Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 41: Upgrade Your Facebook Profile To Attract Clients and Business Partners

podcasts Jan 18, 2021
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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dollinger and I have many titles High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way so you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello. Hello. Welcome back to another episode of the social selling sisterhood podcast. I'm Lindsay Dollinger and I'm the host of the show and I am in the car heading home from Monday job. And I just wanted to pop on here and just give you some short, quick, actionable tips that you can use to up level your social media so that you can better attract and be an authority in your direct sales business. So, first of all, let's start with your profile friends when I go to someone's profile or, you know, when I get a friend request from someone or I am looking at E don't know even customers of mine, I can immediately tell who is being intentional with their social media and who is just like using it for fun or whatever. But, you know, they're they're definitely not running a business on. How I can tell is if you are using your social media intentionally, if you are wanting to attract ideal customers, clients on do you wanna look, you know, professional. In your social media account, you need to need do this, no question about it. I don't care how beautiful your kids or your pet or the flour is that you took a picture of in your garden. Your profile picture needs to be your face. It needs to be, um, you know, preferably like shoulders up, so we can really see your face. Um, but even a full body shot or, you know, a little more of your body than that is better than you with different people when I can't even tell who you really are. Um, So this isn't the place for your kids and your picture. So go ahead pauses. Podcast. Find a picture of you right now. It doesn't need to be a professional headshots. It could even be a really high quality selfie where you know you're looking actually put together or what you know whatever, but I don't want to see. Um you know, what is it called? I don't wanna see filters. I don't want to see you adding text and putting your company name in your picture like, Oh, man, that's just giving me, like, the hives right now thinking about it. So make it a picture of you, and it needs to be a clear picture. Good lighting, Good lighting a super super duper key so that people can recognize you. You know, um, if it's a picture from eight years ago and you've gained weight, hey, no judgment. Because let's be real. We've all put on at least the Covid 20. Um, then it probably needs to be more updated. Picture. It needs to be one where you are confident where you're feeling Good on. Do you know if you're even further up leveled and you know your brand colors, you're probably wearing something in your brand colors, so it also helps people find you. Okay, let's talk cover photo. So cover photo. This can kind of vary because I've seen people put pictures of their family is their cover photo. Um, and it's okay because it works with their brand. If one of your brand pillars is your family, maybe you are, um, even a therapist or something that's super super family oriented for your business, for your brand, then that would be appropriate. Um, for me, family is like my number one thing in the entire world. However, family is not my brand. So I am. You know, I don't have a picture of my family and my cover photo. My cover photo right now is, um, kind of like my tag line with my website. That's actually my website. It is not a company replicated website. It's my website. And like smaller letters in the bottom left, it's in my brand font, and it's an additional professional, um, picture of me that has been, um, transposed into it. It's all brand colors. It's on brand. When people go to my profile, my profile is set up and it is very optimized. It has a clean cover photo. Um, it has my tagline. It has my website now. My company website. My profile picture is nice and clean. It always has lit up, and I'm talking about Facebook right now. I guess I should have prefaced this. Remember if I said that at the beginning or not. But so around my profile picture, it always has the nice blue, um, circle around it, showing that I have an active story because that is something I've been really intentional about the past year is making sure I always have a story up. Um, the only time I did not have stories up was when I had Cove it and I was sick and, uh, not not really caring too much via Facebook story, But other than that, my Facebook stories have been up so because and I don't know the exact statistics, but the percentage of people who are looking at your Facebook stories versus the percentage of people who are seeing your static Facebook posts is so much higher. I want to say it was like 4% sees the posts that are on your wall that you make and something like 60% can see your stories. So just keep that in mind that people are seeing stories way more than static Facebook posts. Um, okay, so let's talk about under your profile picture and your about section. I would like you to have a one sentence tagline. Your once and his slogan. Your motto. What are you so everyone can have dog Mom? Traveler Hustler? Um you know, consultant with what? Someone so company love my family. Okay? Everyone loves their family. Let's be really if you don't I mean, I guess maybe not everyone but most people, family, friends, faith. Um, you know, your pet, your pet. Everyone likes to travel. So, like those air those things, they're not gonna necessarily set you apart. So I would love that sentence under your profile or, you know, your tag line and your profile to be I help. Who do you help with? What and how? What's your outcome So you can check mine out if you go to my profile? Um, it's sure because I don't know the exact number of characters, but Facebook does limit your characters on there. If you want to throw in a couple of emojis, that's awesome to, um, to snap it up a little bit, make sure you have your clickable website link as well linked to your profile bio so that people can find you. And again. This is not your order link friends, This is your your website. If you don't have one, then you need to get on link tree or oh gosh, what's the other one? There's another one that's very, very similar to Link Tree that's becoming more popular, and I remember it. I know a soon as I get off here, but get one of those to make and brand it if you don't have your own website link. But it shouldn't be setting people straight to a page to order. Okay, let's talk about your highlighted pictures. They have you can. Oh my gosh, it's not called highlighted pictures, but you can display or choose as favorites like nine photos, and you can again see mine and I have How did I do it? I have four photos that are branded with a quote. Four photos that show me my brand. Um, and there's one in there of my family, because I you know, I told you guys, my family is very important to me. And then the one in the middle I chose to highlight to feature my group, and my group I chose to feature was my nails on point VIPs, My nail polish strip group. Um, I could have featured the social selling sisterhood squad. I might do that at some time, But my friend Christie Connor, she's a social media, um, strategist of visibility expert. I'm actually gonna have her on the podcast here in a couple weeks. I interview her next week. She has a great video on her business page on how Thio link your featured pictures to make one of them a group. And this could be your This could be your customer group. So I do have that featured on my featured pictures so that when people are looking at my pictures there, they could click on my nails on point V I p group there in the middle. That would take them to my group where they can request to join. Um, I have nowhere on there. Besides, in my work section, my work section I do have that. I'm a senior director, um, with Color Street. I believe it says color shit on their bed. Senior director. And it has the date I started on diet is linked to my nail Polish business page, which largely I do not use any more. I direct people to my branded Facebook business page, which is just Lindsay Dollinger. So if you are making a Facebook business page, the only honestly really benefit for us and direct sales with having a branded Facebook page like that is one in case you ever switch companies or, you know, whatever it might be, people will still be able to find you because you're branding yourself. You're not branding yourself as a member of so and so company. So I've switched cos I'm really vocal about that. I've been in several companies before. I found this one. I'm in that I absolutely love right now. And, um, people have followed me along that journey because I have done a nice job of branding myself and building those relationships with my customers. Where, to be honest, my loyal following, they don't care what I sell. I have sold weight loss supplements. I have sold, um, you know, workout videos. I have sold clothing. I have done makeup and health and wellness products, and now I'm in the beauty industry with nail polish strips. So I have had people guys buy from me from every single company that I have been in. And the reason is is because of the relationships I built with them and the fact that I have branded myself not Lindsay da Linger, comma so and so fitness guru or whatever, Right? So if you if you do a Facebook business page, um, it's probably the last thing on my list that I would suggest that you do after you get your Facebook group established and you're making connections with people. This would be more if you have time. The nice thing with a Facebook business page is that it is Google searchable. It is public. So if someone's type your name in, um, or if say, you had on there your location, your business location and someone is Googling, um you know, nail Polish strips, Mechanicsburg, Ohio, which is where I live. My name would pop up, um, from my Facebook business page. So that is the nice perk, even if you're not regularly posting on it, because the algorithm on the Facebook business page is honestly, at this point in time, hardly the hard your post hardly get pushed out to anyone unless you're doing Facebook ads. Which e no, The company I am with does not allow Facebook ads for our products. So you know, I know some companies do. If your company does, uh, then you absolutely want a Facebook business page so that you can run ads. Um, which is a whole other training. And my girl, Christie Connor, could also help you with that. Um, because you'll recommend that you actually run ads. You never boost a post. You're just throwing money at Facebook with not out getting any return if you boost a post. But anyway, we're getting way off topic. So, um, those are just some things to help optimize your profile. Now, for the actual post on your profile, I am going to recommend to you that you don't post any more than, like, three times a day in your wall. If you want to post more than that, I would be posting, you know, in stories I would be going live in your groups. I would be going live on my profile as much as I could, Meaning like once a day, maybe twice. Um, but you're gonna want to clean up your profile. If you were one of those people who habitually shares your jokes and your memes and, um, news or, you know, whatever you're doing. If it's not part of your brand share to those stories, you know, put it somewhere else because I know that's another thing. I get Facebook friend requests from people, and I always look at their profile before I accept. And if I'm scrolling down through and you have posted 25 times today and they're all memes or recipes or whatever, and you're just clicking share on other people's content and you're never creating your own content, I'm not adding you as a Facebook friend. I don't want to see that, like I can go and find my own jokes and my own recipes and whatever I want things that are original to you, that air your content and that you're sharing out. So with that in mind, um, I try to be really intentional about what I am sharing is what I'm sharing, giving value, and you know it's not always value. Sometimes it's educational, Um, but sometimes it is just strictly for entertainment. You know, I share when I've done something silly. Um, yesterday I shared on my my Facebook while, um, kind of like a tribute to my mom because it was the day that she passed away. And this because always just really hard for me. And I'm not vulnerable like that a lot online. So it got a lot of traction, and it got a lot of people commenting on, do you know, sharing their love with me. So was that educational? No. Was that entertainment even know? Um but it was just something that was personal to me that that really helps people connect with me. You know, people can feel that other people that I know have lost family members to cancer. Other people I know who are commenting on that or even battling cancer themselves. So just keeping that in mind as you're forming your posts that you want original content, people want to get to know you. And when they're able to come to your profile, they're able to see immediately who you help and what you do. And they're able to see a nice, clean profile where you're adding value and, you know, being you and they could get to know you. They're gonna wanna be friends with you. They're gonna feel like they have a relationship with you. So when you reach out to them and your one on ones that you're doing every day when you're working your business, you're sending love bombs. You're making connections. Maybe you're commenting on some of their posts. It's not gonna be weird. It's not gonna be sales. It's not gonna be whatever, because it's like you're genuinely have relationships with the people who you are connected with on social media. So this makes a huge, huge difference. So do not skip this part. If you're listening to this, you're like, yeah, I'm keeping my dog Is my my Facebook profile picture. I'm telling you, girl, you are missing out on a lot of opportunity to clean up that act. You can completely revamp your profile honestly, if you're really speeding and less than a half an hour depends on how much of a messages. But you could do it in an hour and, you know, really come off as the business professional that you are. So keep that in mind, um, feel free. Hey, if you want to D m me and asked me to look at your profile, I totally will do that. So send me a PM on Facebook or on Instagram. You can find me Lindsay Dollinger at both places. I kind of think I'm the only one. Um, but find me, uh l a N d s A y, and I would love to help you with that. Are you know, as someone else on your team, your down line, someone who knows what they're looking for in an intentionally, um, good business, Facebook profile. And, you know, rocket Rocket. This is our year 2021 is our year. And if you're not willing to do these little touches that are gonna up level and help you and you don't even realize they're gonna help you, that's the cool thing is, once you get this profile done, you don't have to worry about it again. So get it done. If you're not willing to do these little things and you're not serious about your business, so make a commitment, schedule it in your calendar right now, or or get off this podcast and do these things right now to get your profile the way it needs to be. Talk to you soon. If you love this episode, um, please leave me a rating and review Screenshot this. Share this with your teams. I know, you know, someone who also is trying to up level and grow their business. So if you would share this with them, it would mean the world to me. That's how I get this podcast out to more people so that I can continue to share value with you, have a great rest of your day and left rockets about.

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