Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 47: Biz Tip Thursday: A Couple Must Do Hacks For Productivity

podcasts Feb 15, 2021

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dollinger and I have many titles High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way so you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello, friends. Happy Friday. I'm Lindsay, darling Er, and, um, I wanted to come live super quick in this group. I actually have another interview of 4. 30. So 15 minutes. So it will definitely be shorter than that. Especially since I'm titling this time saving hack. It would be a time saving hack if I'm taking out your time. Right. So I wanted to share. I have been working, um, on just being really intention with my business on creating massive action. I really huge goals, which is part of the reason I did the 75 ignite because not only to help serve all of you guys in here, but also to serve myself right, because I am still very actively building my direct sales business with my company while also building this amazing tribe of women in here and the podcast. And like, doing all the things plus being a full time teacher, You know, I'm in my costume right now. I'm actually in here because they're working on my Internet for the fourth time since January 4th. But who's counting s. So I decided to stay here for my interview. That's coming up to have some better WiFi. But anyway, I wanted to share with you guys, So I, um I know a lot of you in here. Have my direct sales done right? Planner and tracker system. This is it printed out. I printed out, and I bind it. It's super cheap to do that this week. This day it hasn't happened. This is tomorrow's lifelike. But I have done this, um, and then some weeks, I fall off and I don't do it. I'm just being completely honest, and the weeks that I don't do it, I realized I don't do it because I find myself getting absorbed in, um, I love learning. I've always loved learning, but I find myself getting absorbed and learning all the things, or, um, I get side tracked watching my favorite Netflix show, which is totally fine. I like to reserve my Netflix for Friday and Saturday nights. You can do you whenever you want to do it. But I was realizing I wasn't getting in my full workout. Or, um, some nights I had three podcast interview scheduled in the night. So I didn't have time to either eat a healthy dinner or do my workout or do my things. And I'm like, I need to start. So actually, this should be titled, too, because I'm gonna give you two tricks, eh? So I need to start, like, literally planning an hour by hour. So if you have your day job, I get up at 5. 30 for teaching, So I don't really do much in the morning in the way of, um, you know, I do my gratitude. Um, I fill out I fill this out in the morning. I do my gratitude. I do my intentions for the day in the morning, and then I get ready and I go like, I don't work out. I don't do my stuff in the morning. You might be able to do that so obviously years could look a little different. But then I started scheduling and so I could see like, Okay, I'm scheduling a workout, getting in my workout. I'm getting I'm leaving myself time to not only make dinner, but eat it. to, Um you know everything else I need to do for my business? My bedtime routine. Like I want to be in bed by 9. 30. And that was not happening. It was, like, 10. 30. And then my mind was racing because I was doing calls until 10. 30 and it just was too much. So getting back on track with my time blocking has really, really helped my other thing. And I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. Um, is I turned off notifications for messenger, So I'm gonna show you how you do it. Um, if you have an iPhone, you go into settings and then you scroll down to. I think it was notifications. And I did this after I was talking to my coach this week and we were talking about this, and she's like, What are you spending your time on? And I'm like, I don't know, like, I don't know. I feel like I'm always in messenger and she's like, get out of messenger. So scroll down to your APS and then, yeah, okay, scroll down your APS, find messenger and then go down and notifications and off. I don't get a single notification. I turned it off the allow messenger thing so that that doesn't just mean push notifications. And I don't get him for Facebook either. If you are one of the people who are still getting your Facebook with notifications on your phone guys, my phone has looked OK. There's a reminder up right now, actually that I need to close out because I did that already. But my I've had no reminders on the home screen of my phone all week. It's just been like the picture with the time, and it's been the most glorious. I can't even tell you like I didn't even realize how stressed out I was getting from all the messages coming in. So what I do and it doesn't even show me like my messengers always like there's not not ever read thing. It doesn't even show me when I get it. So in the morning after I've gotten up because I was checking my messages like before. I was even out of bed, and it was just It was running my mind and I had heard it. I had heard it being said before on the podcast like, Don't ever check your face of messengers first thing in the morning because whatever you do in the very first minutes of your day is like setting the scene for your day. So I was doing that, and sometimes it was hectic and crazy. Sometimes it was good. Sometimes it was useless stuff. You know, Um, I'm in lots of group chats, just like I'm sure you're in lots of group chats. So. Anyway, I check it after I have done my entire daily routine for the day. Um, before I like, let my dog out for the final time. If we're going to work, I check it again once I get to work, just in case, but not there hasn't really been that much in there. I check it at lunch. I check it when I get home, and I check it again in the evening, like after dinner, but before bedtime routine. And then that's it. And I've done that all week There's been no nail emergencies. There's been no team emergencies. There's been nothing that people couldn't wait for me to get back to them in a couple hours. And you know what? I went back through and I was scrolling through some of the group messages I'm in. I don't need any of that stuff to be, you know? So I was just talking to my teammate about. I was like, Girl, this is the first time I don't even know when. Since since I've been working with his I've had multiple businesses. I don't know the first time that I have gotten in an hour workout every day I have made food and gotten to Eat it. I've been in bed, my mind hasn't been racing or else I've been like doing my nighttime routine because I read last night. I haven't read in bed. I can't even tell you how long. Um and I largely, largely, largely say it's because I turned off the notifications on my phone. Um, I also, if you don't already do this, I do screen time. So I have my screen time that my APs actually gray out and I don't get notifications and I can't get on them unless I clicked. Override my screen time from nine PM until 5 a.m. So I have to intentionally go into APS to, like, open them up and look at it. And usually after it'll say, like, allow for one more minute, 15 more minutes, um, or override for the day. So I click allow for 15 more minutes and then the whole week after that 15 minutes. It's like popped up. It turns gray again, and it was like override or ignore. I have ignored it and I just shut my phone off. I haven't allowed myself to keep clicking the override button, so I've been really disciplined in that way. I can't even tell you like I have so much energy. I feel refreshed. I'm excited about my business again. I have all these ideas that I normally have like it's literally been life changing for my business, and it all it was, is just not being tied to my phone not being tied. To not letting my day run me but me actually planning my day and having intention. So if you are feeling like I am feeling or was feeling, If you're feeling overwhelmed, if you are feeling like you're on your phone all the time and maybe not getting results or maybe you're on your phone all the time when you are getting results, I don't know. I highly recommend those two things. One planning your day like actually writing it down. And I actually heard very recently. Um, it was a podcast. Beth Beth grades shared it, but it was someone else's quote, and I don't remember from success principles or from something else. But she was saying that like the the statistics of people who actually achieve their goals, it was like so some study. I'd have to go back and listen to it, Um, but if you write down what you're going to do, you write down your goals, you write down how you're going to get there, but you actually planet like at 8 p.m. I'm gonna message these people, but you write it down. Um, it's like triple or quadruple the percent of people who actually then achieve that goal just by writing it down. So, like my workout, it's in there. My invites Aaron. They're part of my planner or people I'm gonna follow up with today. Um, I followed up with them. I followed up with my friend Alexis. I followed up with my ladies about my planner, actually have one more need to follow up with. I followed up with all my open party hostesses, and I message everyone in my groups, um, people I'm gonna invite. Like I did all these things. My three self care habits. I wrote down yesterday that I was going to drink 120 ounces of water. I did it my palate on from 6. 30 to 7. 30. I did it, and I meditated before Bob so writing them down. There's something so, so, so powerful in that, um so obviously, you know whether we use my planner or using your own planner or whatever. And also, guys, if you're my color streets when you get this for free, so don't don't buy it. Um, it's in our It's our files of our group. Let me know if you can't find it, but just know like, there's something really, really, really powerful for this. So turn off your notifications. Um, you know, step business hours. It's totally fine if it takes you 24 hours to respond to someone's message. Like that's what? Okay, We don't have to be so instantaneous. Entitle her phone all the time, so I hope that helps you. Um I hope if you needed to hear this message that you heard it today and that you accept it and you start actually, following the things that I recommended, let me know if you have any other productivity hacks or anything else that you have done that has, like, really been a huge shift for you. I would love to hear. And I'm sure other people would as well have a fabulous weekend if you've fallen off on 75. Hard 75. Ignite girl Just kept up on it. Get back on it tonight. Um, you know, I'm gonna go for a 20 minute walk on the treadmill or else I'm gonna do a scenic ride. I'm not gonna do like a full blown, hour long workout. Um, even though I probably could, cause I'm feeling I'm feeling good about it, I have a great day. Talk to guys later. Bye bye.

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