Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 45: Biz Tip Thursday: Doing BLITZES with your Team! or Solo!

podcasts Feb 04, 2021

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dollinger and I have many titles High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way so you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello. Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. My name is Lindsay Dollinger, and I'm your host of this show. I hope you are having a fabulous day. We're having a snow day here in Ohio. Yes, I'm dating. This episode is January 2021 and I am taking full advantage of my snow day at home. For those of you who do not know, I'm a full time high school Spanish teacher also building my direct sales business on the side and doing this awesome podcast for you guys. So speaking of, if you were listening to this, please screenshot this. Post it in your stories and tag me Facebook or Instagram. I am on both Lindsay Dollinger. You can find me, um, and share it out with your team because that helps me be able to keep recording these and taking my time to share some value with you to help you build your business so that we all up level the profession. Um, also, if you have not yet left a five star rating and a review, you can actually do that. Why? You're listening. So you could just scroll down to the bottom. I believe it has where you can submit a review, leave a couple of sentences so that other women can find this podcast and help grow their businesses as well. So I wanted to go over something that you You know what? You could do this, whether you have a team or not, Because if you have a team, this is an awesome, uh, incentive push. Whatever you wanna call it that you can run for your team. And if you're a team of one, if it's just you, you could do this your own. You know your own way. You could do this for yourself. This could be a way to keep you accountable throughout the month. So I've kind of talked about how I like to plan or split up or focus my month before when I was talking about backward planning. Um, you know, maybe that comes from my teacher brand. I'm not exactly sure. But so for February I am doing a month long blitz and it's just Monday through Friday and it is themed week. So, um, you know, if you follow Fraser Brooks, I think Rob Sperry does blitzes as well. Everyone has their own kind of take on them, but basically it's just really focused action. And that's like the keyword. There's action on something specific, some end goal or outcome. Um, for however long you like to do it, I will tell you in my experience, and I think it might be Rob Sperry. Um, and I could be wrong about that, So don't quote me. But in my experience, um, I tried a month long blitz, and to be honest, ah, lot of people in my team fizzled out myself included. So the way I'm breaking up this month splits. This is a February actually think. I just said it was January. Today is February 1st, my bad. We're starting it today in my team space, so the way I have it broken down Monday through Friday, the first week we're doing a booking blitz. So I am posting trainings, motivation, Um, check ins, all regarding booking parties and events. So where I am part of a party plan company. So if you're not a party playing company, your bookings might become, you know, new customers or something like that. Something that you're focused on that is getting you in front of new people. New leads. So booking blitz. So we're booking parties this month on my team, Monday through Friday, and I'll do a little prize to whoever does the most asks and or gets the most parties booked for the month on Friday. So Saturday, Sunday weekend off, time to recharge. Work on whatever else you need to work on, take the time off whatever you normally do with your business. And then next Monday through Friday, the second week of the month, we're doing a recruiting blitz. So, um, this is going to look like my team having an opportunity call. This is gonna look like us, really sharing a lot about the business and our stories and sending those personal messages because we all know that's how you know that's how you invite. That's how you sponsor new people is by getting in people's messages and talking to people. So next week we were doing that so again on Monday, I already have scheduled out of post. Um, it has Google docks linked that we use on our team space to help with that provide. We don't really provide scripts with just some ideas. And so we're doing that Monday through Friday. Now, obviously, we're not going to just talk to people about the business or just recruit people next week, Monday through Friday. But that's gonna be our goal. We're gonna be super honed in and focused on that, Um, and then maybe some of those seats that we plant next week. Maybe they end up signing on a stylist the following week, or even a month later, or, you know, everyone's journeys a little bit different, but we're focusing on recruiting. The third week. We're doing a sales blitz because we're in a sale. We're in a business, right? You have to make sales. So I already have that link posted up there for Monday. That's Monday, February 15th. If you're listening in 2021. Um, And on that I have listed, you know, way. We have, like, a document that's 15 ways to make $300 in sales in 24 hours. Um, and then I also ask and I should have said this. I ask on all these posts that are scheduled to post each Monday introducing the theme. So the booking, the recruiting, the sales for leaders and for anyone else also to comment below with their ideas, something that has worked for them. So it really helps. Um, you know, with your team environment, it helps give people that street cred people can get excited and share share ideas that they've had. Other people can take them and modify them. So it really creates a nice community environment, which is so important for your team space. And I know we know that. And then the fourth week of the month, which eyes February 22nd through the 26th Connection blitz and the connection blitz is so important because, gosh, guys, connections or everything, relations or relationships or everything. So this week, we are focusing on adding new friends, um, and followers to our accounts and not only adding them at reaching out to them connecting with them. Um, And again, it's not that recruiting isn't gonna happen this week. It's not that we're not gonna books, um, parties, hopefully that week. It's not that we're not gonna get any sales, But if you are working a power hour, if that's how you, you know, do your business every day maybe instead of the power hour I follow, we do. I'm connection for about a third of that. Our So maybe this week. Its like half of that hour. Or maybe you're just being a little bit more intentional that week. And you are using that five minutes that you're waiting on your kids to get off the bus or an extra five minutes a lunch. And you are you're sending those love bombs. You are connecting with people and sending hello messages and these air messages guys that are not sales right? Our sales week was week three. This week is just pure connection. Getting to know people giving value. Um, you know, if you meet someone else in another direct sales company, for example, you could share this podcast. You could you could share something that has worked for you in your business. And they're gonna appreciate that. They're going to appreciate the value they're going to start following you, and they're going to see Oh, he or she You know, she probably she if you're listening this, but maybe not. Um, she is with Mona hair. And I've always wanted to try that. You know, I'm gonna reach out and ask her for some samples. So don't discount the, um, the importance of those connections, so I'll run through it again. First week is a booking blitz. Second week is a recruiting blitz. Third week is ah, sales blitz. Fourth week is a connection blitz. Um, and you could do anything you want for these, you know, you could do little prizes. Maybe it's, um, inventory that you want to share out. Maybe it's just awesome recognition. I would make this something big. Shout out the people who have commented below each post because I have on my posts for the week, you know, comment below when you get a new party and we'll cheer you on a comment when you get a certain amount of sales Comment. If you sponsor someone new this week, Um, and just create that loving, supportive environment, that community in your team space of, you know, women empowering women and cheering people on. And guys that's going to show that's going to show in your team calls that's going to show in your opportunity calls. That's going to show in your excitement when you're talking about your team, and that is something that is duplicate herbal. You create that. Buy in with your team, not on Lee to your team environment in your team culture. But also all of these are business building activities, right? So for my business being a party plan business, we have to book things like we have to book parties. This isn't okay, I guess I shouldn't say we have to. You could be amazing and live sales and just do live sales and ever do parties. Sure. Is that gonna happen for most people know. So, like I was telling my team last week, you know, booking parties, we don't we don't have to do it, but it's a really awesome way. It's a really simple way for us to get ourselves and our product in front of new eyes because it is basically referrals, right? It's your customers referring you to their family and friends. Um, you know, same thing with sponsoring, sponsoring a super super important in our business. Especially if you wanna make that residual income. If you want to make that income while you're sleeping, if you want to make that income just from showing up and being supportive to your teammates, building a team is really important. That's why most companies com plants. I mean, our complaint for my company, um, is very heavy on, you know, the recruiting side of things of sponsoring. So don't not. You can't. You can't skip any of these parts of this. The third one was the sales. Obviously, we're in a business, you know. You wanna be promoting those sales within your company. Um, and your your connections as well. I really don't think that you can have a strong team, a strong business if you don't have connections with your teammates and connections with your customers. So I know this was short, sweet to the point. Um, you know, you can do this really informally. Back when I did in August, we had like, a Google doc and different things have different points and blah blah, blah. When we did, like, a whole month long one Like I said, that one was kind of confusing. You live and you learn. Um, but try this out. You know, if the team that your your on doesn't do something like this, maybe you want to do it for you and and your down line, maybe you want to do it with you and your leaders first, maybe want to do a leadership. Let's I think leadership lets would be really awesome. Um, my biggest, my biggest temp is to make it simple. Don't give things different points. Don't, um, you know, don't overcomplicate. Things don't make things like required unless it's something that you really need to do. Um, I really like how how I did it this time, where it was a little bit more general bookings. You know, bookings, parties. Here's some. Here's some, um, trainings or hear some scripts or hear some ideas for where you confined hostesses, etcetera. Um, but, you know, pick the things that are most important for your business for your team. Maybe one of these weeks, Maybe it's a follow up week, you know. So, anyway, I hope that idea those, uh, those ideas help. Let me know if you do a blitz. I would love to hear about it. I'd love to hear how long you did it for how it worked. If your team is really about in or not, um, and share share your tips and tricks with me. Head on over to the social selling sisterhood squad. It's always linked here in the show notes, um, and share about your bullets. I would love to hear about it. I will talk to you all soon. Have a good day.


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