Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 48: Live Interview with Julee Meyerseick: Building Her Business While Teaching and Transitioning to Full-time Business Owner

podcasts Feb 15, 2021

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dollinger and I have many titles. High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way so you can earn the money You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello. Hi, everyone. Welcome back to a video recording off the social selling sisterhood podcast. I'm Lindsay Dollinger, and I am on here with my friend Julie Meyer. Sick? Um, Julie? Well, Julie and I met in grad school for our master's degree in Spanish. Um, e don't get us, but it was probably 10 or 11 years ago that we met. Um, it's been hot. Yeah, which feels so far. Like, it doesn't seem like it's been that long, but at the same time we were we were definitely babies. Yes, for sure. Okay, So, Julie, tell us about you. Tell us kind of about your journey, because you are now a top leader in your network marketing company. But obviously we both started off a Spanish teachers. So share your journey with us. How did you end up where you are, girl? Yeah, sure. It's somewhere I never ever thought I would be, that's for sure. Eso I live in Parker, Colorado, right now, and my background is an education because I was a Spanish teacher for about 11 years and, um, you know, and like, as Lindsey said, That's kind of how we met when we studied abroad for a Masters. Um, and I got involved in my company, which is our bond back in 2013 after going to a friend's party and before I get into more of my story, I need to share that. You know, my story isn't typical, like there's really no such thing as a typical story, but to kind of check out what is typical in our bond, you can always check out earnings that are bond dot com. But anyway, you've got familiar with the company. We we sell skincare nutrition and excuse me makeup all vegan on what initially hooked me was the company's philosophy on ingredients. So we ban over 2000 harmful ingredients from being used in our products, and we use the safest combinations of science and nature too. So I was wanting to start to use safer products. But that actually worked, too, because that was kind of important, because my brother was really encouraging that in our family. So he had this. He had a brain tumor and did tons of research. And to make an extremely long story very, very short. He kind of came to this conclusion that the way we eat and the products that were even putting onto our bodies might might be causing us more harm than good. So I thought he was kind of crazy. At first I thought, Wow, he's turned into a nut like, because that was totally not him. But after a while, I mean, he having these huge conversations, and it got me thinking like, Okay, you know, maybe it wouldn't hurt to just start looking for something to change, like safer products. So anyway, went to that party. Michael, this sounds like a good place to start. And so I signed up as a consultant, but it was just to get the discount, so I wasn't sure if I wanted to do the business or not because I was super scared of everything. And like this doing this interview, I can't even believe I'm doing this being, like thinking of how I was in 2013 like I never would have done this. So, um, you know, that says a lot about how much I've grown in that time. But but anyway, yeah, when I look back, I just like, I must have just preferred living in fear because I never took any steps to change that. Really? Um and so I tried a couple of parties. I felt super uncomfortable. I was not coachable it all. And I decided, Okay, well, just not do This is a business. I'll just keep the discount and get the stuff, um, in some referral kickback every once in a while. So I did that for four years before I actually started to go through a transformation in my life. And then that's when I decided to really go all in with the business. And I worked hard. I worked very, very hard. I still work very hard and was able to step away from teacher or teaching after having my third child. So I didn't started it in 2013 I mean, if you weren't like doing the business part of it, um, I really pretended I did, But I didn't. You know you I said I tried, but like there's no try like I just didn't do it. Well, I think that's so important. I think that's I don't know if it's us as educators or what, but I'm like, I hate the word try because like you either are doing it or you're not like and I even try myself with my own language like, Oh, yeah, I'll try to do. And I'm like, No, I'm going to do this or it's not a priority like right, you know, one or the other. Was there something that happened that was like that mindset shift for you? Or like why did you decide to go all in? Well, so at that time, so that was about it was 2017 then, yes, 2017, when I really I made the decision was like one day I made the decision like and once I decided there was no going back, like I decided also, that there's I'm not going back. So basically So my brother, he unfortunately, had gotten another brain tumor and the year before and had passed away from it. And so he's like the reason I do this business. Actually, he's the reason I even got started as I mentioned, um, and now I always say, like, I'm I feel like I'm his living, breathing legacy And he cared. He was very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle like he really, really was before he passed. And so I'm like, OK, I gotta like this is it. I got to do this. So it took me a year, though, to really get to that point because, you know, when you lose someone like you go through a lot and grief is crazy and it's like forever. But, um, through that first year of grief, like he just really evaluated my whole life kind of. And I was like, Holy cow, I'm just like living. I'm not living like I'm not thriving in my life. I'm just going through the daily News and just making it. I'm scared of everything. It's shocking that I was actually a teacher. I mean, like, seriously, people be like, Wait, you talk in front of like a classroom, but you're too scared to do this. Too bad I'm like, Yes, shut up. You know, it's true. So, um yeah, in that year, after just a lot of, you know, thinking about life and the how short it is, like, you know, we all know how short it is, but like it just, you know, it becomes super painfully riel. As you're watching someone take their last breaths like it's so I'm like, what am I doing with my life? And so I decided I'm just gonna like I'm gonna do this. I'm just gonna go go in So that that's when everything started changing for me. And then since then, it's just been like a complete mindset shift. It's It's just unbelievable. Just with the personal growth. And I know you talk a lot about that, like in your other podcasts and stuff to another episodes. Um, it's huge. It's a huge, huge part of it. And I'm so happy about it. I got chills when you were talking because our stories air like, so similar, um, I got started, and it's not the company I'm currently with, but in my first company, right after my mom passed away, because I It was like that grief and I needed something, you know, with some support. And it was just like something was missing and I couldn't figure out what it was and for me, you know, it was that personal. And I thought personal development was literally the stupidest thing in the entire world. Um, which I'm kind of glad I thought that because now I can relate to the women on my team or even my friends who aren't even in business, who are, like, I'm never going to read a book like that. I'm never gonna this new podcast like that. I'm never gonna meditate. I'm never gonna do affirmations. And I'm like, That's fine. But if you just try it And the only reason I tried it was um my up line. My sponsor did like a like she's like, a book of away, and I want it. And I was like, e sitting there, and I'm like, Fine, I guess I'll read a chapter of it. Um, And it was the energy bust if you read the energy bust. Oh, I haven't I have not read that one. Forget who I forget who writes it. It's so short. It's like, I don't know, 60 pages. And it I want to say that single handedly got me out of the funk I was in. It was crazy, and I was like, Okay, fine. I believe in this now. Yeah, like I Yeah, the same kind of thing. It was just like a one day. Okay, fine. Um, do you have any tips for someone who maybe they've been in their business for, you know, a couple of years and they're too afraid to do. They're too afraid or they don't believe in it enough for themselves enough like anything that you could share that might help someone in that situation. So, yeah, I mean, because clearly I was there. So it's tough. I mean, it's not easy. And it's not like these. Like now we're marketing. Businesses are It's usually very simple, right? It's very simple. We do, but not easy. It's not easy. Um, gotta be really about that, right? So Honestly, my biggest advice would be to just you feel the fear and do it anyway. And I know it's, like, so simple to just say, but that's how you grow on DATs. What bravery is you know, it's not actually the absence of fear with people there so brave. It's not because they're not scared. It's feeling that fear and just doing it anyway like that's bravery. So I mean, that's what I just really encourage. People start small. You don't have to like, e mean like, I can't imagine if I would have started with, like, Okay, I'm just gonna, like go from not being terrified of everything is like going to do a live video right now like that. That's a big step if you want to do that. Awesome. But it's not like it has to be something huge. It could be just that little that reach out. That scares you. I mean, but that could be huge, Thio. But I mean, because that's really you know, I still get nervous before reach outs, of course, I do. But I just do it. I just do it now because you know what? And maybe I don't know if you've said this before, but I have heard this all the time. Like in my company. We say all the time that like, if you're worried about what other people think or what How you're gonna what they're going to say to you. And you just remember that other people's opinions don't pay your bills like just go for it 100% true. And I always feel like to and I know how you run your business. Um, if you're coming from a place of, like, genuinely caring, like you genuinely want to educate people about the harmful chemicals putting in, you know, people's bodies or better skincare, whatever. If you're being genuine about your reach out in your ask, there's nothing wrong with that. Like there's literally nothing wrong with that. I say thank you to people who are like, Hey, I wanted to let you know of this. You know this product. I think I saw you posted about X y Z, and I'm like, Awesome, I'll look into it, You know, like I don't think there's nothing weird about that. We refer. We were first up to people all the time, and it's just ingrained in our heads, and probably because people go about it the wrong way, not being genuine. But it's so in our heads that we don't want to ask people to, try something out like what's the harm like really like the worst they could say is like No. Oh, and they could be mean to but like, get whatever e that kind of energy up in here anyway, exactly. Well, something else that I mean, you had mentioned just a a little bit earlier here that I would recommend for fearful people for everybody, but especially for people that are living in a lot of fear or the affirmations. Like I thought that was ridiculous at first. Like I really, really didn't like. I'm not gonna say these things out loud to myself in the mirror or whatever. Like, I feel really stupid saying them. But then, like, Well, I'm the only one right here I could or my baby like he can hear me saying it doesn't matter. Um, but like the affirmations and I've only to be honest, I've only recently started affirmations because I thought it was just a weird It's just so weird, but like it Z making a difference. And I actually I put something on my notes because I found it from Jack Canfield website about like, talking about affirmations. And he's great, right? So he says, an affirmation is a statement that evokes not only a picture but the experience of already having what you want. So like an example would be, I'm happily vacationing two months out of the year in a tropical paradise and working just four days a week. Owning my own business like that could be the example he gave on. Repeating the information several times a day helps you keep focused on your goal and strengthens your motivation and programs your subconscious by sending in order to your crew in your brain to do whatever it takes to make that goal happen. So, um, you know, you wanna like Manifest that, you know, if you're telling yourself, I can't I can't do this. I can't book parties that stuff, I used to say to myself like, Tell myself in my head I was right. I couldn't do it because my words were so powerful and I was making it truth for me. So, like, why not speak like some positive truth to yourself and tell yourself that you can like some of my affirmations that I say, like I'm intentional with everything I dio? Perseverance is building character, fear and self doubt have no place in my life because God did not give me a spirit of fear, but of power, love and self control. Like I repeat my strength to myself often often during the day, knowing that my words are my wardrobe like these are the kinds of things that I'll, um, say to myself. And I'm like we're, like, kind of girl e handsome music and like doing it E look for ways to advance and pants life of everyone I know like I'm just like E Oh, no. But you know what? I would 10 times rather hang out with someone like you than someone who's always like, um, you know, my life socks, and this is so hard and I can't do this and there's no way I will ever do this, and I don't know how you get to travel all the time. How do you have the money to do that? But you and I'm like, Dude, I make the money to do that like it doesn't just come to you like you have to like, believe it, and then you have to put your action behind it, and I do think it's so much easier to put the action behind it if you do believe it. Because if there's like that, doubt in your minds that's, like, creeps in. And it's like, you're not gonna turn that trip you're not gonna, And then you're probably not exactly Yeah, And that's what I'm sorry. Glad going. Oh, I was gonna say that. Also, um, you know, I think it's important. I forgot what? Where I was breeding this before, Maybe a couple months ago. But it was talking about, like, goal setting and aiming, like impossibly high set goals that seem impossible for you because, like, what? That does mean you could say, Let's say, for example, like Okay, I'm My goal for this month is to sell 20,000 and my team to sell 20,000 products or something like that and because you know you're going to hit that goal or whatever, and then you hit it like, yeah, I reached my goal. Why not say my team night? We're gonna hit 60,000 and sales this month and then, you know, before the me before what if I don't hit that like I mean, who cares? First you hit 40 which is so funny. Exactly. That's why we need to set a goal so, so high, Because you're more likely to exceed what you even thought was possible for you. So you know, 100% 100%. Okay, so let's go back to when you were still teaching full time. Because I know you still sob occasionally, but teaching full time and also building up your business because I know a lot of people who are listening also have a full time job while they're building up their business. Do you have any tips? Tricks? What? What did you kind of what does that look like for you? And how were you able to get to the point where you could finally transition to full time? Okay. So Yeah, I taught full time and then at that time, I had to Really young Children was running around a lot like picking them up, taking into school like that kind of stuff. At least we didn't have, like, sports and the extracurricular stuff because, like they were really. But anyway, I started seeing that like I was getting, I was getting a little worn down, and it's really funny because but I'm like, Well, I need to do our bond, you know, And some people, but, like, you know, on my plate so full I can't add anything extra. Like my plate was super full. But I was like, Okay, I know. I need to add the extra if I want to be able to remove some stuff from the plate s o e eat off my plate. So, like the plate, So full of like, we'll eat something and then, yeah, eso s o I look back at it now and was like, Wow, I really hustled like that's what you got to do. It's not like I stopped working my full time. I mean, I was there during the day I taught and I came home and, you know, my husband, I kind of switch out making dinner and stuff. I mean, it's not like I do everything around the house. He does a heck of a lot, so he usually puts the kids to bed. And that is when I would focus on our bond time. For me, so on. That's still like That's even though I stay home now. I mean, I'm home with two of the kids most of the time. And it's, you know, I can work in some things in the nooks and crannies like to reach out here. They're audio message this, you know, I like while I'm cooking or doing my makeup or whatever. Um, like, I got really good at multitasking listening to podcast, personal growth tech stuff in the car ride to and from work because it was a 25 minute drive each way and so would make time for the like, the trainings and stuff then and then, like my reach outs would be evening after the while. My husband is putting the kids to bed and after that, Um, yeah, so I think, like one recommendation that I would give for people working for I mean, but you can It's still doable, like it's doable. To keep like you're you're living proof of that to keep your full time job and do this because you have tow you make it a priority. You carve out time for it every day. I mean, that's necessary. To to grow it and stay consistent, right? So, um, but for people who might want to be like work up to a point toe step away from their job like you gotta make you really have to fit that in. And you might want to create a little not to do list, like the things that might be distractions from your vision in the future and what not? Um, like I read that somewhere to me, Everything I read E. Someone told me one time there's no more original thoughts left in the world. So that's what I like quoting people I'm like, e can't take credit for that, but I e taking and not to do list and like, Oh, that's interesting. Like, you know, where can you cut back in areas of your life that aren't like serving you for your vision for your future, like for us? We actually, and this was a tough one for me. We got rid of our cable. We only have Apple TV and stuff like that. Okay, but like we got rid of cable and, um, and I stopped pretty much watching TV. Never once. Well, what we do in the evening together, but we used to watch a lot of TV. I will say a whole lot. Now It's just like kids shows that are on during the day and I don't pay attention to those. So I would say I because I we didn't We've never had cable actually at this house. Um, and I will notice that, like So I just watched the British and Siri's because everyone was telling me I'm here to watch it. Um, we'll say, I notice, like, because I don't normally watch TV either, Um, that I'm business results of went down that week because I was white Task when I'm watching anyway by scheduling posts and stuff. And I'm like, This is why I don't normally watch TV because I use my TV time to build my business. You know, like that a trade That's a trade off for me. And I'm fine with that because I'm connecting with people in real life and building a team and all the things you know, Um, but I think cutting TV and you don't really get all of it, But I definitely think cutting back for probably a lot of people listening would be something that they could do pretty well. I think you make time for what you want to make time for so honestly, like when people say I'm too busy, I think everybody's too busy, right? I mean, everybody is super, super busy, it seems, um, so I get that. But there's always some shifts that you can make in your life to fit things in that you really want to fit. So not to sound harsh or anything. But I feel like if someone says they're too busy, they're just saying I don't want to do it. You just tell me you don't want to do. And that's really that's something I'm really trying to put in my vocabulary instead of like I even just message so much night. And I was like, Sorry, I don't have time to do that. And I'm like, Oh, I'm like, it's not a priority. It z my time right now. Sorry. Yeah, 100%. Now you hustled. You put your your head down, you hustled. Um, how do your daily business tasks look different? Or do they now that you're doing it full time? Um, I just mainly do it like a little lower spread, I guess. Yeah. I mean, I do. The majority of it is still in the evening. Honestly. And like after the kids go to bed. But I do a little more throughout the day. No. And see here This is fun because now I do have time. I actually don't feel like overworked and so busy beyond the like believe I'm busy in my own way, but like, it's a good that I would ever be like I can't do that because I'm so busy. I just like I got all the time. Like you wanna meet up tomorrow, like or in a couple hours. I'll just bring the kid. Um e I have much more time to read now. That's actually one difference. I'm not reading. I would before, while working full time I when I was reading the personal growth books and everything I would. It was more like a sprint and puke kind of read. I wouldn't do a little bit each day. It was like like read a whole book in a week and then, like, like, take some time off and then read again and I'm reading more consistently now, which is it's great I have. I feel like I have the time for that. Yeah, I'm gonna do my daily reach outs and follow up. Yeah. So you have, like, a checklist or something that you follow like you go through each day. Or is it more like a mental thing? Yeah, I know. I have a checklist we have, like from our company. We have this, like, a book, uh, 90 day cycle to New Habits Journal. And it has, like, a checklist kind of thing, Um, for the daily News. And, you know, it encourages a physical activity as well. And wait, I just got done doing a 30 hard challenge that I I think I told you about. And one of the things on the checklist was to make your bed the first thing everyday Make your bag. And I was like, Yeah, um, and we're like, Oh, I'm just going to get back into it. But like, it does make a difference. Kind of when you make your bed, you good. So I my parents always made me make my bed growing up. So naturally, when I moved out, I didn't on then, probably honestly, since my time with my current company. I don't know what it was. We went back to school, and I was like, Okay, I'm gonna make my bed every day. And now I make my bed every day. Like I It's just like a habit. I have to do it. But like, I'm running late really, really late. There's, like in one day I haven't I, like, felt weird the whole day. You know what it is? E don't know why. I know I'm weird, but I'm like there's just something mentally about making your bed. Like, I feel like it really does, Like, jump start your day. So thanks, Mom. Yeah, that's awesome. So try to keep it going, Julie. Right. Well, I will ruin you on. Um Okay, So you mentioned Jordan how he kind of stepped in to help, And I'm sure he currently still those two. But like, especially when you were teaching time, what would you say to someone? Who, um maybe their spouse isn't doing that, or they're nervous to have that conversation like I'm not married, so I don't know what that looks like. Um, how How can you walk someone through getting some of that support and help? Okay, Um, yeah, that could be super difficult, because I know people that don't have the, like, the partnership that I have with my husband and, um, you know, it's it could be very difficult for them. But I also know I also know, like single moms of five kids, young kids that do this business, Um, they do it unapologetically with, like, one was saying just the other day in a training like, um, you know what? There may have been some naked kids running in the background during some of my presentations, but that's life like E in the middle of her daughter came up and was like, I've got She's like, Oh, you have a poopy diaper. Okay, just wait. I'll change it. And then she just kept going, like I mean, honestly, you just just do it because people, I mean, they'll see that's real life and it can be done. It doesn't have to be perfect, like, right now, I'm up in my bedroom with my door locked, and Jordan is down there with the kids. But if you weren't here like they would be up pounding on the door and like but like, I would just I would just keep on going, Um, because it is not every partner is willing like it would be hard to have that conversation for some people, right? And they just know I can't, like, have that conversation with my partner. Um e I encourage that toe happen like the conversation happened. But I also know the reality is that they won't get that support. So, um, honestly, like, you just do your whatever presentations and try to do it after the kids go to bed. Um, everybody's situation just so different. And that's why you have to find your nooks and crannies that could work for you. And like, don't don't apologize for having your kids run around background like that's just it might encourage other moms to be like, Well, if she could do that, I could do this to my nuts. So 100% Julie. So now as you and this will be like my last question to wrap it up because I want to take up too much time. Um, you have a team of amazing women men men to or is it just women? I have, like, a two men on my team. What do you What would you say to someone who wants to build a team wants to? You know whatever grow their business, and they know they need a team, but they're afraid to ask people to join them. Or they're afraid that adding a teammate to their team growing a big team will take up too much of their time. I think that we all need to realize that it's not about us. It's about others. What if that person that you're so scared to reach out to has been just praying for something in their life like extra? Um, and we're like, What am I going to do? I just don't know what to do next. And I always go back to school, like in doing all these things like You have no idea what's going on in other people's heads or lives, really? So by asking, it's not about you and you're asking them and you're all I know, it's like it could be really nerve wracking. But you have to think like this person could maybe really needing something like this, or they'd be super super good at this, like think about that person and don't assume things about them. And I think that's for me. That's helped me do the scary reach out people that I'm like. Oh, my gosh. Like she would never want to do this because, you know, I give all the excuses, making all the reasons for her to not join the team when, like why? I need to give them the opportunity to decide. You can't make the decision for them. Yes, I love that. Love that so much on Ben. What about the woman who is like, Okay, I'm not afraid to ask people, but I don't want my team to get too big, because let's be really only one person. Okay, so you're, like, how peculiar I could never have that question. E never had anybody. But the cool thing I mean, I would imagine, was like, any network marketing company, like you don't like, you grow and like, your team and train others to do what you do so that you don't have to do that for them, like you're you're training them, and then they become, like a leader themselves of their team. So, like, you don't have to do those same things, like for everything, because yeah, like if you can, you imagine that would be crazy if you had, you know, you know you have 100 people direct to you and like your coaching, all of them the whole time, the same exact way like that. And they're never becoming leaders themselves like that. Yeah, that would be hard. So that's why you e u make little Mignini's e guess. But you own person. Yeah, That's the word I was looking for. Yeah, leverage that leverage the you're tying your team or whatever. 100%. I love it. Julie, this has been so fun talking to you. I have learned so much. I really appreciate you sharing your story with us. And I know there are people who are listening right now who are gonna find this really motivational and inspirational for their business or for jumping into ah, business for the first time because that's one of the things they hear a lie is like, Oh, I can't do that. I am a mom or I can't do that. I don't have time. I am a teacher. I'm you know, I'm a nurse. I'm whatever or people getting in their own head about asking people that they know will be really awesome because they're afraid. And you're an awesome role model for that. How afraid you were. And I will attest for her guys. She was super nervous about reaching out to people, um, about asking and doing other things. And she's a total rock star now, so I really appreciate that. Anyway, where can everyone connect with you if they wanna learn more or just connect with you or learn more about your products? Yeah, I'm I mean, I'd love to connect that you can friend me on Facebook s. So you say you put the information s because I know my name. Spelling is a little different. I'm on Instagram Aziz, Jamir sick and and I like. I do have a V i p Page as well, But you can find me. Uh, it's called healthy and happy with Julie. Okay? And I'll link that much. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, I will do that. Alright, guys. Thank you so much, Julie. For everything and everyone do All right, Thanks, Lindsey

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