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Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 40: Quick Business Tip: Ask Someone To Critique Your Business

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dollinger and I have many titles High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way so you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello. Hello, everyone. Welcome back to another episode of the podcast, the social selling sisterhood. This is Lindsay Dollinger. I'm your podcast Host or hostess? I guess rather Right Hostess would probably be the best were there. But I am super excited to bring you this really quick tip for your business. And it's something that I try to do every once in a while. And I try to do it with a different person just to get a different perspective. So if you have never done this or if it's been a while since you have done this, I want to encourage you right now. To reach out to someone that you trust that you know. But maybe that is not quite as involved in your business. so maybe not your closest person in your down line that you do all your planning with. I would like you to pick someone different. It could be your up line. It could be a sideline, someone not even on your team, but someone who is familiar with your industry. Um and I want you to ask them to critique your business. So again, you obviously want someone that you trust is going to be honest with you. Someone that you aspire to be like. So you don't wanna ask this from someone who is just starting and has no idea, Really, how Thio grow a direct sales, their network marketing business the right way. But someone that has been around who has done the things that you want todo they might just be one step ahead of you. They might be, you know, hundreds of thousands of dollars ahead of you. It it depends on who you have access to who you feel comfortable working with, but it doesn't have to be super formal, But just say, Hey, when you have a second, would you mind looking over my social media? Would you mind looking at, um, in the industry that I am in. I'm with a company and we sell nail polish strips and so way have something and way really have it in in the whole company, I guess. But we have something called a rank tracker. And so you can kind of look at someone's rank tracker and tell if they have a very stable business if they're gonna have problems, you know, hitting ranks. Uh, your tree, so to speak, Um, can be pretty easy to read and interpret. So that might be something that you could ask your applying your sideline, someone that you trust. Um, you know, look at those analytical parts of your business. Look at those facts and figures and tell you. Okay, well, I really think that you're really weak on this side of your business. Um, I think if you're looking back at the last 12 months that you know, your sales have been steadily going down or your sales movement growing by 1%. But you've told me that you have, um, aspirations of hitting the six figure mark this year. Just those sorts of things and some of that you could figure out by yourself by looking at your own. You know your own data, your own numbers. But some of it, it's nice to hear from someone else's. Well, like actually, when I'm scrolling on your Facebook feed, I see that you haven't posted anything in a week like that's not okay, right? If you are in a social selling business, you're gonna have to be posting more than once a week. Um so those air some things that that I have been doing with my down line, as I've been doing some short 15 minutes coaching calls, checking in calls and one of the things that I do either right before our call or while I'm talking thio different teammates is all scroll through their social media profile. A. So I am someone you know from the outside looking in. And I'll say, Well, I can see I haven't seen you post about our nail strips in since September. And this is November. You know that's a problem. Because while we don't want to be talking about our product product product all the time, like if I didn't know better, I would I would have no idea that you sold them right. So you still have to pepper in your product and find the right way to do that. Uh, you know, would be showing up in your stories. And, I feel like the product that I have is particularly really easy to do that with, because it's something that we were in our fingernails. So really, any kind of picture, Any selfie that we take of ourselves, we can have our fingernails in the picture. It could be a very strategically done trust me. So when I'm scrolling someone's social media profile and I don't see their fingernails or I don't see their face, um, so many times I will scroll people's profiles and, like, I have no idea what this person looks like because they haven't posted ever a picture of themselves on The only picture I see of them is what someone you know, a friend posted of them. E don't even know, like six months ago. So is it even an accurate picture? So we have to be showing our faces right? We have to be sharing about our products, so sometimes we don't even realize we're not doing that. So this is a great time, you know, especially as we're coming up on the winter months. This is kind of dating this episode, but we're coming up on the winter months. I live in Ohio, so we get winter for sure up here. And, um, this is a great time where people are inside. People are on social media. More that I feel very confident that I can ask someone on my team or another stylist. I know that's not on my team to give me some honest feedback because they might have a little bit of extra time right now because they're not outside doing all the fun things, especially with everything going on. So as someone asked him first thing feedback, Um, and to take a one step further, you can ask someone for feedback that's not in your industry. That is not, um, familiar with. You know, whatever you're doing is not familiar with social media whatnot. Um, well, I guess I should say social media selling. A lot of people are familiar with social media, but you can ask them not in the standpoint of will you take a look of my business. But, um, if you click on my Facebook profile, what are five things immediately that you think of or what are five things that you see and see what they say. Um, you know, And if they give you feedback, like why I see you share a lot of memes. I see you sharing those. You know, those posts that say, like, uh, like, quiz results or something? Uh, those air Probably not necessarily the best for our for our brand and our social media. So that's all you're sharing. And that's what people tell you. That might be a big awakening. So anyway, that's just a really quick tip of something that you can do to help you up level a level yourself up level your brand on really help you give yourself a nice critique because it's really easy to. No, what we're supposed to do. But do, you know, slip up or honestly just for speaking for myself, become a little bit lazy and stop putting the thought into my post or stop going live like the entire month of July. I was in this challenge, um, for this group I was in, and the challenge was to go live every day. And if you went live every day, you got entered. Toe win, like an outfit or some shopping spree or something. You better believe I went live every day. Have I gone a live every day since then? No. So, you know, it's really easy. To get create these really good habits and then one day, like stop and then not get back in into the habit of doing the things that you know you're supposed to be doing. So I encourage you to do that as someone to do that. Uh, you could start small and ask what someone thinks of your social media on. Then you can go bigger and ask someone to actually take a little bit of time with you. Mentor, you if if you will, um or if they will, on how your business looks. Because I know when I've sat down with my up line and we've looked at like, um, you know, my rank tracker and the overall makeup of my team. They have pointed out some weak areas that I that weren't even on my radar, that maybe I thought, you know, might be an issue or something in the future, but it wasn't even something that I really saw And when I heard someone else's perspective, I was like, Oh, that's a great point. Okay, so it's just really nice to have someone else's perspective on some things, Um, you know, which we've which I have encouraged before in the form of having an accountability partner in, you know, showing up and providing, like team meeting time or team power hours and all those sorts of things thistles just kind of taking that one step further for a little more individualized help with your business. So I hope you found that helpful super quick tip. But it's something that I personally like to do every so often in my business. Um, I'm trying to remember last time I did it. I probably about two months ago with my up line, So I'll probably get with, um again, uh, in the new year. Since I haven't made a ton of changes in my business in the last couple months, Um, that were unexpected. So anyway, it's on the it's on my to do list. I wanted to give you that tidbit so that you can put it on here to do list. I hope you found this helpful. And as always Please leave a rating and review Subscribe. If you have not subscribed already, It really means a lot to me. It really helps me with my metrics and helps me thio get the word out there so other people could find this podcast and get some value out of it as well. Have a great and blessed day and I will talk to you too. Bye bye.

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