Social Selling Sisterhood Podcast Episode 1: The Launch! Reasons to have a side hustle!

podcasts Jun 23, 2020

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Hi, friend. Welcome to the social selling sisterhood podcast. I am Lindsay Dollinger and I have many titles High school, Spanish teacher, dog Mom, world traveler and direct seller. I empower women to run your direct sales businesses the right way so you can earn the money. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and travel the world. Now we got that out of the way. Let's get started. Hello. Hello, everyone. Welcome to the show. This is Lindsay Dahling Er and I am here to get you started with the very first episode of my podcast. I have put this off forever and ever, and I have decided now it is time to finally just share everything that I have learned along my journey and hopefully learned a lot more along the way with you guys. As I am planning toe interview some amazing women for right now it's probably just going to be women, especially given the title of the podcast. But some of just amazing people so that they can share their journeys with us along the way. Now, just a heads up. I do how my windows open because it is a beautiful day here in Ohio, and my dog, Bella, is also sitting next to me on the bed. So if you hear any weird mouth noises, it's probably not me. It's probably her, but yeah, so let's get started, guys. So today I just really wanted to talk about why we build side hustles, because that's probably one of the very probably top questions that I get asked is, Why do you feel like you need to have another source of income? You're a teacher. Your job is secure or pretty secure. I am a Spanish teacher. So unfortunately, the languages and elective teachers usually are the ones that get cut first if there needs to be cuts. But, you know, I've been working in my job. I just finished My 11th year is, Ah, high school Spanish teacher. I absolutely love it. I love teaching. It is definitely a passion of mine. Um, but people ask all the time, you know, why do you feel the need to earn a second income? And to be perfectly honest, lots of reasons you know, one is my lifestyle. I love to travel in the summers and having a second source of income definitely helps me. I don't know. Feel better, Feel less guilty. You feel as though I am able to afford those things that I want to do. I want to see the world. I'm still young and when I see the world, you know I go out and a lot of times I do go to Spanish speaking countries. So I bring back that knowledge and experience to me. But I also feel like seeing the world helps you become a better person. Um, you know, So that's definitely one reason that I personally choose to have a quote unquote side hustle side gig. Honestly, though, the amount of money that I've been able to source from my quote unquote side hustles is definitely comparable Thio focused time income. So that extra income is super nice for whatever you need it for. When I first got started, it waas Oh gosh. It was to pay for more expensive gym memberships that I went thio, um I wanted toe have because if you've ever looked into belonging to a studio, you know, orange theory, a Pilates reformer studio, any of those specialty gym classes, it costs a lot of money, especially when you're on a teacher income. Uh, you know, my district. I My teacher income is a lot more than some district's is, and I cannot complain at all, but no one's going to turn down that extra buffer, right? So definitely the extra income again, whether it is for a gym membership, whether it's for groceries, whether it's to pay off your car. I paid off my car that I got a few years ago, way earlier. Then it was due because of my extra income from my sidekicks. Um, some people do it for student loans. I was blessed to not have student loans, but I know a lot of my friends who are going to be paying for student loans for a very, very long time. And a great way to get ahead on your student loan payments is to have a second source of income. Some for some people, the extra income. You know, it's not everything, right? So and you just stop playing back and forth. I keep tackling back and forth. I'm not even looking at anything on my computer, but I just I need a stress ball or something. When I'm recording these so So like I was mentioning for some people, especially as I have talked to women on my team because I am in direct sales. I do have a team of wonderful women who I work with in my direct sales company, and for some of them, it is not about the extra income. There are some women on my team who joined our team just for the fellowship, for the friends and the network that comes with being in a direct sales company. And that can look like a lot of things that can look like you building up a team of women and men, depending on what industry you are in and what product you want to sell. But it could be women and men, and it could be your leaders on your team that you sign up on. It can be other people who are not necessarily leaders, so to speak. But are the people that you get talking to? Maybe you are asking for recommendations about something in your team spaces. Ah, lot of the team spaces nowadays around social media, so I know for my team we have a couple of different groups that were in and they have trainings. And they have incentives and lots of ways to really feel like you're part of a community and my team. Specifically, I have met up with our local ladies. We, you know, we work our business together. We throw in lunch. We did vision boards in January. And then during our conferences or our trainings, we're able to meet up in person, especially the women who are out of state. Even so, for example, for our last, um, company conference, it was in Orlando, Florida. So I was so nervous about going not because I love traveling and I love Disney first of all, so I definitely wanted to go down early and go to Disney. Well, the girls on my immediate team weren't able to go down early because their teachers and their school actually started up before minded. So I was lucky. My school started a week later than our conference, so I was able to go down a couple of days earlier. Well, the big team that I am on had someone who said, Hey, I want to go to Disney. You know, the day before conference starts. Is there anyone interested in going in. A bunch of people were commenting. So we started a side group for women who were going down early for conference, who wanted to get together and go to Magic Kingdom on one day. And so I changed my ticket. I was supposed to fly down the day that conference started, so I changed it to fly down two nights early so that I could have a full day at Magic Kingdom with these ladies that I had never met. But I think the really nice thing about being on a team is that usually your vibe attracts your tribe. You're gonna have like minded men or women on your team. So we went down there And I tell you what, guys, we had a great time. There were, um you know, I had never met these women before. We're still Facebook friends, and we still talk on Facebook. One of them just announced she's pregnant, so we're all excited for her. And we had a great day. We got up early. Um, there were It was me and another gal on the big team that I'm on who had known had been Thio Magic Kingdom several times. and kind of knew the ins and outs. So we were showing everyone around telling everyone what fast passes we should do all of that. Um, it was really just a lot of fun. So there's opportunities like that that kind of come not even necessarily as a direct, um a direct what I want to call it consequence of or direct opportunity from your team. But that was something extra that we were all able to get together and Dio So I really love that. I love meeting not only women from my team, but also, you know, the big team that I'm on when we're out and about your chances are your direct sales company or a network marketing company also will do you no regional trainings or regional meet ups you. And if you're looking for a sense of community, I definitely I think you should be able to find that if you find the right direct sales or network marketing company. So that is another reason so friends, because guys, it's a hard to find friends after you leave high school and college, right when you get out in the real world. Um, and you maybe you've moved to a new place or, um, you know, I have friends, especially a lot of my friends, their teachers. Some of them are in buildings where the teachers that they teach with her a lot older than them. Or maybe they don't have quite as much in common. I'm really lucky. The building that I'm in, we have a really great, um, community and network. And ah, lot of us are friends outside of work, which is awesome. But not everyone has that. So this is a really great way when you join a company that you can start building those relationships and guys, you know what? It's not even relationships on your team. You can also build relationships with your customers and clients, whatever you call them. But like I have a V i P Group on Facebook, it's a closed space. I have had it ever since I joined the current company that I am with, which was over two years. And a lot of those women, you know, I know about their kids. I know about where they go on vacation. I know what colors that they love all of these things, and I know when a certain product comes out that so and so is really gonna want this one. And we have a lot of fun. So creating that space, even if their online friendships when you see those people in person, makes it so much nicer, a swell Let's talk about some more reasons. People join side hustles. Um ah, lot of times you are. Well, you should be joining a company that you love the product. All right, So if you're if someone has approached you about a business joining a business opportunity with them and direct sales or network marketing and you don't love the product, I would really think hard and twice about joining that company because you're gonna have hard moments. You're gonna have the rough patches where your sales air lower. You know, June and July. They call him the J Months. January, June and July are usually a slower month for direct sales. So what's going to keep you going when your sales or lower, when you're having a bad day, you're going to really want to love the product, and you're going to really want to be able to stand behind the company. So one of the things that we say is a perk of joining a direct sales company. Is your earning money from your hobby? So you have to enjoy doing it. You have to have the passion of helping people with whatever problem you're solving or problem your product is solving. You know, I love my team. They are some of my very best friends. I love seeing them succeed. I love seeing the money that they make from their businesses help their family. I love. So I am in. I guess you could call it a beauty product company. So I love helping women feel beautiful by using my product. I love that my product is affordable, and I love that it is a product that they have to keep buying. It's not one that you can buy a few of them this month, and then you can wait six months and buy it again like some beauty products are. So our company, um, has created a product that also you can't behind the stores. There's nothing comparable to it, so I wanted all of those pieces so that I knew my customer base was going to be able to grow um, and that when I was wearing it, people would ask me about it. Right? So that's what if you've been in direct sales for a while? Ah, former company I was in always said, be a product of the product to be a product of the product, which I totally agree with. That was a health and wellness company because, you know, if you're not using it yourself, if you're not showing people what it could look like, the results could look like if your product is going to be probably really hard for you to be successful. So you basically want to be able to make money from your hobby, which means that you love it right. And don't be afraid to ask questions. You should want to know the nitty gritty ins and out of your company. I know. Ah, lot of companies encourage their consultants to not say the name of the company and to create mystery, and I agree with that to an extent. But I also agree with being able to Google the name of the company and see if everything that comes up is shady or if there's some positive reviews mixed in a swell, you know? I mean, there's always gonna be people throwing shade for your company no matter what company you're in. But hopefully there's more positive than there is negative. Um, some of the reasons that we build side hustles is a creative outlet, right? So I love having something that is my own. It is something that while I did not go to college for it, it is something that I can pull up camba dot com. And guys, if you do not use camera to make your graphics, you are missing out. It's awesome. Um, I did pay for the theory, like the upgraded version of it Onley because I wanted to use, like, extra fonts and extra features. But the free version is amazing. So anyway, I can pull up Camba. I can make fun graphics. I can really make it mine. I can make it fun. I can make it personal, And that's something that I don't necessarily get to do all the time in my teaching my teaching day. Um, while I do creative things, it's different. It's completely different, right s Oh, that's really nice to be able to use my creativity and something else other than my teaching day. So creative outlet, another perk that I have heard from women on my team is building confidence. So hopefully, when you decide to join a direct sales or a network marketing company, you will. Like I said, your vibe attracts your tribe. So you're gonna be surrounded by men and women who not only are like you, but are like the person you want to be. So the majority of people, I would assume, probably want to be more confident, probably want to be more positive, optimistic things like that. Now, maybe you already are super confident, optimistic person. That's amazing. And, um, I would put myself into that category. But I will also say that it took me putting myself around people who were like that in doing lots of personal development that helped my mindset be like that way more than it ever used to be. So building that confidence, Um, I had a stylish sort of my team back in January. She's pretty quiet if you don't know her. And one of the things that she told me that was the reason she wanted to join was, you know, for friends, Definitely for the income a swell, but also to boost her confidence. And that kind of shocked me because to me, I felt like she already was someone who was very confident. Um, but she put herself out there. She did Facebook lives. And she actually does Facebook lives probably way more than I dio. And I think that is so telling for a being in the right direct sales company and being on the right team can really help you boost your confidence because, you know, your team is cheering you on all the time. They have your back. They if you, you know, put out ideas, they'll tell you which ones might work. Which ones? Maybe you need to tweak a little bit. They they really should motivate you. Your team is going to recognize you for hitting your different levels of success in your company, and they're going to call you out and shout will not call you out. Well, they might call you out, but they're going to shut you out when you reach all those big goals that you're making. So that's definitely a confidence booster. So I love that building confidence could be one of the reasons why we build our side hustle and the very last point. I kind of talked about this already. But millionaires are said to have an average of seven streams of income. When I first heard this a few years ago, my mind was blown. I was like, Oh my gosh, I have, like, one, maybe two or three if you count me also being in charge of clubs or tutoring on the side. But I'm like, That's not a you know, a huge study stream of income. So I really love how when you join in direct sales or network marketing company. Yes, you were starting at the ground level, but there's so much room for growth, and there's so many opportunities for you to reach the top that you don't get necessarily in a traditional 9 to 5 job right? I can look at my pay scale for teaching, and I know exactly more or less because you know there will be, hopefully a cost of living increase in there somewhere. But I know more or less how much money I'm going to make when I retire. It's not the same for a direct sales or network marketing company. When you start, Sure, you could look at the income disclaimer and see how much money different people make on average, a different ranks. But it's really up to you. How much time and energy are you going to put into building your business? How many people are you going? Thio, Bring on your team. Are you going to spend an hour a day in your business? Are you going to spend? I don't know, five hours a day on building your business. And so I really love that. How much effort? And there is definitely some skill in there. A swell. But how much effort and time you put into your business can translate into what you get out of it. And that was really appealing to me. Alright, guys, I'm really curious. So if you as you're done listening to this, if you're like I had another reason that I joined my direct sales company, I would love to hear from you so you can shoot me an email. My email is loving life with Lindsey. L i N d s a y so loving life with Lindsay at gmail dot com, I would love to hear if you had another reason why you joined your direct sales company, Um, and I could definitely add this to my list, and I can add it to the show notes as well. So I would love to hear why you joined yours if it's one of the reasons that I happened to mention or if it's another one. But again, here's some of the top reasons that we build. Build a side, hustle or join the network marketing Direct sales company would be extra income, a creative outlet to network friends and opportunities to make money from your hobby because you loved doing it or you love the product and that millionaires have seven streams of income. And let's be really who wouldn't love to be a millionaire? Alright, guys, I hope you enjoyed this first podcast episode. I really love to making it. I hope the birds weren't too loud and my dog wasn't too loud over here, Um, but I'm looking forward to dropping you episodes with lots of motivation and interviews with people who have made it to the top and then direct sales companies. And I just really want to help women and men, uh, build their network marketing company the right way. Now my dog is sneezing. All right, guys. So I hope you had a great day. I hope you enjoyed this episode. And again I would love to hear from you your reason for joining your direct sales company. Uh, shoot me an email. Have a great one. Bye bye.



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