How to Build Your Own Vision Board

Jan 12, 2019

Hey friends! My sister and I went to a girls’ event this week through a company in Columbus, Ohio, called the Beauty Boost. They have locations throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania, and the founder, Rachel, puts together amazing events for women of all ages. I haven’t gone to many of the events, but all of them have I’ve been to have been fun and I’ve left inspired. This week the event was no different! I made a vision board for the first time, I want to say, six years ago at a retreat for a language business I worked with on the side. I LOVED making my board and actually still have it. However, I haven’t made one since then, so it was TIME. So, if you’ve never made a vision board, here’s how to in a couple steps!

Vision board in progress

First, you need material for the actual board…this can be a piece of paper, poster board, push board, bulletin board…really anything you can put ideas and pictures on that you can hang or place somewhere where you will SEE it. Daily. Next you need some old magazines or pictures you’ve printed off and some markers/pens, and anything else you want to add decoration to your board. You’re going to want to make it yours!

Courtnay Dollinger making Vision Board 19′ at Visions and Vino with the Beauty Boost a Rise Fitness

Now, before you get started on your vision board, let’s talk really quickly about what you are going to put on it. At the event we went to, we had a coach walk us through a quick meditation activity where we could really hone into our goals. I loved this part, but you don’t have to participate with a coach to make your board. You need to sit quietly and really think about your life. What do you want? And more importantly, why do you want it? What does it look like when you achieve those things you want to happen? Take a second and just envision yourself as that person, as your best self. Do this same activity for up to three big goals you want to achieve. Remember to focus on this year. Not that you can’t include little things on your board that will eventually get to you a big 5 year and 10 year goal, but let’s just focus on this year. You know what they say, if you try to do everything, you’ll end up doing nothing. I actually don’t know who says that but I’ve heard it before many times, and I like it because it’s how I usually end up being and it’s a good reminder. 🙂 Ok, now do you have your big three goals?

Lindsay Dollinger making Vision Board 19′ at Visions and Vino with the Beauty Boost a Rise Fitness

Flip through those magazines and find pictures and words that relate to those goals and your vision. Cut them out and lay them on your board, but don’t glue them down until you position them and make sure they really belong there. Then, decorate that board!! Glue those visions down, let it dry, place it in a place you will SEE the board every stinking day, and watch your year come true exactly how you manifest it. Instead of saying this year, I am going to try to ________________, say I will ___________________ and manifest those goals! When you’re having a rough day, when you realize in April that you aren’t doing those little steps to get you to your vision, you need to stop and look at your board again. What was your why again? Why are those things important to you? Your why will always reinforce your vision.

Lindsay Dollinger making Vision Board 19′ at Visions and Vino with the Beauty Boost a Rise Fitness

Now, stop reading, and go make that vision board! Share your board with a friend to keep you accountable and encourage your other friends to make one too, and this time next year, meet up and see what has actually come true. Manifest your dreams and live your best life. <3



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