Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 46: Using Relationships to Build and Strengthen your NWM Team with Erin Klein

podcasts Feb 08, 2021

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dollinger and I have many titles. High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way so you can earn the money You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello. Hello. Another episode of the social selling sisterhood podcast. I'm doing a live video podcast today with my friend Aaron Klein. I am super excited for Aaron. You guys never learn so much from her. Um, she's an expert on all things direct sales. Um, network marketing, all the things. So, Aaron, Hello, Welcome. Thank you so much for having me. I'm excited for this. Yeah. Yes. Thank you for your time. So tell us a little bit more about you. How you got what? What you do, how you got to doing what you do and a little bit about your journey. Yeah, So I cash, I don't even know where to begin. Like when I was in college, I changed my major every single semester. I was in school, I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life. I actually, when I was in college in the summer, did like, cut co like sell selling knives. Oh, yeah, that was one of my first introductions toe like, direct sales and like, that kind of atmosphere. But obviously, I wasn't thinking allowing a career lines with that. And so, you know, I did that during the summer and went back to school and just kept changing my major. And then the end of my junior year was the first time I was introduced to Network Marketing idea, and I completely had No, I never really heard anything about network marketing before. I never heard anything good and I never heard anything bad. And so when I think, yeah, I was like, okay. And so I just really looked at it as something that I was just going to do part time while I finished school. Um, And then that summer I made $9000 in my 1st 90 days. So I was like, What? This is incredible. And I'm up all night with a calculator doing math, and I'm like, I'm gonna be a millionaire 25 like no question e I got to do this. And I was, like, so excited. So I dropped out of school. My mother was, like, so proud of me, right? My mom like, Hey, I'm dropping out of school. I'm going to sell these things product with this company on. But I'm gonna move to Milwaukee. So I had an opportunity to go and sign a lease and help open a new office. Right? Because at that time, that's how I was taught to build. My business was through an office where a suit be professional, like everything that I do not do now. And so that was my first. I was there for six years, moved to all throughout the Midwest, opened a lot of different offices throughout the Midwest, ended up living in seven cities and six years just building right and, well, that is where I learned a lot about. That's where I started. Getting a lot into self development, learning a lot about myself business selling, um, culture, team building, all that fun stuff. And then, um you know, that company ended up being bought out, and so I found a different opportunity 8. 5 years ago. And but But But when you learn these concepts, they're the same. Its's you just do, um, anywhere. And it's not about what you're selling or what where you're at. It's about you and what you bring and how you build that team. So, um, luckily, I had a lot of skill in a lot of experiences on what not to do, um, you know, when we have grown, adjust. So it's been, um, 15 years that I've been a network marketing, So I know that ages me a little bit, but that's why I'm so grateful for you and having podcast like this, because as somebody that's like a professional in this industry, that this is my livelihood. And I see so many people do it the wrong way. And because I love this industry so much and I know what it could do for people, it's It's not that it's not that I look at someone I'm like, Oh, there's sales or whatever and I'm judging them. It's more like I feel bad because this is such an amazing opportunity and they're shooting themselves in the foot before they even get started. So I think if we can teach people how to build in a correct manner and do it the right way, it z so much better. And so since then, um, being in the industry this long, I think you find people in the industry that either want to make a few 100 bucks a month or people that want to get freaking rich. Right? And I was always in that middle. I didn't really carry their way. I just wanted freedom, and I wanted to create multiple streams of income. So when I reach certain levels and my business, I started adding and looking into other things because I didn't want it to be just about one stream of income, right, that would make me a hypocrite. I'm standing in front of a room preaching to people have multiple streams of income, but I only had my one network marketing business. Sounds like myself how to have multiple streams. So that's my biggest. I think my biggest point in my leadership in my team and my building is yes, build and do it and do everything you can. But don't cut yourself off to opportunities to learn other ways to make money. Who? I love that I love that. I was literally just talking to, um, some of my coaches tonight about multiple streams of income because I'm, ah, high school Spanish teacher. So Obviously, I get one stream of income from that and then my, you know, my direct sales company as well. Um, but then I'm affiliates for other things, and I'm like, I totally think it's smart to be doing more than one thing. Yeah, I think Koven taught us that it's not a luxury. It's a necessity because you don't know what's gonna happen. And when one income drops, it's nice to have a few others that you're not drowning or paddling water just to stay afloat. Exactly. Um, so are you A You're a network marketing coaches? Well, correct. I have been coaching for the past. Well, I think kind of probably like you. Probably the same idea where you see things and you're like, Oh, there's gotta be a fixed people not fixed people. But you know what I mean, Eh? So I started coaching because I'm a calm plan nerd, which I'm not really a big numbers person, and there's some complaints. I still don't really understand, but But as I started learning because people, when you've been in that working a song as I have, I feel like people have tried to recruit me into every single possible company, and I obviously loyal to what I do. But I give that person the respective, at least looking and supporting them. So if I know people and I could make referrals for them that I could do that because I would appreciate the same for me. And so So I feel like I've learned a lot about a lot of other companies, and I just know people that I love and respect. So there's It's new. It's only within the past six price. Six Ever since I became a mom, so between the last six and 10 months that I decided like because a lot of moms tend to do network marketing and something that can second home, and it's like let's have them make the most of their time and actually make money doing it instead of just ripping their hair out and losing their friends. So yeah, so smart with making sure that your school on the complaint I've had some conversation with the woman of my team, and I'm like, you know, you make this much amount, um, off of your you know, your immediate down line team, the woman you've sponsored, and they're like, what? I thought it was this amount I'm like, No, it's like that. And they're like what I've been doing way more had I know exactly Exactly. I'm like girls, like, take advantage of this. Learned this comp. Like Matt, your com planned. Don't leave any parts of your com plan like untouched if you don't have to. Yes, 100%. Now you mentioned and we didn't We didn't say we were going to talk about this, but I think it's probably, um, something that a lot of people listening You're a new mom. So how do you How have you learned? Because I'm sure it's a learning process. Still, even how have you learned to incorporate? Still being a mom? Oh, are I guess I should say, being a mom, but still being a businesswoman on the side. Do you have any tips or tricks for that? I have, like, a few things about that. Number one I have learned and again everyone is becomes like at different states and their business. One thing I learned early on was be as insignificant as possible to your team in your business. So, fortunately, I have a lot of leaders in my team, and so I'm very insignificant to my income. So that's key number one if you want to be long term, right, Because I see so many people that they get so involved, which is fine, because when you're building a team and those relationships, you definitely need to do that. But at some point, it's about teaching leaders to go out, step up and build their own team and let them want to reach the top with or without you. It's not about you, it's about them. And so So Number one. That's helpful when being a mom when you're not totally, um, significant there and then also are you there still, Lindsay? Well, I'm just gonna keep going because I don't know if this is going to still record. Okay, E, I'll just keep talking. Uh, What happens again? Just keep going. Okay. Got it s o s o. Number one. Number two is I'm also a basketball coach, and my husband has a few businesses as well and things. So what I learned from a basketball coach mentor was. People always use, like work, life balance. And I heard her talk and she had said she is all about work, life integration. So how can you bring what your family and your kids into what you're doing? So although my child's 10 months old, so, it's kind of different now because he doesn't know what's going on. But I have worked with mothers and other people in the past where they would do really cool things that their kids, so they would like, make a puzzle like something they're going to do like a pizza party, or go to an amusement park or a movie night, right? And they would, like, draw it and make it like puzzle pieces. And so every time Mom like, got a sale or like did a meeting or just whatever, they could put the puzzle together, and when it was all done, they got to go celebrate that. So it's a way to get your kids. Yeah, like, really excited about what they're doing because now they're like, Mom, please go do the party because it's one puzzle piece closer to us doing something as a family. So it's something that you could take that time out with your family to dio. I think, too, with the new mama's me, like I've had toe work around nap times. So like just learning nap times and also just giving yourself grace, because as a new mom, like I thought, life wasn't gonna change. Like I thought that I've been in personal development for 15 years. I read a lot. I'm very interpersonal growth, like my not everything, like I'm on it. And then I was like, When I have a baby, it's gonna be they talk about like postpartum depression. I'm like, No, that won't be me well, wrong, like I can't control hormones and like, crazy stuff that happens. So new moms, if you do have a business and you have a baby and you're like I can't keep up like the nice thing about network marketing, direct sales is that business is always there for you. It's not going anywhere. It only goes somewhere if you quit, so if you take a month and you know what I mean, just get your mind right. You're standing right to take care of your baby to adjust to a new lifestyle. That's okay. And your team will understand as well. But you have to have that communication. Like I've always had communication with my team members. They obviously knew I had a baby, But just so they knew, like they weren't expecting it, but still have that conversation like, Hey, if you don't see me here, if you don't see me popping on everything like, you know what I mean and then they get it. It's not weird. So okay, the I love the idea of, like, kind of like the reward with getting your involved. That's so good. I'm definitely gonna send all this to my teammates to make sure that they're listening. Yeah, okay. So back to building a team, because I know that's kind of what we're sort of focusing on here, but there's lots of obvious pieces of building a team, but I love how you just said you made yourself is insignificant is possible and that had other people step into their leadership. Can you explain? Kind of like how you did that or what it looks like, you know, maybe for someone who is starting to grow a team, and they want to establish that now, or maybe even someone who has a bigger team. And they've they've been really hands on. And now I'm starting to feel overwhelming. What can we do to, like, you know, Yeah, I had a girl, one of the one of the girls I coach that was telling me what her up blind us. So she's obviously trying to do that, because that's what her up line does. And she was just It was literally, like on the phone. And she was telling me this, like, 10 piece thing. And I'm like, you would lose me. I would be like, I'm not doing this what you're doing because because no. So I think like simplicity is key. But when you're a leader and you're starting to build a team, we kind of get a little bit of an ego. Sometimes we're excited and we kind of an ego. So we wanna be the expert. We wanna be the let me jump in and answer these questions for you. For your new person. Let me help you do this or let me show you all this. Um, which is fine with a brand new person, like within a week. But there's times where if a new person is calling you and they're showing a friend or their whatever and they're calling you, you don't have to pick up the phone because, see, then they have to figure it out, you know? But we as people as growing our team, we get so needy, we're like, I gotta help them sign someone up. I gotta help them do this. I got whatever we and and we take that away from their learning and their ability to have that pride and figuring it out. So obviously I wouldn't say do that. If you have a brand new person that's two days in, like you should really help them for a little bit. But but people need to. Yeah, but people need to know or be able to figure it out on their own. So, like, um, not always answering the phone when they are doing one so that they have to figure out what to say and what to do or, you know, how do I do this? I need to fix an order. I need toe whatever. How do I do that? Where it's just like here is the company's phone number. You call, You know what I mean? But I think it's up lined. Some people get so eager to step in and like, build for their team long term, like short term, it might be good because you might get a lot more sales because you're more fishing at what you're doing. And more likely, but long term, you're gonna be doing that forever and ever. And all that person is going to know how to di\o is get you on the phone. So then you're not building their team. You're building there persons team to because they're going to keep doing that. So you just It sounds counterintuitive that you because you want to help, but you're helping them or by letting them figure it out on there. So just little things like that, and then even just pushing people to do things that they don't want to do or just just call people, you know what I mean? Like, I've done stuff where I've done stuff on three way close where they I hung up because I came I can't hear you on. They got to figure out what to do, right? And so it's It's just stuff like that and just, um, pushing them to do it on their own and like giving. But you can't just like do that. All of a sudden you got to give them parameters and guidelines to like It's always with a new person, like I'm going to do this with you for a little bit. But then, a little by little, you need to do more on your own. Um, and there's some people I feel like that. I mean, I've had people that I've signed up, and I'm sure most people listening or someone if you've been had a team for a while. There's some people that just come in and they are credible with their people that they know they have a lot of credibility. They're strong, they're good leaders. They just go do it on their own. Let him do it. I see so many people that are like, Well, no, you got to do it this way. I have probably 10 different leaders on my team that build 10 different ways. I don't care how they do it like whatever works for that. So yeah. Yeah, that's a great point. Um, one of the questions I get asked a lot is like, When do I make a team group like a Facebook group? Or when do I start having to do team trainings or X Y Z? Do you have Ah, what's your go to response to that? Okay, my initial reaction you might not like, but no, please tell me my initial reaction is sometimes that's just ego. I've been in this 15 years. I don't have my own team page. Okay, so why Why do I want to create more work for myself again? I'm not saying again. People don't. It's not a pendulum. Some people do have their own and they and that's good because I have other people in 19 that do because they took a leadership. They wanted to create that culture and their team, and they did it. And that's fine, Um, but to me, it's like if something's working and there is a place where people have access to more positivity, they have access to correct information, right? If you're in a group and you see things and you're like Oh, no. Then, yeah, Your group? Yeah, but I would say if you did want to make your own group again. It's different in different types of businesses, but unless I was always taught, unless you have 30 business builders, you don't have a team. So when you have a team and you have that many business builders, that and then you want to make that choice and that you're making that choice for the right reason, not because you wanna be important, because you wanna be the deal because you want to be seen. But you're making that decision because you have a lot of leaders growing and you wanna work on things together. And you have ideas that with your team that you guys are working toward together, then I think absolutely have your own team do all that kind of stuff. So sorry, I don't like that initial reaction, but I'm not like I'm just like either do it for the right reasons. Like not I think a lot of people want to be important. So they started a team page, But to me, that's just creating more work in my people. And I also think it can be confusing for the people in it because they're in your team page of 10 pulling it, and then they're in their up lines of, you know, it's bigger, and then they're in their up line like, yeah, or if you wanted to do, like, a group challenge. You know? I mean, if you did a group challenge, something like that, and you wanted to start your own group where it's like, Hey, there's 10 of us in this group and we're doing a challenge. What? Something like that, I think, is a great idea that Yeah. Um okay. So how do you build team culture then? Especially if you don't have a Facebook group. I'm really curious. So Well, okay. Pre cove it or post. Oh, let's do be. Oh, right now and then we can go like when things get back to normal. Correct? Yes. So I think Well, to be honest with you, I'm probably not the best person to answer that for Kobe times because I had a baby. Yeah, it's been different for me. I haven't really been so I don't know if I can give a 100% proficient answer, but my gut would say zooms. Obviously we're on zooms all the time, but I think like a weekly check in like with your group for fun or like e think more than other people ever people are feeling alone. So I mean, I've done a lot of check ins with with friends and my team and really friends like, I'm not calling them to say, What are you doing in your business? Like just checking in as a friend with somebody you know and like having conversations, just building relationships through that Kobe, because when you call naturally, sometimes when you talk to someone on your team, it naturally does go to business eventually. But when you don't call for that reason, and they're the ones that bring it up, I think it's a whole different come from like they actually care about me. Uh, I think Kobe is the best good time to do that, because we're also different. And I think, um so and I think zoomed. I think you can. There's always things that you could do. I think a big thing that we did previous, like pre Cove it, but would still work during crazy times is there's a lot of people in need right now, So whether it's food pantries or where, UM, just anything like that families find families that need things. I think, ah, lot of like when you give and you have a bigger purpose that really brings the team together. So we did things like that previously. But I think you could still do that and Kobe times, because people need something wherever than ever. So if people get together and decide on a common, um, common and, uh, that's where I'm looking for good that they want to go contribute to, you know, like there's still a part of that and it gives them a sense of I'm not just building a business. I'm not just like, you know, selling this product like I'm part of a group that's really doing something for other people and really cared, And I think that helps build that, too. So, yeah, I like that a lot. Um, okay, so then bat went back to normal times back to normal. I think, really again, it's all relationships forever, right? It's That's all it is. So I think the biggest thing is taking trying to think because, like their steps, I feel like with the level of this leader, right, whether there's someone that's been around a year, whatever. But I think in building culture it's all about connecting other people to other people on your team, right? So I've always been again how I talk about being insignificant. I always would find people on my team, even if they weren't necessarily my team. But like normal people that were around all the time, um, finding those connections and building helping other people build those relationships. So, like I'm in like the coach basketball, some very into sports my husband coaches football. And so, like when we have other, um, people on our team like football coach up at Hiram University or some other like here these football coaches, where it's like I introduced them to each other, right, because they have that commonality and the grounds, even though there and and they know they're not on each other's teeth, so they don't really care sometimes about like, Oh, about them, they don't think about the money right. It's like, Oh, we're just both coaches and they build like true true friendships and so so so. But you have to know the people on your team. You have to know people be able t o connections, right? I didn't know deep down with people like what? They enjoy whatever and connect and do that kind of stuff. Obviously, team events are always fun, like bullying bars, whatever. All that kind of fun stuff, barbecues, whatever, every anything that you can do to get people together and again, it doesn't always. You don't have to talk about business. Usually when all those people are around each other again, it sometimes comes up naturally because that's what everyone there has in common. But just putting things together for people just to connect in me and do whatever because and network marketing. It's weird because timing is a crazy thing because I've had people that have been in my team two years that were just professional meeting attenders. They showed up to everything. They never signed anybody up, but they showed up to everything. They love the culture, they love the people in two years in three years and something clicks and they're like on fire, you know, So it's like so I don't like. I like contests where people have to earn, You know what I mean? Like to put something like that. I do like those. But I'm also a big fan of just, like include everybody because that's what it's about. Everybody makes your team up, not just these few people. And so when you include all those people, they realize that even as a customer that, like even if they're just a member, they're still important to the overall big vision. They still matter, right? I think so many people get caught up on like I only spend time and again. This might be e think I say a lot of things that other network marketers would cringe at but like wary. But when people say, like, you gotta earn your time with leaders like nothing makes me wanna throw up more because you're a human being and so are they. E don't don't buy into the whole earn your time I do Like I said, I'm pro contest. I think competition drives business. I think that's good. I think I think that's good things to do. Toe have those. But when it's all the time when you have to earn time to talk to a person like that's just again. Some network marketers would cringe, But to me it's just like make time for everybody, like your person there, a person and network marketing. I think a lot of people put just put your level and put you on a pedestal and I just never drink. Yeah, I've never been that person. That's like, Oh, here's a top leader. I gotta go take a picture like I just never Ben that I appreciate. I have a respect for what they've done and when they're talking, I'm all ears. I'm eager to hear what they have to say, and if I have the opportunity to have a conversation, that's great. But I don't want ever read anyone to feel like they have to earn somebody's time like they're not worth their time If they're not doing something. Yeah, no, I get that. I like that. I like that, Um, Well, and I it goes back to relationships. Like you said, I think, um when you make people feel valued and you make people feel valued by getting to know them and like saying Hey, I want to introduce you to someone because they're also a football coach, and they're also blah, blah, blah. You know, that shows that you really care, which is so important. Yeah, and we chatted super briefly before we got on here. Kind of like going from meeting someone like through, like, a I don't want to call it a funnel, but that Zo the term Although I up to joining your team, um, what does that look like? What could you tell someone Who's, like, really struggling with building a team? What are some things that maybe they could do in their business or their daily? Um, you know, list of things that they're doing. Do you have any tips for that? Uh, yeah. So I'm a big proponent of the long term plan. Which sounds weird to say because Michael entire business, I've been, like, fast paced and things, but but it depends on like each person is different. So some people have a lot of credibility with their friends and their leaders. So when they sign up in a business, it's very easy for them to share with their friends and show people and get a lot like there's some people that just naturally that happens. Um, and so I'm always a big fan of warm market. First, I don't do a lot of social media stuff. In fact, it's five and nine years since I posted about my business on, uh, tangent. There's times where I might have a post saying, like Grateful for freedom or something like that. But it's never a call to action. It's never a join my team or buy something. Um, how how are you? Are you just messaging people and sharing about it s o. I still I'm a big believer that if your living life, your warm market never runs out. So just through people I meet at church people, you know, like through groups through networking events through all this kind of stuff, you're constantly meeting people I don't They don't use social media, don't like that. There's a lot of people that built huge businesses using only social media. So I'm not saying don't. But I think people get frustrated because when it comes to, like, e think people expect it so fast, right? Like I'm just gonna post something, and then I'm gonna hit a rank tomorrow because I posted this thing today, right? Like it's It's consistency, um, with with building that relationship. So, um so I mean, we all know in sales, right? Sometimes people have to see something 6 to 7 times, right? It's It's just the numbers there. Sometimes people say no, however many times before they say yes, right? So one post one message. You know, it's very likely you're gonna build a large team off that right. But I think building those relationships and taking a sincere interest in people messaging people something nice that, like without trying to sell them something immediately, like just a genuine conversation. Um, because to be honest with you, there's people that I've message just genuinely that I never signed them up or sold them anything. But we've done business in other ways. So you want to shoot people in the foot right off the bat and make them not like you because you think that's all you're after, right? So get to know people what you have they might not want or need. But if you're nice to them and you build a relationship with them and they genuinely like you released, they'll refer you to people and give you those people so I think people just immediately go for the kill Sometimes where it's again, it's relationships. It's knowing and liking and trusting and all that kind of stuff. So I think, like, went on social media, I think you could do things to attract people and people have different products, right? So some people social media is important to use because if people have like a before and after result, for example, right, Like if you use a product and you have a great freaking testimonial, that's your personal self, that people could physically see your insane not to post right, because that's that's smart to do. So I'm not saying, like, do that kind of stuff. But I think also some people turn their social media page into a into a funnel like only instead of what it's designed to be. It's, you know, and to let people see who you are as a person and what you're about and what you like, what your family is like right, you ever like, scroll through a social media feed and you just and it's like people with their family or on a vacation or on a, um, Christmas picture or whatever and you just think like it makes them relatable like you see them as a person, right? And it's who they are. So I think people make their page so business. See that they don't see the person. They don't see you and that's what you're selling, is you? I was just telling my team I'm like guys way. Can't just post pictures of pretty nails in our stories like we need to see you your face and then your nails e don't have any nails, so e. I don't have time to go to the sun? No, exactly, exactly. That's one of our That's one of our target audiences. Moms that can't get. I mean, that's brilliant. It's like and I think to with what you have like, don't be cheap with your business. I'm sure you guys have samples and samples stuff out. I mean, I'm sure of it, but it's like you don't be afraid to, like share something with somebody, even if they don't cry right away, because you never ever know. You never know what those samples up anyways, but they just sharing with, you know, I remember when I my first my first business that I was in, like I had, like, little things with my name on it, and I was just like, leave them everywhere because I'm like, I don't know who's gonna To me it was like if it was just out there, but that was enough. Something's going to get it Someone's going to But no, I think it's just being natural and normal, but we overcomplicate things. I think people think, Oh, I started a business. Now I'm going to go from I always use the example like what you were like in high school. My yearbook. I was class clown like I like to have fun. I like to be like I just like it like I want to. Just make jokes. Have fun, right? And so if I call it so knowing who you are, right? So if I called up the valedictorian, I went to high school with and said, Hey, I've got an opportunity for you, you know what I mean? Like, that's not so. I think it's knowing who you are, and it doesn't matter if you're a class clown. Whatever you have your business, you could build a huge business, right, cause I like have fun. So that's what that was always my thing like, Hey, do you like to make money and have fun like e mean? Use your strength. We're all different. But I was like, I think people, if my friends saw me all of a sudden go from life of the party fun. Want to do all the stuff? Thio. Guys, let's talk about finances and money in business. I got an opportunity like That's weird. That's not me, you know. So people start and then they change their whole social media and change everything. And now they're posting Dave Ramsey quotes. And like all this time, it's like, Okay, like, ease into it. Maybe like going into it still you and what works for some people, it doesn't work for others. I like that you like that out because the way I build my business is completely different. The way you know, people on my team are gonna build their business. And it it could be hard when your new because you're like, Oh, that's working for her. I have to do that. Um, but it's kind of just that trial and error of figuring out what works for you and what feels good for you. And that is my pet peeve, not what you're doing. What you're doing is great, but what you're saying is like people see their up line. And a lot of times the up line is like, This is the way we do it like they'll have called like you do this, this and this and it's okay to add that structure. It's okay to give that option and show people what you're doing if you're getting result. But I literally have a call tomorrow afternoon with a girl who sent me this long message because she's like, I love my company. I love the culture. I love my up line, but I'm like information overload because there's so many people showing all these things that they do and how they do it. And, you know, confused mind does nothing, so she doesn't know what to do with all this stuff. So I think it's fine as an up line to offer what you're doing. Share what you're doing, obviously, but there's a lot of people that make it so rigid, like this is the way this is the way we're doing it and you're gonna lose a lot of good quality people that could build a huge business when you're forcing one way down their face. Yes, that's so good. I actually just wrote down and confused mind does nothing, um, part of that so many times. And I need to go back through. We're working on just really perfecting the systems for our, you know, our new stylists when we onboard them and things like that. And, um, it's a lot like you said, Like I think, um, one of the things that I know our team gets to do better is like streamlining that process like what's really important? Does everyone really need to be doing X Y Z? Um and I was just telling them last week because we're a party planning company. But I was just telling them, like maybe parties aren't your thing. Like if you're a super connector and you build all the relationships like maybe like not saying not saying, Don't try them. But don't be discouraged if following our template or following this or doing a Facebook live is a party doesn't work for you. Maybe yours is just you know you're gonna be talking to people on referring to people. And maybe your audience is more in person and sell with Cove it it's making it difficult. But, um, e was literally, literally just saying that because I think especially for party plan, party playing companies, you know, there's one way to do a party or there's, like, 10 ways to do a party and then you like, Which one do I pick? And it could be a lot for people to try to figure out. Yes, just do it. Just do it. You're you do nails. So it's like all the girls on your team, like it's fun. It z not over complicated. Yes, way. Always say there's no such thing as a nail emergency. Yeah, Z, just have fun with it. Okay, One more question. Okay. What do you think has contributed to your success overall that you could share with us that we could start implementing in our businesses today? E think I know it's gonna be, but what? What I want to know. I was just gonna say building relationships. Yes, that's definitely true. I think building relationships. I mean, we've hammered for sure. That's all right. That's the most important thing, but I think I think number one is is to I mean, if I were, like, new starting over, I would make sure I realized the what I wanted out of it, right and why I wanted it for me, right? Because I said a lot of goals in the beginning of my business because I thought it would impress my up line. And I wanted to do this and that, and I and I was striving for those things and I hit these levels and I hit levels fast, and I grew and I was getting recognition. I was going on trips and I was doing all this stuff and I was quitting my job, and I was having all this success, and it was fun, and I love it. But at the same time, I really didn't know what it was for at the time. Like I was just doing it to kind of impress other people. And I wasn't building it for what I wanted to do. It took me a long time to realize that, and again, if you're new, that might be like over the head, because you're like I just wanna make a few $100 and sell some cool stuff, and that's fine. But I think the biggest thing in the beginning is understanding. Is this what you want out of? It is just a couple 100 bucks is a short term. Is this long term? Is this something I wanna build and and it might change it. We can change over time, and that's fine. But knowing what it is right now and staying true who you are, I think that's the most important thing. When you're building a business is to be you and stay true to who you are, and you have to know what your non negotiables are and have integrity, because there's a lot of people in this industry that will say things mislead people on doing that kind of stuff, and you could maybe make more money and recruit more people by lying and doing all those things. But that's not the long term game, and you're gonna feel cruddy, think like if you just stick to having integrity on doing that and then I think to is, um I mean, I don't wanna be the dead horse with, like we talked about relationships and I don't like goals. Right. But it's like I think if you're just just going through without something you're shooting shooting toward, um, you don't take a lot of action, right? So I think like, having though these goals set that you could do. And it doesn't even have to be a rank, right? Everyone thinks I have to hit this rank level or this whatever, but it could be just something getting out of your comfort zone, like, Okay, I'm gonna call this person or, you know, and that might be your goal for eyes, This person that you're like, I'm gonna call this person, And even if they if they say no, like, I'm going to, call this person on Ben. I know you said one thing, but as I'm saying, I keep thinking more. One more thing. One more thing that to stop, stop doing more than start doing is being emotionally attached to any result that someone tells you so. I think so many people get deflated when they hear a No, or they get overly excited when they hear it. Yes, Like just being emotionally unattached to it. If they say yes. Cool. If they say No, cool. It doesn't matter because when people say yes, you get excited. But they don't do anything and you're like But that was my person. I was gonna like, do this so and then even know because having that emotional detachment Thio it's a word. It's a word and some people that it bring down their whole day not even in like, deflate them from taking the next step for showing somebody else where I always thought about the next person that I was going to show what it could do for their life. You know what I mean? Like, I was just like, What if this person is praying for an opportunity? What if this person really needs something extra? What if this person is whatever and I let Jack Jack I don't know, Joe. Whatever. No. Stop me from sharing it with that person, you know? So it's like you got to just keep going and keep your enthusiasm and not care what people say, because when they say no, they weren't in your business before anyways, so there's nothing changed. They weren't buying your product anyways. Nothing's changed. It's exactly the same. So you don't put all that emotion and feeling into one outcome. Yeah, e love that. Yes. Oh, my gosh. I can guarantee there's so many people who needed to hear all of that because I know I did. And if I did, I know that other people needed to hear that as well. E didn't know what to name my imaginary person. But your fight, Joe, Joe, Jack, whatever. It was probably not my nails, but I don't know, maybe. Hey, hey, It could happen. You never know. Awesome, Aaron. Well, thank you so much for literally all of these truth bombs. Like I have so much. I need to go back and re listen to this and process everything myself. So Where can everyone finds you and connect with you? Um, I am on. Instagram is at Aaron. Underscore travels for life because I'm kind of a vacation addict. Love it morning lately, but Facebook is Erin McKay Klein. We have e feel like I'm like, are we putting these in the show notes to put in the show on Ben? Moms just wanna have sun dot com for connection of moms in business, and then we also have ah podcast, the confident Woman podcast. Where we share it's different than this. Not just network marketing, but just women looking for confidence to grow in any area there. Area where we share struggles and all that kind of fun stuff, right? How to embrace the suck. But let me just say before we finish, I'm super grateful to Lindsay for having this podcast because I feel like it is so necessary. And I feel like there's so many people out there, like I said, that that are striving. And they want something so bad, and they just don't realize that they're shooting themselves in the foot. So thank you for having this podcast and sharing with other people so that they could get the best chance to go out and kick some butt and do something that this Yes. Yes. Well, I really appreciate it. And you're Of course you're welcome. Thank you for your time and really quick. I actually meant to ask you I wanted to start these at the beginning of my podcast anyway, and then you clicked. Um, what's your favorite trip? You've ever taken your favorite vacation. Your favorite placed E? No, it's probably really hard because I love Europe a lot, but I feel like I have to say Maui because that's where I met my husband. So I didn't realize that we met. He's from Nebraska, and I'm from Ohio, and we met in Maui. And so yeah, so I have to I feel like I have to say that. Yeah, e very fine. E Think. Yeah. I'll have to hear that story sometime. Um, yeah. Very cool. Well, thank you again So much for your time. I really appreciate it And have a great rest your night. Thank you.

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