Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 52: Direct Sales Chat With Jennifer Burr

podcasts Mar 01, 2021

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dollinger and I have many titles High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way so you can earn the money You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello? Hey, guys, Welcome back to a live a podcast interview. I'm Lindsay Dollinger with the social selling sisterhood, and I'm here with my friend Dennis. Jennifer Ferguson Burr. I turned off by your last name being right there. Um, it's a mouthful. It is, especially when I have a snow day. And I'm not used to like reading things, doing other things. Okay, guys. So I'm super excited for you to hear more about Jennifer. Her story. What she's going to share with us today. Um, and that Jennifer, Right? Maybe a couple years ago. And that mentor ship we were in, um, maybe even before that, I'm not sure we have We had a hang with some of the same. Yeah, some of the same groups of people. So, um, it just makes sense. And she's a total rock stars. I'm super excited for you guys to get to know her. Eso Jennifer. We tell us a little bit more about you. Your story. Um you know what you do and how you got to do it, girl. Yeah. Gosh, uh, like Lindsey said, Thank you for having me. Lindsay. Uh, my name is Jennifer Burr, and I am a small business strategist. And basically, I have been in, um, sales for almost 16 years. And I started sharing everything that I learned through sales with other women, and it just kind of blossom from there. Yeah. So And you were in a direct sales company prior to what you do now. Currently eso I did quite a few things. I Yeah. So when I was so like growing up, I always knew I wanted to work for myself. I wanted to write my own paycheck. I wanted to be in control of my hours. I wasn't going to work for anyone except myself. And so when I turned 18, I actually started a direct sales company. Um, I saved up my birthday money. Yeah, I didn't know that. Yeah. I saved up my birthday money, and I actually, it was a makeup company, and I did that. And I loved it so much that I ended up going to cosmetology school. Oh, my gosh, that's so cool. Yeah. Yeah. So that's what I did. And then, of course, I ended up in sales there because obviously I was working for myself there, right? So, yeah, some were very successful. Some not so successful when more from those that I wasn't successful in s Oh, yeah, 100%. And what do you do now? So I actually I have to cos I own royal road coaching, and I take a handful of women and we strategize and work on their businesses and help them make as many like the biggest leaps possible. Like in the smallest amount of time. They're very direct. They're very up front. And instead of working, uh, like making little moves, we make strategic moves to help them grow on. Ben. I also own a clothing company like a Children's clothing boutique with one of my best friends. That's so fine. I love that it iss Okay, so you've obviously you're obviously kind of a natural sales in general is, um, like because you've been you've been in it at least a while. So have you learned from your mistakes and mistakes of others and tweets and strategized? Um, which I think is a blessing because, um, I know a lot of people can get, like, feel kind of ashamed to be, like, I've been in other companies that have partnered with other companies that I've switched jobs and blah blah, blah to me. Those air kind of just like like your battle scars Or, you know, the things that make the next opportunity you jump into even better, right? Absolutely. I learned something along the way. No matter where I waas, I learned what didn't work for me to get to what does work for me, what I love doing. And I use everything that I learned to coach these other women so that they don't make the same mistakes that I have. I've had great up lines. I've had terrible up lines up lines that were out for themselves and I You know, when I went to cosmetology school and I went into the business, it wasn't for me. I was a single mom at the time, and even though I love doing it, my hours I wasn't seeing my daughter, so I learned that wasn't good for me afterwards. Eso every mistake I made lead to better choices and me being able to stand up for myself and, um, setting boundaries that at first I wasn't setting s 00 that's a good one, actually, I would love to talk about that. It wasn't necessarily planning on, but that's something that even I still struggle with. Um, talk to us about setting boundaries in our business. So what are some things that we could do, Or maybe even why are they important to start out? So it really depends on the person on why they're important. Everybody has a different reason. Um, for me, I'm a mom before I have four daughters and I have to have that time with them. Um, I have toe with my clients so that I don't feel obligated to be with them constantly, and I have to say, at first I didn't. There was there was a time when I was terrified of missing every sale. There was a like a time when I was terrified of not being on my phone. What if I missed when the company shared something and I wasn't there to jump on it and they saw it somewhere else first, um, and then I realized that my people were gonna wait. My people understood that I was with my kids. Eso setting those boundaries ended up being how I found my people. They knew they understood who I was. They understood what I was going through. And they gave me Grace. And in return, I was able to give them phenomenal customer service instead of just a quick picture or like doing a quick sell. It was just sitting being able to sit with, like, one on one with them and being able to say, Okay, I've got time. I'm setting it aside for you. Let's see what we can do for you. Ooh, I love that I find myself doing that so much to And you know what? You're right. It's totally a disservice to the first one I'm talking to because I'm also like I was just talking to someone on my team today, and I was like, Oh, I'm sorry. That message was all like jumbled because I'm doing voice to text because I'm also cooking dinner right now or cooking lunch and, um oh, man, that, like, really hit me. But it's so true when I sit down and it's like, dedicated time for my business and I'm, like, focused on that. Then I can I can provide that service that I Yeah, you can't do when you're multitasking. Absolutely. Now okay, let's speak to the busy mom side of it. And we kind of talked about this with boundaries. But what are some productivity tips and tricks that have really helped you with your business? Or maybe even that you get some of your clients on on being able to grow it while either working full time or raising a family or both? Yeah, I have clients that do both. Some of them work full time, and this is a part time gig for them, like a side hustle. And then I have one, um, moms that are working their businesses from home. Um, the best advice I can give you is Thio. Be strategic about what you're doing. Don't make yourself busy. Um, yeah. So I always say that Ivy Lee method is my favorite. And it's where you write down six things intentionally that you want to get done for the day. Um, you start at the top, you make the most like what you want to do the most. The very top one. And you don't move on until you finish that. Um, yeah, when I do that and I say, Okay, I have two hours to work on my business. This is what's important to me. This has to get done. I always make sure my workstations clean. I always make sure that, like for my kids, my snack drawers full because they always come in wanting something eso By setting myself up that way and having my desk organized and knowing what I'm working on. I'm being intentional with my time. And that goes for anybody. It's not, you know, a bit, mom. It's not necessarily for those that are working, um, on their side hustle part time. You know, for everybody, when you're intentional, with your time and you're not just going in and just kind of like looking through papers and things like that, it really makes a difference in your business. Yeah, yeah, 100%. I also feel that one. Um Okay, So if someone comes to you and they're like, Jennifer, I've done all the things like this is not working. I don't know what to do, where they're just feeling really stuck. What are some of the things that maybe you look at with them, or people can kind of ask themselves about their business? Yeah. So really, I work with businesses individually, so it basically depends on the business. But what I can tell you is is think outside the box. How are you different from your competitors? How are you? Um, moving yourself forward and being seen. How can you use what information you already have in order to move yourself forward, for instance, for you, Um, I always tell my clients toe watch what your other clients are. Watch what your clients are buying. Okay. Watch what your customers are buying. If you have a customer, You, for instance, that's always buying like purple nail strips. You need to write that down. Then when something comes out, you can shoot them a message from doing a service for them. So I always have my clients write down anything and everything. Um, that they know about somebody. Um I keep little note cards on everybody that I chat with, and it might start out like I might start the conversation out with. Hey, how was your trip to Texas? Um and then go into I know your favorite colors purple. I would wanted to show you these new nail strips. So when? Yeah, so when you have all that information, you can really create conversations with people and real conversations, and you get to know them. You get to know what they like. And you could be once again intentional at that time. Yeah, and yeah, and get different sales and you won't be so stuck. Think outside that box Well, and you're touching on relationship building, which is something that I always see with you is is like you said, I'm bringing up. I'm asking questions about something that I know that they're doing or a trip they've done or you know, something that you've seen. And I think sometimes we can get so into that. Okay, I need to send as many messages that I can in 20 minutes without making those connections with people and that definitely makes a huge difference. It does I. So, one time, for instance, Um, I worked for Matilda Jane for a while. I absolutely loved it when I left. It was a that I hated making because I was making money. The CEO actually called me and asked if he could pay for my entire trunk for me to come back. Um, they did not want me to leave that, but, um, it was time. But one thing I always noticed is even my smaller shows actually made more money than some of my bigger shows. Because I really got to be intentional with my time and spend one on one time with those ladies and help them build wardrobes and help them add accessories and do all the things that I needed to do. Whereas when it was like a bigger show sometimes, um, it did well, but surprised how well my small shows did at first, because I got to spend more time with those people and get to know them better. That makes total sense. Yeah, um, and then so you're proponent then of up selling, because I think I heard you mentioning that. Okay, um, for those of us may be watching. You don't know what up selling is. Could you kind of explain what that is? Yeah. So when you up sell what you do is you talk to somebody About what service or what item there, Um, interested in. And then you kind of grow from there. So, for instance, when I did clothing, I would say, Hey, I know you're buying this dress thes socks in this hair bow match. Would you like to add them to your order? When you up sell, you're growing your paycheck, But you're also helping your client build, um, whether it's a custom wardrobe or whether it's adding more pieces. Thio, what you're selling it really helps your customer get to know You get to know, um, what service you provide, um, by offering more and making sure they know what's available. Nothing is worse than when you see something, lady. And you're like, this isn't available anymore. I should have told you at the time. This is what's available to you. Yes, yes, I love that. Um, okay, what is something that you see? Maybe women specifically in direct sales network marketing doing that, you're like, Oh, girl. You got to stop that right now. Oh, no. The dreaded hey, girl messages. Okay. All right. So tell us a little more about that. Yeah. So all the time. Probably twice a day, I get a message that says, Hey, girl, I just wanted to let you know we're doing this or I have this or I'm offering this. And there's a million different reasons you shouldn't do that. Number one. I will spend more time with you if you start out with Hey, how are you? It's that simple. Um, you know, sometimes somebody shoots a message, and it's totally fine if they're like, Hey, how are you? I just wanted to introduce myself. I sell this. If you're interested, let me know. I'd love to add you in my group. It's a totally different conversation then. Hey, here's what I sell. This is what I dio. You should join this. Um, and it It just creates, um, conversation. If you start, it's the same ending. If you want them to join your group putting in a little more work. Agreed. Agreed. And I'll take that a step further. I The worst for me is the last day of the month. When I get those messages and they're like, it's someone I don't know. And then they say, I'm I'm two orders away from my goal, or I'm five orders away from my goal. Can you buy from me? And I'm like, Oh, I'm like, making stuff about the seller instead of the client. E mean, I might send a message like that to, like, my very, very best friend, Or like my cousin and be like, Hey, someone that I know Super, Super, super, super, Super. Well, um, but the majority of the people I'm never going to twist it and make it, you know, about me and not about them. Yeah. And I always tell those people, those people that come at the end of the month, I'm like, girl, you've got to figure out what you need and divided by three weeks instead of four. So you're not doing that last minute hustle? Yes. Yes, that backward designed man, it works magic. Okay, okay. Let's see. Let's see if I have anything else Productivity hack we talked about because you do the writing. Six. What was that method called? Again? E Believe nothing. Okay, Okay. Now, I I had heard the six before, but in my mind, it was always like you could do them out of order. But I like how you mentioned you're doing, like, one or two or one, and you have to do that one before you move on. Like it's kind of like the eating your frog before before the day gets going. Um, okay. Is there anything I didn't ask you that I should ask you that you'd like to share? Um, no. You know, I just always tell my clients that you should be building real relationships, that you should be listening toe everything. Everybody saying I always tell my clients, and this is kind of a controversial thing, but I'm like, you should always comment. If somebody takes the time to comment on a post that you have, you should try to comment back or hit that, like, button. Acknowledge that someone's talking to you. They're taking time out of their day. They don't have to be in your group. They don't have thio. Um, you know, converse with you and they're choosing to, so make sure you're intentional with all these, um, people that are in your group commenting, Um, that's a huge one for me. Um, going back Thio our chat about the hey girl messages. Um, when you're sending those last minute messages and you say, Say you've never chatted with me and you're like, Hey, we're running this special. I wanna let you know I might have a girl that sells it. And you may have just sold something for her. I may turn around, and so I always tell my clients, Don't ever tell them what you have it first. Yes, yes, 100%. I like that. Yeah. So are you. More of the attraction market would be attraction. Marketing, I'm sure anything that's got, like where you wouldn't mention the name of a company. Is that kind of what you tell your clients? No. I tell my clients to be upfront. I'm gonna find out eventually. Yeah, um it's also sometimes a great starter. Maybe they don't know what your company is or what you dio. So if you're upfront with it, you're not hiding anything from anybody. I'm I'm a very upfront person. I like for my clients to be upfront because, um, it goes Thio. You're probably familiar with Renee Brown vulnerability. I mean, you have to have trust a game, vulnerability and vice versa. And if you're hiding who your company is from people, you know, you're already starting off. Kind of on a bad e. That's just how I think of it, but s So that's why I always like to be upfront. I always tell my clients, Look, this is what I do. This is who I do it with. Um, you know, a lot of my clients don't like me at first. The first thing I do is Terry this apart. Hey, but that's what they're paying you for right now. I'm like, I know that stung a bit, but you don't pay me to be your friend. Yes, yes. Um, okay, speaking on that, how would you transfer that to the role of even liken up line with a team? Yeah. So I always tell, um, I always tell my clients that when it comes to growing your teams or when it comes to adding to your team, be intentional. If you've got some girl who is maybe a little flaky, don't spend your time there. Spend your time on the girl who is like asking you all these questions and really wants to be part of your team. Because when your case and somebody who doesn't want to be chased, you're wasting your time. So I always tell my clients, If you have a team, you water, who's willing to grow who I like that analogy. I like that on a lot. That's so true because there's so many times that were like, I really want this for this person. But if that person doesn't want it for themselves, it doesn't matter how bad you want it, how much time you spend with them. And then there's still gonna end up quitting down the road. Six months and you've spent all this time and energy invested in someone that didn't really want it for themselves. Exactly 100% agree. Love that. Love that. Oh, my gosh. Okay, um, where can everyone listening? Connect with you. Find you work with you if they wanna work with you so you can find me at Royal Road coaching community. This is a group. So, um, touching back to like who I am. I When I really got serious about direct sales, I was a single mom and I could not afford a coach. Um, I was living paycheck to paycheck, and it was do or die for me. We were on, like, quick and everything when I got serious about her. Excels, Um, I didn't really have a choice. And so that is actually my free community. Anybody can come in because I feel like sometimes when you need coaching, you can't always afford it. So I always start there, and it's It's basically an accountability group. People can put their goals in it. People can get a little bit of coaching. I talked to everybody in there if they're willing to comment on. But the time in, I just always wanted to have a free group for everyone, Um, even if they couldn't afford it yet. So that's probably the best place for you to find me. But I do have a page to, but you're going to get the most. If you're looking to get the most out of free coaching, you're going to get the most of it out of rural road community. Yes, and I can vouch for that because Jenna, I'll pop in there and I'll write my goals and Jennifer. Jennifer will ask com getting there, and I'd be like, Oh, I have this to this. So I'm struggling with this, and she's giving me some really great, really great ideas, Some new things, you know? It's a new perspective guy. So I would definitely recommend topping in there and checking checking that out with Jennifer. And I'll post that, um, in the show notes if you're listening podcast and I will post this, um, in the links of the videos and all the places of the videos are too, so you guys can just click them. All right, Curly. Okay, So I'm trying to remember to ask everyone before we hop off or on, like depending on how the thing starts, but, um, favorite place you have traveled. Oh, my gosh. So I'm not the traveler in my family. E think worth my husband. He travels everywhere. He lived in Switzerland and played for their professional football team and everything. I'm your girl. Yeah, yeah, not me. I've stayed in the tristate area. Okay? No, I'm a Florida girl. I love Disney. Disney's my thing. Every time he's like, Do you want to go somewhere? Do you want to try somewhere new. I'm like, dude, going to Disney like you're like, this is a waste of a conversation right now actually is happening. Yeah. It's a waste of our time to talk about vacation. It's just like, Hey, I took this time off book. Are does nature. It's time to go. You guys have a special place. You like to stay down there. Does it just kind of depend? Um, it really just depends. I like the moderate resorts the best. We've stayed in the locks. We've stayed. We stayed everywhere there, but I think, Yeah, we usually try to stay at Port Orleans. French Quarter. Uh, yeah, it's smaller, Has less building. So after a hard day at the park, you know, you're right up to your short walk. That is That's that's important. Yes. Yeah, I totally especially for your little one. So especially if you have to carry them. Yeah. Awesome. Jennifer. Well, thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it. Lots of great now gets in here. Guys save this episode to come back. Listen to when you need a little, um um and yeah, have a great day. Everyone. Thank you for having me bye.

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