Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 49: Biz Tip Thursday: Tough Love -- You're NOT Doing All The Things

podcasts Feb 18, 2021
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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dollinger and I have many titles High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way so you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello. Hello. Welcome back to a car. Talk of business Tip episode of the social selling Sisterhood. My name is Lindsay Dollinger and I am your host. Hopefully you can hear me. Okay, I'm always nervous about the road noise, but I also feel like it's more, um, more like we're just chatting in the car as friends because let's be really, Whenever I'm in the car with my teammates, we talk about, you know, all the all the real life personal life stuff, and then way get into business talk as well. So I just wanted to share a few things that have been creeping up on my business, have been creeping up with some people on my team, and, um what I have learned from it, how I'm doing to shift my business to pivot my business, and I hope it will help you as well. So one of the things that I hear and I even catch myself saying sometimes is that I am doing all of the things, but I'm not seeing whatever result it is that I want. And here's what I have learned friends. I'm not doing all of the things. So If you are looking at your business and you're like, I don't understand why I'm not growing, I don't understand why my sales or low this month. I don't understand why I'm not sponsoring more people. Whatever the thing is that you are not currently is pleased with in your businesses, you would like to be, um, I want to really encourage you to ask someone or take a good unbiased is unbiased is you could be Look at your business. And what are you really not doing that people are telling you you should be doing so? I think a lot of times, um, specifically to the company that I'm in. A lot of us have what we call the I p groups, and it's for our customers and we put posts up in there, and I think a lot of people can think that that is how you're going to grow your business. And I had a a chat with my team a couple weeks ago and I was like, Look, guys, I don't care if you have a V I P Group Honestly, I really don't care, because you are not becoming a stronger, better whatever color street stylist, That's the company I partner with because you have an awesome customer group. Not at all. You know that group is there for visibility so that when I'm like, oh, I need to order another, you know, some more nail sets or oh, it was up in my news feed that there's something really fun launching tomorrow. I can you know, I'm I'm thinking of you because I've seen your posts. But that is not going to take the place of personal relationships that you're building with people. So my guess is when I have stylists who come to me, they're like I'm doing all the things I'm hosting my V I p Group. But no one's commenting. I am doing girls and I didn't in my V. I p Group, but no one's booking parties and no one's doing this. No one's doing that nine times out of 10. The reason that people aren't acting on things is because they don't have a relationship with you. You have got to get in those private messages, text messages, phone calls, conversations with people on. Do you know a really easy way to build those relationships or to at least start the foundation of those relationships is through Facebook lives, videos and emails? Um, preferably even a video in an email. If you have a email, Um, what's it called carrier or whatnot? That is set up where you can put a video in there because people are gonna are going to learn more about you. They're gonna hear how genuine you are. They're gonna fall in love with you think they're gonna wanna be your customer. But it can't just be that either. Like, that's a really great way for what we call it. Attraction. Marketing is through videos, but you have got to be messaging people guys, and not only just making in creating relationships and strengthening relationships and, you know, following up on all your customers orders um, you might have heard the to to to follow up methods. So two days after a someone orders you check in with them and say, You know, at least two days after, you know, it could be right after, But you say, like, Hey, Martha, I saw that you will place an order for this this this last night. I love that. Here's how you apply them. Do you have any questions? I'd love to see them When you get that, you know, like whatever it might be for your follow up. And then two weeks later you check in again. Hey, I saw it was delivered. Have you got a chance to try it yet? I'd love to hear what you think. Two months later, follow up again because it's probably time to order right, so to to to follow up. So if you're doing those follow ups, you're doing those messages. Sorry to take a drink. You're doing those messages, and that's how you were going to build. Relationship is well, but your relationships that are just based off your product or not nearly as strong as the relationships you're building because you are Facebook friends or instagram followers with your customers and clients, and you're checking in on them and you're seeing that they're going on a vacation. And do they need some more nail strips before they go on their vacation next month? Or you see that you know there's a death in the family and you want to reach out and express your sympathies. So building the building, that kind of a relationship with people and spending time on that instead of all the shiny things instead of, um, you know, making graphics instead of a planning the next big thing in your group. You know, those things that you're planning in your group of people aren't. If you're not seeing results from them, don't waste your time doing them. You know, maybe you need to stop doing girls nights in every week. If no one's commenting on them, what's the point of putting up posts if people are going to comment on them? So you obviously need to make a shift If you are not seeing your return on your investment are lie, you know, as I get more and more advanced in my business, and I'm really taking a careful look at what the r o. I is on all the things that I'm doing. You know what I'm doing coaching calls with my teammates? Are they actually listening to what I'm saying? And if not, that teammate probably is not going to get another call until they do what I am asking them to do. And it's not just asking them to do but giving them the advice on what to do. So if I If I say to someone you know I don't ever see you posting on social Media, I would really recommend doing this way, you know, X y Z with your social media account. And then we have another call a month later and nothing has been done. That's kind of a waste of my time. I don't you know, and as a leader and really with anything in your life. Guys, if you are giving someone your time freely on, then they're not taking what the advice that you give them into account and you know, into an account and actually doing something with it and doing some action with it, then I don't think you need to give that person even more of your time. so massive. Action. Take a good hard look at you know what is working? What isn't working in your business if people are really hating. So like one of the graphics that ah lot of us is. Stylists put up our like National Day post, like its national popcorn A and blah, blah blah. If you're posting them every day and no one's commenting, stop, Stop posting them. You need to find something different to do something that's more like you, Um, and if you are putting a picture, a graphic up with absolutely no words with it. Oh, that's bad. That's really bad. No one's gonna comment. And on the flip side, some people on my team even I'm scrolling through and I see some of their post. If you have to click Seymour on a post, it better be a dang good post because the majority of the people are not going to see it. And lots of times we have the habit of putting, like are called action or putting some of our good stuff even toward the end of a post. So especially even for like those National Day graphics, I'm just gonna give an example of this. Why are we writing five paragraphs about National popcorn Day? No wonder people are not commenting on it. Write a sentence, write two sentences, ended with a question in the fun emoji and move on. So if you were spending your time putting these really super thoughtful captions because its social media, this is not a place to write a block post. This is not a place for, you know, especially not as a daily post. Now, if you have something like a business blessing, you're sharing. So like why you are in love with your company. Why you're in love with your team, your customers. A teammate gave you this awesome gift last week, and you want to share about it. Those could be longer, for sure. People are going to read, um, they'll click more to read those. But if you're in your group and that's what you're posting every morning, especially if it's a morning post, I don't have time to read that before I goto work in the morning. So keep that in mind, but if something, if you are not seeing the results you want, then you need to stop. You need to pivot, You need to take a really good hard look and use a search bar. Friends. So if you are really struggling with booking parties instead of reaching out to your up line and being like I can't book party, why don't you take a little bit of initiative and type, go into some of the groups that you're in the team group, the company group? Heck, even YouTube and typing in, um, you know, finding party hostess is or how to book party or party games 2021 2020 for direct sales for your company name. You know, that's what I did. I didn't have an up line holding my hand and telling me what to do. Heck, my sponsor quit and my current company after like, a month, she never even did parties or anything. And I taught myself through YouTube through team trainings that my team had I have still to this day I have never once asked my up line for you know I can't do this. I can't do that. Please explain to me how to book parties. Please explain to me how to run my group. No, I figure it out. So use the search bar and I'll tell you what. As a sponsor, as someone whose team is growing and getting bigger and larger, I look for the people who I see are clearly doing those things. I look for the people who are trying new ideas. They're trying something that's, you know, outside of the box. They're taking something that they saw in a group, and they're tweaking it and making their own. They're commenting on on training because they pop up on my wall so I can tell they've been watching them. You know those things. That's action. Action speaks way, way more than words. The last thing I want to say on that as a leader, 20% of your team is going to do 80% of the work. So let that sink in Esso if you have 10. If you have 10 people in your team, 20% 2 of them are gonna be bringing in 80% of your team volume, while the other 80% are going to be doing 20% of the work, 20% of the volume for your group. Now why am pointing that out is as a leader it can be really, really, really easy to want to go to those eight people who are bringing in 20% of the volume and want to pour your time and your resource is and your energy into them because you want to see them improve. You want you want something for them, but they don't necessarily want for themselves and then that other 20% who seem like they have got it all going on. And they are googling the things and they are, you know, trying new things. They're pivoting, they're asking for advice and they're actually taking it. They uhh deserve more of your time collectively, then those eight other people. So just keep that in mind because this has been really overwhelming me lately. And I know I don't like the word overwhelmed. So don't don't make me listen to my own podcast again. Um, but it has. It's been getting in my head because I feel like I want and I need to be giving more time to the women who are showing up and doing the things. But I'm seeing, you know, the eight out of 10 who are not doing the things are not putting in the time are not doing the trainings are not, are not doing the action and also want to give more time to them. And there's just not enough time in the day. And I want to end with this. This is more like a personal story to show you how even leaders, even people who are giving you the advice, have have the setbacks. Um, and I had to look at my own business. So December I got e got diagnosed with Cove in the very end of November. So the end of November beginning of December, Um, I was pretty much out of commission. I was checking in on my business. I had, you know, my business post scheduled, but I wasn't reaching out to people. I wasn't. I wasn't doing building relationships with new people. I was just kind of maintaining. And then the following week, after my two weeks, I went back to school, was playing catch up with all of that stuff, So my business again was on the back burner. The following week, Christmas vacation started. I went out of town with my family and I unplugged, which is something that I deserve to do. I'm giving myself grace for that. I deserve to do that. And I had an amazing, amazing trip with my family. Um, you know, and then Christmas was here. Christmas and New Year's is getting geared back up. January for me was the first month ever that I did not sponsor a single new business builder into my teeth. And that was hard for me. Guys, that was really, really hard. I, um I got back in, I was working my business and all the ways that I should, But my actions from the end of November to the end of December that whole month, my actions were not there. I wasn't acting. I wasn't working my business the way I knew I should work my business. Oh, my v I P group was posted in every day. My v i. P s had no idea that I was sick, but that's what I'm saying. You can post in that V I p group, and it might maintain your your business, but it is not moving your business forward. So my business did not move forward in January, and that was a huge wake up call for me because it looked too people maybe like I was doing all the things. But I know I wasn't doing all the things I wasn't inviting people or I was, you know, I invited here and there to the business opportunity, but not nearly like I normally do. And the general rule of thumb is 123 months later, you see the results of your action. So the results of my action from November December I saw in January I'm still seeing in the beginning of February. So me being back in the game, me being back, giving my all doing all of literally doing all of the things. Now, in January and February, I might not see the results of this for another 1 to 3 months. It might take a while for my business to get back on track. Is that something that is really hard for me to admit? Yes, 100%. Um, it took a lot like I was in a bad place in in January, um, with just the realization that, like, man, I'm not doing all the things that I preached to do, and I'm feeling it. And so if that is you If you are looking at your business and you are not seeing the results, there is something that you are not doing. You are not going live. You are not, um, talking to new people. You are not sending out samples of your product. You are not making connections with people like there is some some missing element. And deep down, you know what that ISS are you sending an email out to your customers for every launch? Are you sending an email out to your customers in between launches with something that has nothing to do with your product? Are you getting on video? Are you adding 1 to 3 new Facebook friends or instagram followers a day and not only adding them, but are you getting in your direct messages? Are you showing up on stories? You know, and you don't need todo all of those things at once. If you haven't been doing any of those things that I just mentioned start small at a couple things in set A reminder in your phone to do ah Facebook story every couple hours and don't make him about business. Make it about what you're doing today. Making about what you're wearing, what you're eating, what your dog's doing. Let people get to know you and then pepper in about your business pepper in about your amazing products. Okay, so take a good hard look at your business. If you are truly doing all of the things truly, truly, truly, and 123 months, you will see the return on that. However, if there is just one of those important pieces missing, especially the relationship building part and getting new people into your community, I'm telling you right now, friend, your business is not gonna move forward the way you wanted to. But the awesome thing is, is we can change today as you're listening to this, or a soon as you get off of whatever you're doing. As soon as you stop driving, as soon as you get out of the shower or whatever, your business can move forward today you can add some new Facebook friends. You can go live on your personal profile. You can go live in your group. You can send an email out to your customers who haven't heard from you in a while. You can reach out to some of your best customers was just a Hey. Hey, Britney. Happy Saturday. What do you up to today? Girl was just thinking of you, you know, be genuine. Let people know how genuine you are. Do a random act of kindness. Make a post on your Facebook page that you have been not posting on in the past week. You know any of these things friends are gonna move your business forward. But you have to do them. You have to take action on them. You have to do them and you have to want it. You know, getting back into the swing of doing my business again after basically being off for an entire month was hard, very hard. The first few days, it was definitely more like I had to pull out my checklist. My D m o checklist, which I have up on my website It'll be linked in the show notes, but I had to pull out that GMOs. Okay, what things do I have to do? And I made myself do them. And 11 last tip. Thats one super woo. So if you're not woo, this one might might be hard to digest. You have to get in the right energy to be sending those messages out. People can feel your energy, even if you're typing it out. Have you ever gotten one of those messages from someone? And first of all, you can tell it's a copy and paste message or that they have no idea anything about you. Because if they had just looked on your Facebook while they would know that maybe you have no kids and they're trying to get you to host on Osborne Book Party. And you're like a sport books or whatever it's called. You know how many people I've been like? I don't have Children. I don't want to buy kids books. Um, but anyway, people can feel your energy. People can feel if you are desperate for something they can feel if you are sending something out of requirement versus out of genuine caring and compassion and good vibes and good energy, so you need to get your mind there. You need to get your mind there, whether it's a trick whether you are feeding off my energy, you know I need and I need to tell my team this more feed off of my belief for you if you don't have the belief in yourself. If you don't have that confidence in yourself, take some of mine because I believe in you and I have confidence in you. So borrow someone else's belief in you because you can do it. You can sponsor and a ginormous team if you wanted. You can make a difference in someone's life, even if they never buy your product, even if they never join your team. You are making someone feel good by that message that you were going to send them today. So get in the right space. Get in the right energy. Do your work out ahead of time if you need to before you do it. Place, um, pump up music. My team. Um, some of the women just started playing like powerful music during our power hours, and I absolutely love it, and I'm kind of jealous. I didn't think of that before, because I normally work in silence or sometimes with the TV on in the background. But I'm like, Play that powerless right play those empowerment songs, play the pump up music and do the thing. Do the action create massive action today. Do the things that you know that you are constantly avoiding. But, you know, we're gonna move the business forward. You got this, girl. All right, if you found this helpful, please screenshot this. Put it in your instagram stories, tagged me, and I'll re share it. Please leave me a five star rating and review. And you know what? Copy this. Share this with your teammates. Share this with someone that you know needs to hear this today because we all have these days, right? I mean, I literally just share with you how I didn't reach my goal for the first time in, like, ah, year and a half. Um, but we all we all have these moments no matter what reason it is. Maybe don't even have a reason. But you just stopped working your business the way you know you should. It's okay. Give yourself the grace. Shake it off. We'll leave that in the past. Today is a new day and move forward with your business. Love you. Have a great day. Bye. Bye.

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