a mentor to Because I'm not gonna if you come to me and you're likely how do I start an email list? I'm gonna be like, Well, how do you think you started? That's not helpful. To, right? E o. What kind of email list do you want? Your something's right? Yeah. So but, like it can actually be the true coach is gonna help you find your own answers, right? Like I will tell my I will give my clients of advice or like, say, hey, this is what I'm hearing. What do you think? Like or, you know, this is what I would do if I was in this situation. How does that sit with you? Because it doesn't matter what I'm saying to you. What matters is when you hear it. How does it make you feel? Is it something that you're like? Oh, that feels really scary to do. But I do want to do it versus you're like, No, that wasn't a line with who I am or how I want to show up. So really get to. They're just great reflection tools. Good ones. Well, yes. Agreed, because, I mean, I've paid money for some people who didn't help me in the way that I wanted to and, um, you know, been there, done that. And I've done that. Don't have to do it again. Exactly like I've made some. I've made some investments, and I'm like, Okay, if I had the choice, I want to make that investment again. And what do I wearing from that? Like, Okay, the next time I'm hiring somebody and this is something to think about with your clients as well, Because, especially in direct sales, if you're going to be in a long term relationship with your client like, it's not just somebody that you want, to, you're not in something where it's more one and done. You're in something where it's recurring. Um, really making sure that you're entering into relationship with clients that you like to work with, too, because it could be so tempting when the sale is right there to be like, Oh, yeah. Let me be. The person to sell is to you. And I had to remember like, Okay, But how much time am I going to be spending with this person? Like, what is this relationship that I look like? I'm gonna be able to show up and serve them at the level that I would like in a way that they would like. And I had, like, I didn't do it as much in my direct sales. And, I wish I had a little bit because I think that that would have that that would have been good all around. But that's definitely something I do with my coaching. Now I've gotten calls with people and I'm like, No, you know what? Like you know, I think you need this or like, let me recommend someone else to you or I'll start with the free stuff because I don't think you're ready for this. Yeah, and that. But that's a hard thing to do. It is well, and that speaks to when there's abundance and that, you know, you could work with someone else and like I'm not feeling like I have to take all the sales, even if it's not a good fit. Um, but I tell that to my team, and it doesn't happen often but especially if we're having events or something. And, um like we just had an event and someone had blocked someone from our team and there was, like, a negative energy. And I'm like, I don't think this is a right fit, like, you know, that we want to protect the energy of our team and of our space, Um, in the same thing with your client groups, if you have someone in there and it's just like you've been over backward and you fulfilled your end of the bargain like I don't see a need to keep putting yourself through that because, you know, our businesses should be fun, like Heck, we're selling nail polish strips like, Yeah, I'm like when we get to the point where you know there's tears or whatever, which, like I said, it doesn't happen very often, But every once in a while you can have someone that's pretty difficult to work with. And I'm like, blessing release s Oh, my gosh, I love that. Yeah, I just had I just had a former client get, um, really, like just, you know, have a rough time on being like, you know, I can't do this anymore. Like I can't be in your space anymore. And and sometimes it happens that other way around, right? Like when people get upset with us Now again, nail polish scripts versus thousands of dollars like maybe a little different. Different It happened when I was in directing Will be upset with a product. Or maybe like, Hey, you said you were gonna be my coach. And like, I don't feel like I'm getting the level of support that I need And, you know, really, just, um at the time, I wasn't trauma informed. I didn't even know what that meant. And, uh, now, like knowing that all humans have passed painful experiences that they've gone through that affect how they show up now and like that, we all have that. And so people get weird sometimes, like they just get weird sometimes. And so now, being able to like, recognize that and be like OK, so hey, let me not make this about me, me, me, me about them and let me own the part of this that's mine, like not own the part that's not mine on really move forward in a way that serves everyone in the best way possible and sometimes everybody doesn't walk away happy. But that's that's okay as long as everyone got what they needed. Yeah, yeah, 100% agree. So How much time would you recommend on spending on, like, the journaling portion or like, the mindset portion of your day? So, actually, mindset is like the one non negotiable in my business. Like even if I don't work on my work quote unquote on my business at all that day, I still do mindset. So, like today, today I had a meeting with my business manager and then I had the podcast of you. So, like that was it. And then the mindset came first, So I usually do about anywhere from like it depends. It usually comes out to about an hour. However, that includes me listening to a 20 or 30 minutes podcast on my drive trainer. My journaling in the morning usually takes me about 15 20 minutes. And then I went to a little 10 minute meditation, Um, in the morning or in the afternoon, whenever my kids are quiet. Basically, so that's the other thing is like some people are like, Oh, you have to do in the morning. You have to do it here like do it again. It comes back every time I say this is do what feels good. So, like, when is the time that it feels good for you? I am swore that I would never use a digital planner. And then I got s so I have all my right planners over here. Like I was like, I will never not right this. And then I got an iPad in Annapolis. Oh, this is amazing. So, like now, I realized that this is even easier because I can take this with me and do this attorney time. So, like you, whatever feels good, it doesn't have to be done in a certain way. Maybe you like Thio journal out loud. I've seen people do that with video app where they record themselves talking about five minutes. I can't remember what they're called, but they're out there so interesting. That's really interesting. I like that. Yeah. Find what works for you and what you're going to stick with doing because I know that's a big thing for me. Any time that, um, you know, I was trying to download APS to be like a planner. I never ended up using them. And I'm like, Okay, well, then this is not working. Yeah, you gotta, like way make ourselves wrong for so many things, especially in business. Just in general, we make ourselves we're on for so many things. And so we try, We try the thing and we do it for a week. And we're like, I don't really like this or like, I can't get myself to do it. I'm like, Well, sometimes it's a mindset issue, and most of the time it's just you're making yourself wrong for, um for wanting to do it a different way. So just with a different way and actually do it. So if you don't like my journal, Trump's or if you like, three of the five and you find that there's two other steps that work better for you like this is an is an amalgamation of, like, 12 people, things over the course of works for me. So it might not work for you. E love it. I love it. And you can pick and choose, you know, maybe start small. You don't just start off doing a 20 minute journal Prompt. You know, your first date. Journaling and like, go all in. Yeah, you could just write the desire down practice writing your desire down 15 seconds, right? Yeah. Practice. You know, writing 10. It is safe. I am allowed affirmations and let and be done for the day. Like e. I love that. Anything anything worth doing is worth doing. Courtly because I'd rather do something that, like, d plus effort for every day than a plus effort, Like two days a month? Yes, yes. And that totally goes to your business to for sure it's got Yeah, like I sometimes what I do because we're writing a sales page from my mastermind that launches on Monday. And I hate writing Copy E. Right, Right. Facebook this all day. But I hate writing copy for things like that. So I just told my business manager I was like, This is gonna be horrible. And it's the only way I'm the only way I'm getting it done. And she's like, Well, I can judge Horrible. What I can't do is judge nothing. And I was like, Okay, great. You know, done is better than perfect. Um, okay, so now on the topic of consistency and then we can wrap it up because I know already taken a half hour of your time. But this is such a good conversation. Um, the topic of consistency. I feel like a planner. It's super super helpful with that. Do you have any, you know, tips tricks for women who are building a business while still working? Um, in regards Thio, you know, planning their time out. What that could look like. Yeah, I So I agree. My business, the network marketing and then the coaching. I mean, I was legit working 60 80 hours a week, whether that was school or whatever. So, like, I don't mean to make it sound like, Oh, it's just so easy, Like that was so freaking hard. And I think the thing was is really allowing myself to squeeze in things wherever I could. So, like, if I was at my daughter's piano lesson, I would bring my plan or bring my phone and squeeze it in there on. Do you know not? And also one of the best things was, though, is my. My mantra for my business was what's good for me and what's good for my family is good for my business. E. I had to put it in that order because otherwise the business would totally get in the way of my family and my own self care. So that's why that's why the mindset stuff came first. Yeah, and so I would schedule in all of my my I would make sure I scheduled in some self care stuff for me. So, like mindset that exercise those things, sleep and then I would schedule in family stuff. And then I would schedule my business stuff around that and that. It felt wrong to do that because I was trying to leave my job and I was trying to do all these other things. So I was like, I'm putting the business last. So I'm like, No, because when I do it this way, I know I'm showing up for myself and for the people who really matter. So when it is time to work on my business, there's zero guilt. I love that. What would you say in going off of that? What would you say for women who are like that? Sounds great, but I have kids and maybe I'm a single mom and my like. I don't have that support where I can actually go work my business. You have any tips on that? So I mean, I did work with my kids underfoot for sure, like there were times that when I think scheduling a family stuff, it was like, You know, you guys were getting like, 45 minutes to an hour of me right now and then the business is getting 45 minutes to an hour on. So, like you can ask my kids right now, especially during the pandemic. They Mommy's upstairs working now they're older, like Mommy's upstairs working so and I'm and I am coming from a privileged place because I did. My husband was a stay at home dad for the first several years. So, like, I do want to acknowledge that, however, I think that, um, just giving yourself some grace and saying like again done is better than perfect. If I get 20 minutes in and or the post I put up isn't amazing, but it's out there and it's like people are able to see it cool that's allowed to count, like 20 minutes every day. Yeah, it might take you three or five years instead of one year, but you're still going to get there as opposed to just, you know, not doing anything every day. So you don't make yourself wrong. For only being able to fit in 10 or 15 minutes on a day like that is okay, well, and we don't have to compare ourselves to other people who maybe are able to spend more time or, you know, they're posted pretty or whatever, you know. Like you said, Done is better than perfect, and it's much better to show up just a little bit each day. I feel like if you could then doing it twice a month e mean there are. I don't even want to know the percentage of post that were written in the bathroom e toilet time post on Lee Place that I can be and get stuff done and even at work, right, Like I'd be on my 15 minute break and I'm like, Cool, like, I'm just going to sit here because it's the second I've had this stick here. I love that I'm bringing this up like, but like this is where, like that was where I got a lot of stuff done because it was and it wasn't five minute bursts, because that was it. That was all that I had some days. I mean, there were dancing, sleeping 4 to 5 hours a day, going to school, taking care of the kids and on really just I had Thio allow that to be enough. Yeah, I love that. Allowing it to be enough and being okay with that. And you don't have to answer messages. I see this to people are like, Oh, this second someone sends me a message. I have to get back to them. I'm gonna lose them. No, you won't. And if you do, it's cool. There's someone else, like, turn off your messenger. Turn off your facebook. Stay like give yourself concentrated time that you're on there so that when you are on there, you're, like, cool and working and maybe walking into some people and just know that, like, your customers will wait for you. They will wait 18 hours for you to answer them. They're not going anywhere. 100% agree. I I'm guilty. I just turned off my notifications on messenger. Um, about a week ago, and it has been one of the most freeing on. I have so much more time. Like I never realized how much time I was spending by getting back with people instead of now. When I opened it up, I respond to all 15 messages I see. Close it back again, and then I'll get back on it. And you know, whenever I say that, it's time instead of it running me. Yeah, and I use a separate app for my clients, like I used Boxer for them so that we can have, like, encrypted messages back and forth. And that's been something that's really helpful because all of my other notifications were turned off except for my my 5 10 private clients in Boxer s O. That goes off. I know if I have this chance, I can stop and respond to them because they're the ones who get to have that response time. Yes, yes. Ooh, I like that. Maybe I'll start doing that with some of the people on my team who I see like actually showing up who deserve a little more of my time. Um, because I was wondering how to do that with messenger Because I don't want to go in there and then everything, you know? Yeah, that's really or you know whats app or anything like that, where you can be in communication with people in a very specific way. Like like I have B. I like I don't like to call them V i p Other people call them V I. P. But like, high level, year long, like I call them all in clients. They have my today and my cell phone number, right? Like no one else has my cell phone number, but they have my Yeah, So you you get to decide, like, how much access people have to you. And I think when you start setting up those boundaries, that makes it a lot easier to then work because you're like, OK, anything that shows up over here, it can wait. I love that. I love that. Yeah, I'm gonna have to look into that a little bit more. All right, Lee, this has been an awesome conversation. I know people are going to get a ton of takeaways out of this. I know I did. And so I know everyone listening is going to a swell. Um, really quick. Before I ask everyone how they confined you. I've been asking people their favorite travel destination or favorite trip ever, and I know it's so hard to pick one. But if you know it's funny, I have to. I'm going to cheat and save two. I have one From when I was a little bit, I don't remember even where we and I think it was Megan's Bay, which I'm not even sure that is what I remember. We were on a cruise and I sat. Is this gorgeous water and sat pick you seashells out for, like, four hours? So like I remember that. But actually my husband and I, who my husband is also named Lee. So I am not a crazy person when I say that people think I'm talking in the third person and oh my gosh, that's so funny. Yeah, so we and I, we met in January our freshman year of college, and went on spring break in March to Paris.  Yeah, we just It was like way had it was truly like one of those love at first sight things moving. That's so cute. So we went to Paris. And so we keep talking about we have to go back there. We have to go back. But that was probably like I got to know him really well. So I love that. That's so sweet. And you definitely do need to go back. You deserve to go back, Girlfriend. Well, get over there. I know our plan was to go back this year, but we'll see. Well, it'll it'll happen. So it will. It will. Oh, I love that so much You'll have to recreate like some of your pictures. You know how people do wish. I love that idea. Because actually, his profile photo is that I took it of him in a cafe in, um, right by the Eiffel Tower. And so, yeah, we have to go back there and do that. That's a good idea. Yeah, I love that so much. That will be so fine. Alright, So where can everyone connect with you? I know you mentioned several different free. And you know what? Maybe maybe your planner is like you're tall offer. You know, other people have said that. Yeah, So if you want to get details on the planner, it's the rights like when you write something. WR I see the And then, um, Facebook is where I hang out. My my people are like, slowly shoving me onto instagram out there. Yeah, but yeah. So I have a free Facebook group called The Pleasure of Business. So you all are more than welcome to come join that Awesome? Yes. And I'll put all of her links in the show notes as well, guys. And if this ends up on YouTube, which I think it's going to, I'll put all those links there, too. So you guys can just click and easily find Lee and her awesome planner as well. All right, girly, thank you so much for your time. Pleasure.

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