Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 43: Clubhouse Basics

podcasts Jan 28, 2021

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dollinger and I have many titles High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way so you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello. Hello. Welcome back to another visit. Tip. Episode of the podcast, The social selling sisterhood podcast. My name is Lindsay Dollinger, and I am your hostess and I am in the car recording. Uh, this seems to be my favorite spot lately to record. I'm either doing interviews at home when I'm not driving or recording things that are on my mind while I am driving. So I hope the road noise background here is not too awfully bad. I'm getting ready to get on the part of the highway where it gets a little more quiet. I think so. We shall see. But anyway, I wanted to hop on here and talk to you guys today about clubhouse, so you will have to let me know if you are in the app I have been in since the beginning of January. My user name, my actual name Lindsay Dollinger was too long. Um, for to be the user name. So having a little bummed about that, but it's Lins da Linger l i N d s d o l i N g ers That's my user name. So find me if you're on there. Um, but I just wanted to chat with you. About what? Clubhouse waas. So I did a Facebook live on my profile when clubhouse first came out. And, um, it still seems like a lot of people are like, What's clubhouse, which I find so funny? But I don't know if that's just because I'm in a lot of groups where, you know, they're talking about social media trends and things like that because I posted like back to the beginning of December, and I'm like, I need a clubhouse invite. So clubhouse is a new social media platform. It is in beta testing phase right now, so you have to have an invite and people get one invite when they first joined. So it's a it's a slow growing platform. Currently However, like at last week, I just got three invites for participating and being active in the platform so you can earn more invites. And it is also currently on Lee for Apple users. So, android people, I'm so sorry you can't get on clubhouse right now unless you have, like, an iPod, whatever. Like iPad don't say iPod e. Guess you could with your iPod, too. But I feel like that's kind of dated unless you have an iPad and can download the app on there. So even if you don't have an invite yet, but you do have an apple device, you can go ahead and download the clubhouse app. And there there are a couple APS, so you want to make sure you get the right one. It is like a black and white picture of a guy on it, so you'll know when you see it. But it doesn't have any color on its black and white like a black and gray picture. So that's clubhouse. You go ahead and download it, and you can go ahead and reserve your user name so that no one else could take your user name, um, user names. I have heard they prefer them to be like your actual name. They don't want it to be anything. Anything weird, you know, like dog Mom 123 or something like that. And they want your name that you register to. So mine was not your my user name, but the name I registered it. Thio. So Lindsay Dollinger, they want it to be your actual name. They don't want anything like it, you know, hidden, secretive profile. So I get the vibe that it's more, for the most part ah, more professional feeling of social media sites, so kind of more like linked in how you're not gonna post certain things I'm linked in because it's more. I don't want to say it's geared toward professionals, but they're celebrities on there, and it's good high quality, at least what I have seen material and discussions. So it's all audio based. There's no pictures. The only pictures that are on here and the only words that are on here rather are your on your profile and your it's your profile. Picture is the only picture, so pick a good one. Pick one that's actually your face. You know, we've been over this Onda. Then you can have. I don't actually don't know how long your profile can be because I I've seen some pretty long ones. Um okay, so you have your profile, and then it also you can link your instagram and you can link Twitter and you want toe link. At least I would suggest instagram e feel like Instagram was way more toward our business model. Then Twitter is. But if you're a Twitter person, I have a Twitter. I didn't even bother linking it, to be honest, because I hardly ever get on there. But you wanna link that and you want to link link those two profiles or one profile like my i G is linked so that that is the way that people can connect with me all of clubhouse. So a lot of moderators of the rooms that I have jumped into have been pretty good about saying this like, hey, all of our speakers today click on our profiles, make sure you click to follow us Every time we go live. You're gonna notification and scroll down and connect with us and I g We'd love to connect with you over there So that's really how I have been using clubhouse. Ah, lot is I will go into these rooms. I will listen to what people are talking about. I'll provide some value if I can jump into the conversation and feel as though I can provide some value. Um, and I click on these people's profiles. To go over to their instagram. I follow them on instagram and I send them a quick message and say, Hey, I just found you on clubhouse. You're talking in the room. I'm in about social media strategies. Love what you had to say, so nice to connect. And I have gotten a lot of really awesome conversations going with people outside of the clubhouse app on on instagram. You know where I'm feeling more comfortable because I can I can type things out. So that is the one thing for me that's kind of frustrating about clubhouses that I can't type I can't like. I can't ask a question and send it to to people like I'm used to doing directly on the APP. You have to raise your hand, um, and wait to be invited as a speaker. If you want to provide content and value. So that's how I've been using it. Um, just a couple a couple of tips and tricks or, you know, kind of explaining the platform a little bit. So you get on there, you have your profile and, like, your feed, the feed that shows up our rooms that are currently happening or that are scheduled at the top. It has mind, I think, usually shows the three three upcoming rooms for clubs that I'm in. And I'll explain a club in a minute. So a room, basically you'll you'll click on the title of the room. It will show you people that you're following or even people that you're not. I'll show you a little snippet of some of the people who are in that room currently talking or listening. So you click on the room. So maybe I maybe a room pops up for, you know, Social Media 101 So I click on Social Media 101 and at the top. It will have the speakers, and it'll have least one person who is moderating the room. Who created the room, who's a speaker, and they can pick and choose people from the audience just like you to pull up to the stage. And just because you're on the stage, they can't make you talk. Um, it doesn't. But it just means you have the ability, then to a mute yourself and talk, and then you yourself again, you can click to go back to the audience. Um, but just normal audience members members cannot talk unless the moderator the person who created the room, um, or co moderator has invited you to speak. So I really do like that. I also like how the clubhouse rules are very much like, Hey, if you're a bad, if you're a bad person and you're and you're talking crap, you are breaking our rules, You being racist, any of these things, you're going to get banned from the platform and one of the things that I heard was not only do they ban that person, but they ban the person who invited them. So that's kind of what was a lot. Maybe a little nervous. Um, not that I have invited any shady people, but it definitely makes you think twice about who you give your invites to which I kind of like that you know, they want you to invite people of high quality who aren't gonna be tools on social media. So I like that. Um Okay, so that's rooms that's kinda have a room, works. And at times there will be a lot of rooms going on at times that it will be kind of dead. You know, um, and the rooms were gonna populate based off of who you are following and rooms they've created a rooms that they're currently in and also clubs that you're following. So the other thing that is on clubhouse, their rooms and there are clubs literally all clubs are is it has a topic. So I'm in one for women, a business on there's thousands and thousands and thousands of people in there, and there's a moderator of the club. But there's nowhere where you can actually interact or right. You can't write anything on here or talk or anything like that. But it will show you the list of rooms that have been scheduled for members of that club. And it doesn't mean that people who aren't in the club can't see it, but it will. It'll shoot out. So say that social Media One, a one room say it's going on today at four o'clock, it will show when I click on my clubs that I'm a member of it will show on there all of the rooms coming up for that club, and it will show that four o'clock Social Media one. So you're gonna wanna follow clubs that are of interest of you interest to you. So I'm in some teacher clubs. I'm in travel clubs, you know, business clubs, things like that. And that's a nice way to kind of help organize my room so I can see, like, Okay, I wanna be in this room today because I really like this club. So it's kind of like your interest, your interest categories. I'm trying to think if there's anything else clubhouse related, uh, you know, you can set the app up so that you get notifications. So I get notifications. Currently, they pop up in my phone and say, Either I've been invited. Someone pinned me into a group because they thought a room because they thought I would want to hear the speaker. Um or it'll show me upcoming room. So I'm so scheduled this one and you can click rooms that are our scheduled that are showing up a scheduled. You can click and add them to your Google calendar or your Apple calendar, and it makes an event so that you don't forget it. If it's something you know that you want want to pop up. But right now and I've noticed a big upswing of new people on the app, there's definitely more and more coming on, but it really seems a t east. What? I have been seeing what I've been following. There are a lot of big name trainers, coaches, you know there are. I've listened to things from Oh gosh, you know, Rob Sperry, Charlene Johnson, like just a ton of really big name people and I tend to is I'm scrolling and I see someone created a room, and it's about you know, something else. I don't know, using ticktock like their stuff on there and how to use ticktock how to use instagram. How do you and I see those big name people in there? They might not even be the person who created the group, but their speakers. And so I happened there, So I'm gonna leave you with the last last little tidbit is don't spend too long on clubhouse. The nice thing is, you can multitask. You can put your phone down. You can go and do other things just like I do when I'm listening to podcasts. You definitely can multitask while you're listening in on things. Unless unless you're a speaker, a moderator, Um, but don't spend too much time on the APP. My first few days on the app I spent a ton of time on it. Um, not that I regret that, but I also was like, Okay, this is not an income producing activity. This is not making me money. I need to be intentional with my time on here. Be intentional with my networking on and off the app moving into instagram and then go on to my normal income producing activities. So don't let the newness syndrome or the shiny object syndrome, you know, suck in for too long. Um, but I would definitely add it to your daily method of operations, checking on clubhouse. Maybe you're gonna listen to a couple of things. Maybe your goal is to connect with five new people. Um, from clubhouse onto Instagram, and the other thing is kind of forcing me to do is actually pay attention to my instagram social media strategy. So I am very much growing my business on Facebook. I do have an active INSTAGRAM account. I don't nearly post the value on it that I should and that I do on Facebook. So that gets to be something that I'm going to work on. You know, the next month is really incorporating and upping my instagram games to that when people do see me in clubhouse in a room or whatever, and they click on my profile to go to my IG. Yes, there. I always have stories up on going, but I'm not necessarily giving away content on my, um profile like I could and like I should. So that's one thing I know I get to fix. So let me know. Guys, if you get onto clubhouse, find me like I said, it's lens. Dollinger, find me on there. Let me know your thoughts on clubhouse. Um, if you've learned anything else that I need to share, let me know that is well, I could definitely do a follow up. I did see this morning that I got a notification. My clubhouse app had updated and it told me some new changes. Um, it wasn't anything huge or, you know, mind blowing. So I don't even remember what they are now. I just remember thinking like, Oh, that's nice. They let me know. Okay. So I'm excited to see what it holds. If you are a podcast lover, which I'm assuming you are because you're listening to this. You're probably gonna really love clubhouse. So you might put a feeler out there trying to get a invite from a friend who is on it and we'll go from there. So happy whatever day it is of the week that you re listening to this If you found this episode valuable, don't forget to screenshot it share with a friend. Tag me in your instagram stories. Leave a five star rating and review. That really helps me get seen and found by other awesome direct sellers. Network marketer social sellers like yourself and make today Bob you less We'll talk soon, friend. Bye bye


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