Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 42: Top Visibility Tips for Massive NWM Growth with Crissy Conner

podcasts Jan 25, 2021
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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dollinger and I have many titles High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way so you can earn the money You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello. Hello. Ever welcome back to a live podcast interview? I'm super super excited toe introduce. You guys stayed a Christie Connor. Um, Christie and I have known each other for a few years now. At this point, I was trying to think when we met for the first time, and honestly, I don't know it. It's been at least a handful of years. Um, so Chris and I have been in a variety of gosh, um, networking circles, retreats, masterminds together. And she is our visibility queen. So, Chrissy, would you tell us a little bit, You know, just a little bit about you, how you ended up being the visibility queen. I love your story. And I think ah, lot of our people listening will have Ah a lot to connect it with your Absolutely. So I didn't start out as the visibility queen. And I feel like so many people like they just say, Oh, I'm gonna teach people how to get visible But they never had those fears. And so, yeah, I guess I should introduce myself first. Sorry. My name is Christy Connor, and I help brands and businesses. Um, create greater impact relationships and growth in their business through organic and paid social media strategies, mainly through getting more visible. So, um, a long story short in 2012, I owned a skincare business, and I actually made all the skin care in my basement with my one of my best friends and I we bootstrapped everything because we couldn't afford to do anything and s. So we had to learn how to do everything I learned on the marketing. She took care of getting us in shows and was submitting us too crazy things like Shark Tank and the local newspaper and the local magazines and the local news stations. And so I looking back, I realized that business was a hobby because I was not willing to get out of my comfort zone. Um, to do these things. I prayed every single night that we would not be selected because I was that petrified. A video like you guys don't understand. Like I and I still do get hives. Sometimes I would have hives that would creep up my neck, and it was so embarrassed. Okay, first of all, it's like embarrassing, but then it's really embarrassing when everybody can see it. And then, um, I was worried about saying I'm too much. I was worried about what people would think of me. I was worried that I wasn't the expert and that people would say, Oh, I know how to make soaps and that is not how you do it, and I've been doing it for 10 years. Sorry. You let me know it for six months, but I know more. You know, I was so worried about all those silly things that I look at now, that air silly. But back then they were big, so I have never been claustrophobic. But I can imagine that that's what video felt like to me. Like I couldn't breathe. I got hives. I felt like I was going to throw up and it's really hard, I think, for people toe see me like that now because that's like like them anymore. But like I feel I still remember those feelings. I still remember that fear and like, literally like, almost like I was having a panic attack, like shaking to go on video. I mean, it was that bad. And again I was willing to work my butt off and probably 80 hours a week in this business and only make $500 a month because I was too scared to get out of my comfort zone and do the things I needed to dio. So now I'm in this business and pretty much started out the same way. I started doing digital marketing for friends, and I really just I wanted to be the behind the scenes girl. I did not want to put my face out there. I could create logos. Why did I need to be my face? You know, I had logos on on my Facebook profile pictures and, you know, in all my social media and I really got to a point where I couldn't take a more clients, and I really loved helping people. That was the thing that resonated with me is helping people grow their business. And I was like, There's there's only one way to do this and it's really getting out there and selling like Evergreen product or something, you know? But I have to show my face I have to do this. And so long story short, I went live 10 times and I cheated on Facebook. And if you guys know you could do that But you go to your personal page. Go on, Leamy, watch it a million times, picking apart, decided maybe. Okay. And then change the privacy to public or friends. And I was like, Okay, this is silly. All my friends were like, Hey, I saw you went live. I missed it. Everybody missed it because nobody could see it live, like darn! And then finally, because I mean, my biggest fear was being a people pleaser and worrying about what my friends would say. It really was, which is so silly now, because I don't really care. I know they talk about me, which is really funny, but it's okay, Andi, I was like, I'm gonna go live and I'm gonna teach my friends something that they would love. You know that they would like that They're not an expert in and that I know without a shadow of a doubt I will not mess up. And that was teaching my audience how to make Jello shots. And it's a horse video ever. Now that I look back. But at the time, it was pretty darn good for me. But I'm yelling into the camera and it went amazing. Llewellyn. All my friends loved it. And then I got to realizing, Okay, that was great. Had nothing to do with my business. Didn't make me any money. It made my friends love the video. But at the end of the day, none of my friends or business owners, none of them are my ideal person. Why do I care what they think? Why do I care? They're never going to spend money with me. And if they're making fun of me, that's fine, because at the end of the day I can laugh all the way. The bank, knowing that I can create, I don't need to marry. I didn't need to marry the CEO. I could be the CEO because I have goals. I have a purpose. And I know I'm helping people. And at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what they think. Oh, my gosh. I was, like, literally so many. Like, but there first of all, I shared your your tip about making it only visible toe only me to a few girls on my team. And they were like, what? I was like, Yes, my friend Christie taught me that. And now she does these videos all the time. Um, so that is a huge tip. So if you did not catch that, you need to rewind this and go back and listen to that, because that's a huge tip. Uh, Okay, so this wasn't on my list of questions to ask you, but it came Oppa's You were well, as you were talking. So your mindset is there anything like, what got you to from, like being so afraid in your mind? Thio? I don't care. I'm you know, I'm the one that's gonna be the CEO of my own life. Was there any little things that happened there? Was that just like an overnight like? Okay, we're doing it. No, it definitely wasn't overnight. It took me time. But the one thing that really helped me was to stop thinking about myself because I say all the time, it's not about me and me. Going live isn't even about me. It's about helping other people. And when I stopped thinking all that internal stuff because my fears, I'm not an expert, I'm worried about what people think. I'm not perfect enough. Blah, blah, blah. That's all me. And so when I stopped that and started thinking about you like, How can I support you? How can I help you? How can I help the next person? I'm doing a disservice to someone. If I choose not to show up and be the face of my today, I'm doing a disservice to one if I don't the service to someone, if I don't show up and make somebody laugh or bring some entertainment into their life or help them grow their business. So I literally just put that on my shoulders that I'm hurting other people. If I choose to keep all this knowledge inside and not show up in the face of my business, I love that I love that mindset, and I even get in my own head. Still to this day, even though I'm, you know, streaming this video right now on multiple platforms. And I love that when you change it from, it's not about you. It's about other people in helping other people. Um, not many people can argue with that, especially if they You're right, people. Um okay, so why visible as a business owner? Why is it important for me Thio be seen in front of people every day? Can't I just at some point, have a reputation and I'm like, I don't need thio be visible anymore. I think you can get to that point. But I think the thing that I hear with most people is I post consistently I know who my ideal person is. I'm posting all the time. Why? I'm not making money. Mm. Okay. Money. If I'm doing that. Yeah. And and And that's and that's what I see even the clients that I do everything for them. I'm working on most of them. Unless you're spending a lot of ad money, I'm working with most of them that you have to get visible when we're a team. We were unstoppable when I'm just posting for you and your never showing up, it's gonna be really hard for me to build relationships with your audience. I mean, it could be done, but it's so much more natural and organic when it is organic, right when it is you showing up as you're in perfect self authentically and talking to your audience. Now when you're saying showing up, are you meaning specifically through video? Or are you meeting in other ways? Also, I don't think it always has to be video, but I do think you do need to be on video. I mean, I will hands down, say that about anyone. I listen to another somebody who taught visibility. She's the visibility expert And she was like, Well, if you're an introvert, by the way I'm an introvert, if you're an introvert and you'd rather just write block post, I mean it will take a little longer, but that's visibility, and I'm like, Well, yeah, you're right. Do you know long it takes to build a business on block post again unless you're paid traffic, unless you get something that goes viral, that's a long freaking term. I'm not willing to wait. I mean, I'm not saying go live and you're gonna make a million bucks in two days. I mean, that obviously isn't gonna happen either. But I know I could make more traction on video than I can't block post any day with what I'm willing to put out there and how I'm willing to talk to my audience. I've read that before when people say about Well, because I I started a travel blogged a few years ago, and I the track it just took so much to get it going. And I'm like, I'm writing this really good content. But if I did a video sharing some of those tips or about my trip or something, I could reach so many more people. So I 100% of that. It's so much better if you can get in front of people's faith because it's your personality to You could get personality through writing, but it's so much better when I feel like okay, So if I'm watching a block, or if I'm reading a block post and my kid comes in screaming right and like and they need something or my dog or whatever, I'm probably not gonna come back and read that block post. But if somebody comes and interrupts me in the video and I'm like, really into it, it's kind of like your TV show. You can ignore people when your favorite moving your TV shows off. But if you're just reading something, it's not like pulling you in. It's not captivating you and you think in your mind I'll come back and read this later and then you don't right. But you don't wanna miss that live stream. That's on right then and there. And so I think that's one of the powerful things about it. You know? It's like I love podcasts. I'm I'm still on the fence about clubhouse. No, Nobody can stop your scroll on either one of those. You can't stop somebody. Scroll! You can't. I mean, you can get an engaging conversation that you're already in, and then you don't wanna leave it. But video has the power to stop the scroll where somebody's already at natively, and I think that's also really powerful. It's a great way to, um I'm gonna qualify and disqualify my person right away. If they don't like me, they're gonna move on. And I get to be okay with that because I know that they're gonna people be people that resonate with me. They love what I have to say, and they're gonna be captivated and really listening to what I have to say. I love that. Okay, I'm gonna come back and ask you a couple of things about video and just a sec. I'm gonna write that. Alright, I get on my get things were coming up, and I'm like, Oh, I need to Assad. I'm talking to her. Um, Okay, So you mentioned clubhouse, and I know that it's something like I've been getting lots of PM's lately. Like, can you get me an invite? And, um, it's really ah, hot buzz thing. Currently a trend. Or maybe it's not gonna be a trend. We'll see. Um, is there a best platform for social media specifically for social sellers? Women in network marketing direct sales have their own product. Um, the first answer is there's actually two answers. Yes, and no number one. It's where you're gonna be most consistent at. I do think your ideal person has to be there, and depending on what you're selling, it probably needs to be visual. You guys were selling beautiful nails, right? And like, you know, you know, if you're selling, um, trying to think what else? Oh, if you're selling like a transformation like a Beachbody coach, right, I think a lot of that does need to be visual. I think there are parts of it that you could talk about and, you know, branding yourself and talk about other things. I think that's fine. But there are There is a visual aspect, too many network marketing companies that people actually need to see. Um and what's one of the things that most network marketing companies say? Um, be the proof the product works, or what else do they do? They do attraction marketing where they have the product, but they don't say what it is like it's in, like, How are you gonna ask somebody what that is if they can't see it? So I think it's important to be on a visual platform. I'm not saying the other platforms won't work, but I think being visual is important, and I think being the being on the platform that you could be consistent on that. You enjoy you have to actually enjoy the platform you're on or you're not going to do it. I was told to get on tick tock. I didn't like it at first. And then I thought, I'm gonna try it one more time. I started doing all these dances with Colton, and it was, like, so out of my comfort zone. But I kept pushing myself, and then I just started giving a ton of value, and then my views went up to 4000. And I'm like, Oh, I could just get value. Are you treating me like I'm like, I'm like, I could do this dancing. Not so much. Maybe once in a while, but I want to give value. So So, Yeah, So I think it's just be where you enjoy being be consistent on one platform, at least first, if you want to move to multiple, be consistent one place, then add another. Be consistent there. And before you add multiple because it's just gonna be hard to keep up with, and then you're gonna be not consistent with anything. Yeah, it is hard to keep up with. I'll vouch for that personally, because I'm on Facebook, obviously, and my group's heir on Facebook. So I find myself on Facebook more and, um, you know, I posted my stories and I'll post something random on Instagram. And now that I have been on clubhouse and even a little bit with Ticktock, I feel like those people kind of drive to Instagram's. And I'm like, Oh, now I gotta like my instagram a little bit Nurture some of these people. Um, I will say that I've had I could drive traffic to my Facebook group and I have from instagram Ticktock lengthen Pinterest every platform I can drive to my group, and I think YouTube, all of those people that's rich in them, too, so I can nurture them and touch them even more, Which sounds really weird. But that's true. I just wanna be able to touch people as much as I can because the more touches I have, the more likely there to say yes to something that I have to offer, and I could nurture them so much more and build that relationship so much more the more places I have access to them. So how do you get them from Instagram to Facebook easily? Is there an easy way to do that or you just keep like mentioning it. Okay, so Number one you can use the swipe up feature on Instagram. But not everybody has that, and I don't think it's the best. I don't think it's the best thing to use on instagram stories. And here's why. Everybody wants 10,000 followers on Instagram and you're so excited. And then you get the swipe up feature and you're like nobody swipes up. No, they will swipe up. So what I do is it's either into my Lincoln bio, which typically goes to my website that has multiple links. I don't use Lanktree. Um, some people do, but I want the traffic myself. And then, um, or I'll do a poll and, like, do you struggle with getting on video? Yes or no? Right? And when they say Yes, I messaged them. Oh, my gosh, I know exactly how you felt. I used to feel the same way. I am having a free video challenge. Would you like to be a part of it? Here's the link. It's completely free, you know, no obligation. Just join this free group and we'll make sure that we get you more comfortable on video, so polls work way better than swipe up. So that's why I'll tell you. Just answer. Ask the right question, yes or no and then start building that relationship s Oh, yeah. So that's mainly where I drive the traffic from stories in the polls. That's smart. I like that. I like the poll feature. Um, I feel like it's it's a it's ah, nice way to Not especially if you're in your head about being sales of your spammy. It's a nice way toe offer, you know, a way for someone to answer you that you can open up that conversation and introverts love pulse. Nobody sees it except the person who set it up. Right. And your words are also more lurkers on context. They don't wanna They don't wanna be the center of attention. They don't want to draw attention to themselves. So a poll is perfect for introverts and again, a great way to get that one on one conversation, Um, with them outside of the main platform. I love that. And it's in that when I went, um, conversation is so important, especially as we're talking right now. Thio network marketing Direct sales ladies, because I think that is a big piece that people try to skip over and can help give us a really bad rap when that's not the intention. But it comes off that way for sure. That's, um okay, so 2021. What kind of tips and predictions you have for us on what? Where you see social media going what we should be doing. So it's pretty much the same I've already been saying, But here's the thing. I think before the quarantine hit last year for Covic came around, we thought everybody was online. I think we realized we were wrong. Not everybody was online. Now everybody is pretty much online, right? And so we have so many distractions. But there's a lot of noise online right now. So the way we're gonna cut through that noise is we're going to do three things, right? We are going to obviously get visible. We're gonna show up is the face of our business even more. We're going to show up on video even more, and we're gonna be very vibrant when we do it. So I think of the three V s right we're going to be vibrant. What does vibrant mean? It means like showing up being bright colors, like grabbing people's attention. Having fun, I believe, having fun and video. That's why I feel like Tic TAC is doing so well because people are just tired of the news there. Tired of all the crap on the news and the horrible things going on. And so they just wanna have fun. And they want you to spark a little bit of joy in their life. And so that's what I think is really gonna help our content in 2021 again. It's video. It's being vibrant. It's being visible, but adding a little twist to it, having a little fun with it, really grabbing them in and, you know, stopping there. Scroll. Awesome. Okay, so now I'm getting ready to go on live video for the first time, I'm keeping these things in mind. And of course, now I'm over thinking a little bit because, like, I'm I'm like, how am I gonna have fun? I'm going to do all this thing. Do you have just maybe a couple of tips for us on? You know, maybe the atmosphere that I'm in or length of a video or just anything that you would tell me toe like. Okay, girl, you got this? Yeah. So? Okay. Length of a video. Most of my videos were 3 to 5 minutes. That's it. And the thing is, is that people reach out to me all the time and say, Thank you for getting to the point, which is really hard. I'm a Rambler. It's really hard for me. They're like, Thank you for getting to the point. I love your training. I love that It's only like five minutes or less, and I can always digest it really fast. So I don't say I never do longer videos, but I do try to keep most of my 3 to 5 minutes, but that takes the pressure off of somebody has never been live before. Because if you think Oh, my God, what am I going to talk about for 10, 15, 20 minutes? That's scary. But anybody can talk and fill up 3 to 5 minutes, right? And so, um, sometimes, as someone who is was scared of video, 3 to 5 minutes is just enough time to start alerting everybody you're on and by the time they get on your probably off there fair and that's a good 0. 3 other thing I do is I always keep a post it note This one's got food on it looks like funny. I always keep a post it note with notes because I am a Rambler of the points I want to make. Sometimes things just stories just come in my head while I'm live now I don't know why it just happens, but I try to at least keep those points off the whole, um, the whole name of my of what my life is. And sometimes I write down the name of my life because sometimes I forget in the middle of the video. Oh, crap. What was point was I trying to make, like, what was the whole video about? But if I write the name down, it normally sparks you know an idea and helps me stay on point. Thea other thing I'll tell you is it frustrates me so bad that so many people won't get on live video because, well, I don't have a selfie. I don't have the ring light. Mhm. And I'm like, No, you do not need the ring light. Matter of fact, my photo shoot, I just did. I'm destroying a ring light, which I cannot wait, because it makes me so mad that people use that as an excuse and it's really natural. Light is all you need if you don't have a natural lighter for your doing video at night like we are, all you need is a regular lamp with some daylight bulbs. Daylight led bulbs. E know if we're on the podcast, you can't hear this, but this is exactly what I use right here. It's a five lamp bulb. Lightbulbs. It's $20 a target, $30 and a light bulb like $8 at Amazon. So less than 30 bucks. You and I have two of them in my office so that I always have natural looking like whenever I'm going live. And if you don't. But if you are doing live during the day, you don't even need that. You can use the window and it's perfect. Yeah, I love doing them when it's nice. Out like out on my front porch is like my ideal place because I'm like the lighting is always good. There's a little background noise to, you know, there's just, like, a little, you know, it's like calming. Um, I didn't know that about daylight. Bob's I didn't even know such a thing existed. So I definitely wrote that down just now, like the white ones, like versus the yellow, Um, and yeah, they're led. And so the last longer and yeah, that's a great um, I was wondering what you're going to say about lights, because I do have I actually have here? Well, I don't wanna move it because it'll be really dark e got a T. J. Maxx. And it's a ring like that, shaped like a heart. It was in the like, cute, like the teenage influencer section. I was like cracking up laughing for, like, your tic tac videos or whatever, because I have a smaller one, and I have, like, a giant one. But I had, like, nothing in between that would sit nicely on my table. This was like 14 bucks that you know it does the job, but I would love to get some light bulbs for these lamps behind me like that. That would be totally yeah, it's anybody you could use any lamp. I just happened the five ones or nice, because you can move on. But any lamp for sure, that's totally smart. And I actually have one of those upstairs by my closet that I don't ever use. I could move Thio, Um, which would be really, really smart. Um, okay. So, specifically for our direct sales network marketing, is there anything because everything you've said applies? Because at the end of the day, it's all about selling socially and being online anyway. But is there any specific tips for us in direct sales network marketing? Um, in regards just even just social media in general or visibility that, um, you would like toa give us this, um, tidbits for sure. So, um, number one network marketing is all we all know. It's all about building relationships. But when you show up on video, you actually build relationships without talking to people. People start to get to know you it makes your job a little easier because most of time when you reach out to people, they're like, Oh, yeah, I saw your video when you did whatever, or people come up to me in the store because they're all workers and, you know, they're like, Hey, I stronger video. And I'm like, No, do you are but nice to see you. So I think it makes it a lot easier. So if you don't want to feel sells E if you don't want to feel like all you're doing is like messaging people all the time go live, get on video, have fun with it. And also, the other thing is I feel like we also we talk a lot about our business, right? We talk a lot about the thing we sell. We get to remember that not only is our audience, but so are we were all more than that thing that we sell. And so what else are you interested in? You know, I know. I think you had Danielle on here. I was attracted to Danielle because she loved Britney Spears. I wasn't her ideal person, but we connected because of the Britney Spears part of it. And I love how she always did Britney Spears dancing and all this stuff. And so find something else that your audience could be interested in to pull them in. It doesn't always have to be business professional. I'm talking about the thing I'm selling or how it can transform your life. But also things going on in your life things going on, you know that you love, um, if you have, You know, if you're a dog lover, if you have a dog, pull your dog into it. Tell funny dog stories. Just bring more of your life, your personal life, your personal interests and your ideal person's interest into the conversation to Yes, 100%. That's I'm glad you mentioned that because that was gonna be a follow up to when you when you started answering the question I was. And I said, Well, what should we talk about? Um, because I think that's another big thing, too, that I'm trying Thio help even some leaders on my team. I'm like, we can't just be talking about Color street all the time, you know, share. And then we've been talking about branding, and I'm like, Okay, I'm like, just like, what do you like? Because, like you said, people are going to know and love and trust you based. I mean, I have people who have come up to me just the exact same way, and they're like, Oh, um, how is how's Bella? Or like I love this? So my secret Santa at work. We We're Facebook friends, but I haven't had a face to face conversation with her, honestly, probably the majority of the school year. Besides a couple things with about nails. Um, so I got my secret, my first secret Santa gift out of my mailbox. And it was candy and what I thought were cookies, and I didn't read the note on them, and I opened it up. I'm like, Oh, these air gingerbread cookies. This is so nice and I pulling out and I was like, It's shaped like a dog bone And I was like, Are these dog treats? And so, like I looked, Thank goodness I, like put to it, was paying attention to put two e looked at the note, and she's like, 01 for you and one for Bella because, you know, I saw that she loves and I'm like she totally knew that from my social media post because her and I have no in person. Never talked about Bella, but she shows up in a lot of my stories, or you know, I dog shame her on video sometimes and things like that. But, you know, I'm like, people need to get to know that part of you to, um even if you're not doing a specific video on, like, this is my dog, but, you know, peppered in, um And I think we can get so in our head about that for sure. Like, Okay, this is my one video this week. It's got to be about color straight. Exactly. Exactly. And, you know, don't be afraid to. I think a lot of times people are afraid to repeat content, like even like repurpose that content, which is gonna make your life so much easier. But even going live again and talking about something, like, most likely the people that were on the first time you talked about it or not on again. I mean, I wouldn't do it the next week, but like a couple months later, they were gonna either gonna forget or didn't resonate with them or didn't stick or they didn't hear it. And so I think it's important to do that too, and you know, to keep repurpose ing that content whenever we can work smarter, not harder. What's the percentage issue might not know off the top of your head. Or maybe you dio off people who see, like live video versus a static posts versus a story. Do you are anything in that area? I don't know the percentage. I mean, it depends on where you're posting it, but, I mean, it's very small, very small. I mean, I have, like, 5000 friends now on Facebook, and I don't know that more people are seeing my content that when I have 1000 friends, I mean, I'm sure they are, but just doesn't feel like it. Um, so I think it's still very small, and that's why I think quality matters. But quantity matters to, and the more we can be consistent and consistently showing up, the more chance we have to reach more people. Can we post too much? Okay, so this is a trick question. So I actually asked my mental Rachel Peterson. This was like, Can I be too visible? And she was like, No, but yes, if you are on your personal page and all you are doing like if you can sell too much number one, but you can really wear out your personal page, especially if you don't have a lot of people. And they're all your friends. Um, I don't I think it would be impossible. Like I think you could probably go live twice a day and be fine or post two or three times a day and be fine on your business page. I think you could post three times that you could go live three times a day and again be fine because not that many people are going to see it. So I don't think you can post too much. But I do like the role of of spacing everything out about four hours because I have found that content does a lot better if we give it some space to breathe, give it some time. Thio, you know, simmer through the news, feed people to comment, let it bring it back up in the feed, you know, to regurgitate it again like all those things. So I try to keep four hours between every post that ideo that's smart, then they're not competing because I do like they're too close together then that the same people are aren't seeing them and stuff like that. Um, Okay. So, Mastermind, it's Rachel's. Masterman, right? She's your coach. Rachel Peterman. Yes. You broke out. I went out or something. Can you hear me that I cut out? Yes. Can you hear me? Can you hear me? I can hear you. Okay. I'm like, Oh, no, we almost made it to the end. Do not let this interview got out. It has been going good. Okay, so then we will go kind of quick. A little more quickly, then. Um, mastermind, you are in Rachel's mastermind. Correct. Okay. Can you talk to us just super briefly about what a mastermind is, Or even a small group membership and why they could be really valuable to our business? Yes. So I've always had a well, for the past 3. 5 4 years, I've had a coach, and coaches are very, I think, important in your business. But what I found when I joined a mastermind that was full of digital marketers like me is I found that these people know exactly how I feel when I hate my business. And I'm not loving it and things air sucking. And I feel like I'm going to quit to go get a full time job. They understand what I'm going through. When I say I don't know how to price something or I don't know how to say something. They know exactly how to pick me up and tell me what to do. Like so I think it's very powerful. Coaches are amazing. Piers are the best thing ever. I always say that Rachel drew me to the mastermind, um, Meghan planning and sold me on it. And then the people inside it will keep me in it like I love them. I love her knowledge, but I love those people. And yes, we could still be friends outside the mastermind, but it still feels like I don't wanna be alumni. I wanna be Now I want to talk to my school. God Autonomous, You don't miss it. It's kind of like the team appeal of direct sales where you have your awesome team in that environment. You You know, even with my team, I learned I learned from all of them, and I'm like, OK, she's a master at live video. She's really great at that, you know? And, um, that's one of the pieces that I really love about. It is Well, um okay, Christie, I do know you have a very special, um, group that you have been put together. I've seeing you being very visible about it. Um, So tell us, how can we connect with you How? I know you have an amazing free group, A swell. I've gotten so much value with that. And then if people want to take it one step further, how can they work with you? Sure. So my free group is easy to find its passion. Hustle grow dot com. It will take you to the Facebook Group s. Oh, that's super easy. And that's where I give a lot of free trainings. Um, content ideas. One of the things people struggle with us, how to be consistent on social media. So there's like a unit that teaches you how to be more consistent. Um, any latest and greatest things that come out like Rell's. I teach people how to do that and all that stuff. So the free group is so much fun and also so much information. And then I do have a new program. It's an inner circle called visible, Simple is that? And that is where I'm taking entrepreneurs business owners to a six month journey to help them really get on top off their marketing, marketing their business the right way. Yes, it's gonna have a lot of visibility and PR aspects to it because I do feel like we need to show up in the face of our business, so every is gonna be required to get more visible and have that accountability. But I also want them to get consistent on the platforms that they should be on and not waste their time being on platforms. They shouldn't be on and doing the things to grow their email list, doing the right things. Um, to get sales did the doing the right things just to build their business the right way that they feel good about that. They don't like, you know, how many of us have bought a course number one that we've never done a ton of us and number two. Sometimes we look at, of course, material were like, Oh, yeah, this is overwhelming. So not gonna I'm not gonna watch a 40 minute video. I'm not going to do this is just not gonna happen. And so I really just want to bring live because at the end of the day, social media changes every single day, and I want to bring live instant content to them every week vs O by this course that I created two months ago about Facebook that's already obsolete, you know, because it changes so much. So I just really want them to have all the information to build a, you know, a freaking big business and and enjoy. Enjoy it. I think that's the other thing. Enjoy doing it, knowing that you're doing the right things have being confident, knowing that you're doing the right things to grow your business. So it's a lot of technical aspects of it, but a lot of community as well. I love that. I love that. And so it's six weeks. Um, it's a small group. Did I lose you again? Nope. I'm back. OK, Z talking. Not six. Yeah, six months, not six weeks and annoying. Six months. Small group. And where can they get more information or chat with you about it? How does that work? Yeah, they can check out the visible CEO dot com. Okay. Where they can connect with me anywhere at Crissy Connor on any platform, among all of them. So wherever you wherever your home, miss, I'm there as Christie Connor. Yes. And you have either the same or very similar profile pictures and all of them because I'm always like Is this her business page are purpose? Yeah, I know. You probably did that. I did that with mine, too. And it's it's funny, because sometimes, um, actually just switched it from my business page. My, my personal. But I'm like, where am I going by right now? I don't I don't even know for sure. Um, Okay. So, guys, I will get all those links and everything and tag Christie and everything so that you can just very easily connect with her. Um, I'll post those on the replace for these videos, and then it will be in the show notes of the podcast. But you definitely 100% need to follow Christie. She's always up on all the things. Um, she's really helped me. Well, first with some ads, um, for the planner and tracker that I had and they weren't amazing. And also for my profile, she has hacks on how to make your profile pictures clickable, um, and literally just all the things. So, Christie, thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it. And I hope lots of people come and continue learning from you because you're the best girl. Thank you. I appreciate it. Yeah.

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