5 Steps to Choosing Your Word of the Year - 2019

Jan 01, 2019

Happy 2019! I hope you all had a great end to 2018 and are starting 2019 refreshed and ready to focus on being your best self. I stopped doing resolutions a few years back and started picking a word that would really help me remain grounded in my life for that year. The word can be hard to come up with, though. Here’s how to pick your word for 2019:

  1. If you haven’t yet, I highly suggest taking five minutes (uninterrupted) and doing a brain dump with pen and paper of all the things you would love to do or be this year. Where do you want to travel? What does your professional life ideally look like? What are your financial goals? Is your health and fitness going to be a priority? What relationships are you focusing on this year?
  2. Now you’ve written your list of everything ideally you want to accomplish, work on, and make a priority this year. NOTHING is TOO big to be on this list. Once it’s complete (and this list isn’t final–you can go back and tweak it as the year goes on), I want you to categorize your list into items that will get immediate attention and ideas that are year-long goals.
  3. Break down those goals even further. For example, if you wrote you wanted to save $10,000 this year–what is your plan to get there? Divided by 365 days, that would be putting $27.40 into your savings daily. Now, what is your plan to get roughly $28 a day extra? Jot down ideas but you can add to this later.
  4. Skim over your goals and plans. Is there any common thread? What are you going to need to focus on yourself to get to those goals? Are there any words that are pulling on your heart that might be good words to focus on, to help you achieve the majority of your list? Those might be good possibilities for your word so jot them down.
  5. Visualize what focusing on the words you’ve picked could look like in your life. For example, if you choose the word “focus”, is that an area where you need to improve? Will that get you to your goals?

My word for this year is “breakthrough”. My past words have been “fearless” and “intentional”. Here is a list of some words I know some of my friends are using to help get your creativity flowing:

  • simple
  • creative
  • purpose
  • drive
  • change
  • fearless
  • vivacious
  • love
  • connect
  • determination
  • courage
  • dream
  • kind
  • community
  • wellness
  • unstoppable
  • vision
  • purpose
  • advocate
  • minimize
  • worthy
  • transparent
  • health
  • inspire
  • happiness
  • limitless
  • organize
  • decide
  • intentional
  • abundance
  • enough
  • commitment
  • strengthen
  • yolo
  • transform
  • discipline
  • mindful
  • create
  • bloom
  • passion
  • patience
  • foundation
  • focus
  • thrive
  • persevere
  • thrive

I hope this list helps you decide and you’re able to clarify what you really want to focus on this year! Share your words below when you pick one. 



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