Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 44: Stop Overthinking!

podcasts Feb 01, 2021
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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dollinger and I have many titles High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way so you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello, social selling sister. Welcome back to another episode of the social selling Sisterhood podcast. I'm Lindsay, darling. I'm your host and I am super excited that you are playing me in your earbuds today. In your car, in your shower, wherever you're listening to this podcast. I really appreciate it before we get started with a little juicy tidbit mindset. Words of advice from me. I would love to invite you to please screenshot this share this episode in your stories and with your teams and your friends so we can get even more awesome social sellers listening to this podcast and doing things the right way. So please share me out. I really appreciate that and I love if you leave me a rating and review as Well, so jumping in today, I wanted to talk to you about over complicating and overthinking your business and why you need to stop it right now. So this podcast came to me as motivation from ah podcast. I was listening to this morning on my way to work. As you can probably hear in the background, I am driving home from work right now. This is one of my quick biz tip episodes, and this one is more mindset related than anything else. But anyway, I was listening to a podcast from, um Oh, my gosh, What's called the rial Queen? Sid s Y d. And I fell into listening Thio Sydney's podcast because I love Jessie Lee board. I love listening to the people's mentor podcast, which is Jesse Lee's podcast, and Sydney is on her team. AM is a top earner, I believe for, um for Jesse Lees team. They do a lot together if you watch their stories anyway, I saw she had a podcast. I'm like, uh, she probably isn't that one too. So she did a great podcast this morning on overthinking and list out all the ways that you're overthinking in your business So I highly recommend, um, you know, I'm giving a shout out where shoutouts or do head over to that podcast and listen to it because there were ways that she mentioned that I wasn't even aware that I was overthinking that I was like, Yeah, I'm probably doing that. But basically it really, really hit me. Is that over thinking and over complicating your business are ruining your business. So I'm just gonna give you a second toe. Let that soak in over thinking and over. Complicating things are ruining your business. Guys are businesses are so simple. They're not easy. But they're very simple, right? It's about connecting with people. It's about those relationships you make with people. It's about inviting people to try your product or your service, following up and keeping engaged with customers. That's it. Now the way we go about this can be a million different ways. So the company that I have partnered with Andre don't own me. I am partnering with them, right? That's the beauty of our industry. That's the beauty of being an independent contractor, um, one for taxes as well. But, uh, anyway, that's the beauty is that I'm partnering with my company. So we happen to be a party planned company. Which means that one really cool way that I can add to my compensation that I can find new people is through hosting events in person online. We call them parties. Hence party playing company. Um ah, lot of companies don't bother with parties. They kind of skip that part. Maybe they're just giving value as an individual giving value out in social media or through events. Maybe it's in a closed community or a group. There's lots and lots and lots of ways that you can provide that for your customers and find new customers. But really, guys, that's all we're doing. We're connecting and making relationships with people. So I encourage my team to send love bombs daily to comment on stories, to send quick little messages and through those love bombs and through those follow ups like Never let in order come through your back office that you aren't reaching out to the person who created that order and personally thanking them, whether it's through Facebook, whether it's through email, nothing mass like don't do it sent a mass email out that's not personalized but a personalized message. And really, that's it. That's all we have to do. We have to. You know you're gonna post on social media, but you're gonna post intentionally and we can get into the more complicated. You know, what's your brand and all of that? But don't overthink it. All of that can come later. Your brand is you. So whatever comes naturally to you, but just showing up as you and we don't have to overcomplicate it. It doesn't have to be, you know. Ah, well thought out, Well curated post every day with perfect images. Now should your images be, like, clear, not blurry and not so dark that you can't see what they're about. Yeah, for sure. But it doesn't need to be professional pictures. It doesn't need to be those days. Guys on instagram with the preset where everyone's photos or have the same preset background you know I'm talking about are the same filter like those days were done. People want riel life. People want that authentic connection with you. So So stop overthinking it. You know, if you know you should be showing up doing Facebook lives. Girl, press the Facebook live start button like legit. Get off this podcast right now and do it, but then come back and listen to the rest of it. But pull up your Facebook and go like talk about something that's on your heart. Talk about something you learned from this podcast about you know you can share. This goes with everything in life, right? To stop. Stop overthinking it. Especially as those women I was. I would guarantee women more than men over thinking over analyze. And, oh, well, she said no to me. So she's not gonna wanna ever by my product ever gone. She's never gonna want to join my team like no, the average time people say no to an opportunity at seven times before they say yes. So just because someone has said no unless they've said like, forever, no hard, no, don't ever talk to me ever again. No. And now it's just not right now, um, following up on that, this is like a side tangent. Don't pester people. If they said no, don't check back in with him like every other day like, is it? Yes, Now is yes. I don't know that sticky. That's gross. Um, but continuing building relationships with them. Continue finding out pain points. Um, and, you know, maybe they're posting about. So, like I did a post this past weekend on my Facebook wall, asking for some healthy recipe idea is to mix up my recipes. A ton of people gave me value a ton. Um and I know some of those people are looking at my stuff because their intent is to sell me later, which is fine because they're giving me value first. Now there were people who commented on it, gave me no value and then send me a PM wanting to sell me something or wanting to get my address. My like my email address to send me something. No girl I'm not signing up for. Your email is just because I wanted some ideas for food. Eso there several different ways. You can go about that, but I don't even know how it off in the standard. How did I get off on this tangent? Oh, about providing value. So it's okay to just add value or reach out to people and it has nothing to do with your business. So is your flipping through those stories on Facebook and Instagram tonight or whatever you know when you take your potty break. You're looking at people's stories, and someone asked a question in it. Or someone has some food they posted that looks really good or someone's kid is doing something really cute. Some just a quick message back to them, other than saying, Oh pretty or something like that, like do something that's a little bit of like some sustenance and do that. And as you build those relationships as you start to talk to many different people as you start getting out of your head and going live like you know you should be going live in your group and on your wall as you start sharing more about your life like you know you should be doing because you are a social seller, like we are a social seller. We literally use social media to sell as you start doing those things, as you will make follow ups, a part of your weekly and or daily routine, depending on if you do this business full time or part time, that's it. That's literally it. Your business will grow, I can guarantee, and I told my team this last week I can tell what your daily activities are if you're actually doing the things that you say you're doing or or you think you're doing based off of what your business looks like. 110%. So I don't even need to ask like I don't really need to check in with people. Um, you know, because I can see if if you're not having parties, if you're not selling, you know, volume of product. If you're not posting everyday online, I know you're not getting. I know you're not getting any customers. That's just how, like, it's just how it works on. And I don't mean that in, like, a rude way or anything else. I mean, it is true for myself as well, you know, we were I was sick the beginning of December, and then we went on vacation to Disney World and I was home like a week, feeling well in home for a week in December. My January business has felt that, and that is because of the activities that I was and was not doing. I was not connecting with new people. Um, like I did all of my December follow ups the last week in December. I never do that. I usually do it week by week to make things more manageable for me. And that's the other thing is, you know, if I keep up on my the things that I know I should be doing daily and weekly, it makes it a lot easier that things don't build up and get to the point where I'm like, Okay, I can't follow up with 100 people in the next couple of days. I just don't have time, Right. So if you chunk it out and you actually keep up with it, um, not only is it better for your business growth, but it's gonna be better for you not to get overwhelmed when you when you start to get back on track to, um But, I mean, the same goes for me as a So what I would tell my team is what I'm telling you right now. If you are not consistently working your business, it is very evident in the numbers that you are producing. So get out of your own head. Um, you know, one of the biggest things that I hear is I'm afraid to sponsor or I'm you know, I don't want to sponsor. I don't wanna come up sales e I can't invite people. Stop overthinking it. It's really not that hard. And the more you push yourself to get out of that comfort zone that you are in, the more it's gonna become more simple, the more it is going to be to come just part of your routine and just become natural. And the first few times that you say it the first few times you invite someone to take a look Your business opportunity. Yeah, it might feel weird. It's okay. You might say something wrong. It's okay. Like I message someone this morning. Um, there's actually a sorority sister of mine, and we usually talk, I think, on instagram private messages. And this is the first time I had messaged her on Facebook. Instant messenger since my 2016 Beachbody days. Guys, this message that I saw that I sent her that obviously she did not respond to was cringeworthy about joining my team. Did she black me and defend me and never talk to me again? No, that Did you respond to it. And through Facebook Messenger. No, she didn't do that either. Which is totally cool. But like you learn from that, right? The people who are your people aren't going to ignore you. They're not gonna block you. They're not going to never talk to you again just because you ask them if they would be interested taking a look at your opportunity. Right? So get out of your own head. Stop overthinking it. Um you know, if you're serious about this business, I would be getting on their connecting with literally anyone who is my ideal customer. My ideal teammate. I would be connecting with them and I would be inviting them to take a look at the business opportunity. So many times in the past two weeks, even past two weeks, guys, we have had a lot of women join our team, which is absolutely awesome. And so many of the stylist who signed them up sent me messages and said so and so wasn't even on my radar. I didn't even invite so and so they happened to see one of my posts and they reached out to me. Guys, if we're doing our job, people should not be reaching out to us, which I mean, it's freaking awesome. Let's be right. That's that's attraction marketing, that's that's amazing. And that's why we do those posts and the one in a million chance that someone sees it and doesn't ask, like, asks us for it and said the other way around. But if we're doing our job by doing our love bombs by sending invites to literally anyone we would love to be on our team. The people aren't going to be asking us first, we're going to be asking them. So that's even further proof of all the people that we should be asking that we're not because we are scared, because we're automatically looking at people thinking, Oh, they don't want this opportunity. They already have a successful job or they already don't have time or they are already have X Y Z stop judging people right? What if someone would have judged you for this opportunity and I introduced it to you? Or maybe you're the person who had to reach out to your sponsor like I can think of a handful of ladies that reached out to me who are on my team who are absolute rock stars. And I'm out of myself that I never asked them or I didn't ask them sooner because, I mean, they ended up joining me. So I'm not mad. You know, I'm not that bad, because I did come to me. But I'm mad at myself for not asking the women who have fallen through the cracks. So don't let people fall through the cracks. If you have this got feeling if there is someone that you would like to be on your team, stop overthinking it and just ask. Okay? Just ask if you're really nervous. This is my last tip, and I'm gonna hop off your If you're really nervous, send the voice of my mom. People are gonna hear your voice. They're gonna hear how genuine you are. They're gonna hear he laughed and be like, Look, Melissa, you probably you're going to think this is crazy. But it's been on my heart for a while and I wanted to reach out to you. I think you would make a bomb dot com color street stylists just using that as an example. Color street stylists, because X y z let me know if I can add you to my teams group just to look at more info done and done. Was that simple? Yes. Did I overthink it? No. Um I gonna over think it if she doesn't immediately respond to me. No. Give people some time. Give people some grace. Give yourself some grace. Stop overthinking Stop over complicating things. Get it done, Girlfriend. All right. I hope you enjoyed this episode. Share it with your team. You know, You know that lady on your team who needs to hear this, right? So share this to them. Um, work together if you need to. So sometimes the best way to get out of over thinking this is my last promise is to jump on a power. Our with some friends. Some teammates jump on a power our where someone is guiding and saying Okay, for 10 minutes, we're doing invites and you have to invite for 10 minutes. That really is going to make you invite if you're actually committed to doing it. You know, 10 minutes invites 10 minutes. Love bombs. 10 minutes. Follow ups. 10 minutes. Inviting to a party to be a party hostess. 10 minutes to be inviting to be a consultant, you know, whatever it is. But give yourself. Make yourself disciplined enough and structured enough to do that. And you will see your business. Absolutely. So I promise. Alright, friend. Have a great day.

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